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Toronto’s Sidewalk Labs is facing accusations of an Orwellian takeover - The Washington Post
City councilor Denzil Minnan-Wong, the only elected official on the Waterfront Toronto board of directors (and thus privy to the contract), has urged his fellow councilors to intervene. “I know enough about the agreement that I think you would like to know more about the agreement,” he said.
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Toronto has lots of room to grow. It’s time to let that happen - The Globe and Mail
Good morning, Toronto. On this slow news day, here’s my critique of planning policy!
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Yonge St. bike lane battle returns to city hall | Toronto Star
But Mayor John Tory won’t support that plan, arguing it will increase congestion. He wants to leave the six vehicle lanes and put the bike lanes on nearby Beecroft Rd. — a change city staff say would cost an extra $20 million and leave scant room for sidewalk improvements.

Councillor David Shiner told the Star he will table a “compromise” plan. It would keep the six vehicle lanes but narrow four of them, freeing up sidewalk improvement space. It would extend the proposed Beecroft bike lane north to Finch Ave. and cut through a TTC parking lot to join new bike lanes on Willowdale Ave.

Shiner (Ward 24) said his proposal would add only $7 million to the original cost, take advantage of deeper sidewalk setbacks required for redeveloped properties and, he believes, win the support of transportation staff.
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