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Not Voting Doubles the Value of Someone Else’s Vote
In his Rolling Stone article on John McCain’s failed campaign for the 2000 Republican nomination for President, David Foster Wallace wrote about how not voting…
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october 2018 by philjr
Brett Kavanaugh Discovers the Unfairness of the World - The Atlantic
The Supreme Court nominee and his defenders proved unable to extend their awareness of injustice into empathy with Christine Blasey Ford.
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october 2018 by philjr
The Kavanaugh Accusations: What Teens Think - The Atlantic
“They just keep saying ‘Boys will be boys.’ But I’m in high school—I don’t want that to happen to me.”
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october 2018 by philjr
Brett Kavanaugh Bears the Burden of Proof - The Atlantic
The question isn’t whether he can win confirmation—it’s whether he can defend against the charge he faces in a manner that is both persuasive and honorable.
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october 2018 by philjr
Conservative Women Stand by Kavanaugh After Hearing - The Atlantic
Local- and state-level leaders across the country say they’re ready to lash out against Democrats in the midterm elections.
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october 2018 by philjr
Devin Nunes's Family Farm Moved to Iowa, Employs Undocumented Workers
Devin Nunes has a secret. I went to Iowa to investigate it. Things got weird.
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october 2018 by philjr
‘The trauma for a man’: Male fury and fear rises in GOP in defense of Kavanaugh - The Washington Post
Reflecting widespread conservative sentiment, Donald Trump Jr. says he worries more for his sons than his daughters in the #MeToo era.
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october 2018 by philjr
‘This guy doesn’t know anything’: the inside story of Trump’s shambolic transition team
C hris Christie noticed a piece in the New York Times – that’s how it all started. The New Jersey governor had dropped out of the presidential race in February…
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september 2018 by philjr
Steve Bannon, in His $1,400 Hotel Suite, Rails Against the ‘Elite’
Simultaneously pathetic and infuriating.

I can’t even tell if he’s dossembling or just a sycophantic husk. “Brown nosing” doesn’t begin to describe the submissive hypocrisy.
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september 2018 by philjr
Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent’s Stealth Takeover of America
Nobel laureate James Buchanan is the intellectual linchpin of the Koch-funded attack on democratic institutions, argues Duke historian Nancy MacLean

This article is Terrifying.
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august 2018 by philjr
Opinion | The Full-Spectrum Corruption of Donald Trump
There’s never been any confusion about the character defects of Donald Trump. The question has always been just how far he would go and whether other…
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august 2018 by philjr
Glenn Greenwald, the Bane of Their Resistance | The New Yorker
via The New Yorker

Self righteous Bernie Bro is self righteous, holds impossible and ill defined ideals, and is very much do as I say, not as I do.
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august 2018 by philjr
My Affair With the Intellectual Dark Web – Great Escape – Medium
The sky was heavy with waiting snow that night. I left the meeting and walked up lower Fifth Avenue in the darkness. There were few people on the street save a handful of last-minute shoppers gathering rations before the storm. School had already been canceled for the next day, street cleaning suspended, offices closed. It had been, I realized, more than three years since I’d hunkered down for the snowpocalypse in that Brooklyn apartment, watching Bloggingheads and grieving over my imminent divorce. Amid this thought came a devastating epiphany: Over these years, I’d weaned myself off the long conversation of my marriage by switching over to the conversations of Free Speech YouTube. It wasn’t just political loneliness I’d felt—it was the loneliness of a partnership ended, a dialogue converted to an interior monologue. Having lost my human intellectual ally, I’d tried to rig up a new ally — or a whole group of allies — via internet videos.
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august 2018 by philjr
Bullshit jobs and the yoke of managerial feudalism - Open Future
Populism, pointless work and panicked youth: an interview with David Graeber of LSE
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august 2018 by philjr
Election-Hacking Lessons from the 2018 Def Con Hackers Conference | The New Yorker
Sue Halpern on the 2018 Def Con hackers conference, where hackers were invited to try to infiltrate several types of widely used vote-counting machines.

(tag really should read “Advice”)
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august 2018 by philjr
Opinion | America is slouching toward autocracy
President Trump at the White House on Aug. 17. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) Columnist In their book, “ How Democracies Die ,” political scientists…
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august 2018 by philjr
How three conspiracy theorists took 'Q' and sparked Qanon
In November 2017, a small-time YouTube video creator and two moderators of the 4chan website, one of the most extreme message boards on the internet, banded…
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august 2018 by philjr
What Happens to #MeToo When a Feminist Is the Accused? - The New York Times
Avital Ronell, a superstar professor, was found by N.Y.U. to have sexually harassed a male grad student. But his charges have met disbelief from some feminist scholars.
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august 2018 by philjr
Stormy Daniels Arrest in Columbus Was Seemingly a Planned Hit Job
Earlier this month, adult film star Stormy Daniels was arrested while performing at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio. She was accused of touching patrons while performing, which is illegal under Ohio law. The next day, the charges were dropped.
politics  2018  espionage  culture  law 
july 2018 by philjr
God, Trump and the meaning of morality - The Washington Post
- “Paul had murdered Christians and he went on to minister to many, many people,” Sheila said. “I think he’s being molded by God for the role. I think he’s the right man for the right time. It’s about the survival of the Christian nation.” “We are in mortal danger,” Linda said. “We are in a religious war,” Sheila said. Linda nodded. “We may have to fight and die for our faith,” Sheila said. “I hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, we will.”
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july 2018 by philjr
A Theory of Trump Kompromat | The New Yorker
Darden said that this is evidence that Trump isn’t uniformly reckless in his words: “He is capable of being strategic. He knows there are limits, there are bounds on what he can say and do with respect to Russia.”

via The New Yorker
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july 2018 by philjr
Ten guidelines for nurturing a thriving democracy by Bertrand Russell
“we’re under a constant denial-of-service attack on our ability to think and reason"
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june 2018 by philjr
China has turned Xinjiang into a police state like no other
“THE prophet Sulayman approached his son and said to him, ‘I have received a message from God. I want you to circle the Earth and see if there are more people…
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june 2018 by philjr
Why Do Americans Stay When Their Town Has No Future? - Bloomberg
After high school, Arnett joined the U.S. Marine Corps, in 1999. His unit, the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines—the storied Suicide Charley—took him to the other side of the world: South Korea, Japan, Thailand.
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may 2018 by philjr
Tech Platforms and the Knowledge Problem - American Affairs Journal
My take on the Jeffersonian/Hamiltonian divide in US political economy:
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may 2018 by philjr
Rebecca Solnit: The Coup Has Already Happened | Literary Hub
Hits the nail on its head. Trump is corrupt and morally bankrupt - he presides not over American interests and prosperity , but his self-started fire-sale of America’s security, health, and future.

Rebecca Solnit: The Coup Has Already Happened via @lithub
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may 2018 by philjr
Predators of New York – Talking Points Memo

The heir of another of these families appears to be a serial killer. The head of another of these families – sort of a cadet branch from New Jersey – got in a dispute with his brother-in-law and hired a prostitute to have sex with the brother-in-law, film the sex and blackmail him. That guy is Jared Kushner’s father. All three went to prison. That’s just a subsection of the stories which police uncovered, certainly just scratching the surface.
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may 2018 by philjr
Trump vs. the “Deep State” | The New Yorker
Evan Osnos on how the Administration’s loyalists are quietly reshaping American governance.
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may 2018 by philjr
Who Is Karl Marx: Meet the Anti-Capitalist Scholar | Teen Vogue
This Teen Vogue article is better than any Jacobin article I've ever read
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may 2018 by philjr
Editorial: Trump Deals Painful Blow to Trans-Atlantic Ties - SPIEGEL ONLINE
U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal marks the temporary suspension of the trans-Atlantic alliance. What now? Trump's renown is rooted in American hero myths. via Pocket
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