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How Seth Godin Would Launch a Business With a $1,000 Budget – Louis Grenier – Indie Hackers
Most of the so-called marketing "influencers" out there are celebrities. They've made it. They're not in the trenches anymore. They forgot how to "do" mar…
business  howto  inspiration  marketing  startup 
september 2017 by philjr
Highgate Cemetery – London, England | Atlas Obscura
Discover Highgate Cemetery in London, England: London's creepiest cemetery was once the site of dueling magicians and mobs of stake-carrying vampire hunters.
history  occult  inspiration 
december 2016 by philjr
Fingal's Cave – Isle of Staffa, Scotland | Atlas Obscura
Discover Fingal's Cave in Isle of Staffa, Scotland: This astonishingly geometric cave has inspired everyone from Jules Verne to Pink Floyd.
inspiration  culture  occult 
december 2016 by philjr

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