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Instant Class – Popula
A nice piece on British coffee and class signifiers. (via Mark Hurrell)
charlottelydiariley  coffee  uk  via:markhurrell  class 
8 weeks ago by philgyford
Sweet Moderation, Heart of this Nation
On why Britain, its media, and Rory Stewart aren’t moderate and centrist. (via @markhurrell)
huwlemmey  via:markhurrell  politics  uk  rorystewart 
october 2019 by philgyford
Fred's Shed
Came across this ages ago and forgot the name. Now I’ve found it again. Garden and DIY tool recommendations from Fred.
tools  diy  gardening  uk 
august 2019 by philgyford
How bad can it get? (London Review of Books)
Good, but not much hope about UK politics. But I learned an excellent word: “rhodomontade”, extravagant boasting. Word of the year.
brexit  lrb  uk  politics 
august 2019 by philgyford
Die, Workwear! - The Amazing Style of British Cyclists
Lovely photos, and story, of off-road cyclists in the 1950s in the UK, members of The Rough-Stuff Fellowship. Nice normal clothes.
cycling  clothes  fashion  uk  dieworkwear 
july 2019 by philgyford
Ruining a country near you soon: the beta males who think they’re alphas | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian
I could link to every Marina Hyde column, so take this excellent example as a placeholder for all of them.
marinahyde  guardian  uk  politics 
july 2019 by philgyford
The invention of Essex: how a county became a caricature | News | The Guardian
Where I’m from. I’m wondering if this is a Zazzle strategy by the Guardian — they’ll now produce a clickbaity article on every UK county.
essex  uk  timburrows 
june 2019 by philgyford
Mithering about the unmodellable
On the difficulties of modelling how Parliament works, and the pros and cons of doing so. (via @markhurrell)
via:markhurrell  michaelsmethurst  parliament  webdevelopment  uk 
june 2018 by philgyford
The Great Diary Project
Archiving personal diaries. (via Things mag)
diaries  london  uk  via:thingsmagazine 
november 2017 by philgyford
George Duoblys · One, Two, Three, Eyes on Me! · LRB 5 October 2017
On the "efficient" teaching and disciplinary methods used in some London secondary schools. Sounds grim.
education  uk  schools  lrb  georgeduoblys 
october 2017 by philgyford
OpenBenches - by @edent & @summerbeth
I’m so glad this exists because (a) it’s a lovely thing and (b) I just had the same idea and now I don’t have to make it.
benches  uk  terenceeden  elizabetheden 
august 2017 by philgyford
Inappropriate Gavels
A relentlessly-focused campaign. I approve! (via @gwire)
via:gwire  uk  law  gavels 
july 2017 by philgyford
Walton’s Telephone Exchange | Walton Tales
Nice reminisces of an Essex telephone exchange in the 1960s.
waltononnaze  walton  waltononthenaze  history  uk 
june 2017 by philgyford
Blackhorse Lane Ateliers | Selvedge & Raw Denim Jeans | Made In London
Jeans (and more) made in London, plus workshops to make your own. (via Die Workwear)
jeans  clothes  uk  fashion  clothing  london  via:dieworkwear 
june 2017 by philgyford
Tom Crewe · What will be left?: Labour’s Prospects · LRB 18 May 2017
Slightly out of date opinion poll-wise, but I liked this as a summary of where Labour is and how we, as a country, got here.
labour  tomcrewe  uk  politics  lrb 
may 2017 by philgyford
David Runciman reviews ‘Theresa May’ by Rosa Prince · LRB 16 March 2017
I haven't had much of a sense of what May is about, what makes her tick. This article seems to have an interesting set of ideas about it.
theresamay  uk  politics  conservatives  davidrunciman  lab  rosaprince 
march 2017 by philgyford
My investment-tracking spreadsheet | FIRE v London
Fairly complex spreadsheet for tracking investments across multiple (UK) trading accounts.
finance  uk  spreadsheets 
january 2017 by philgyford
The Strange Death of Municipal England (London Review of Books)
A good read, especially if you're feeling all full of optimism about a new year and need to be brought crashing back to earth.
lrb  tomcrewe  politics  uk  localgovernment 
january 2017 by philgyford
Headshot Hunter | Compare Actor Headshot Photographers
I'm not sure why I'm surprised this exists, but it does. The search/browse form's a bit confusing, but still.
headshots  photography  uk  acting 
december 2016 by philgyford
A GDS Story | Government Digital Service
Really nice as a chronicle of an evolving service's history. It's so easy to lose this stuff. Especially great that it has lots of old screenshots, sketches, photos etc. It'd be good if more organisations and companies found time to do this kind of thing. (via @gilest)
via:gilest  gds  government  uk 
december 2016 by philgyford
U.K. Cinemas : London
Seating capacities of different screens. (via antimega)
via:antimega  cinema  london  uk 
november 2016 by philgyford
UK Finance Detailed Flowchart : UKPersonalFinance
Attempting to create a flowchart for deciding how to pay debts and/or save. Its hard to make this stuff both simple and general.
uk  finance 
october 2016 by philgyford
Grand Designs For Sale | Buildings From Kevin McCloud's Iconic Television Series
By the Unique Property Bulletin people, keeping track of which Grand Designs have sold, and when.
granddesigns  property  uk  tv 
october 2016 by philgyford
Unique Property Bulletin | Unique Property For Unique People
Lots of amazing property for sale in the UK… islands, forts, windmills, water towers, manor houses, etc.
property  uk 
october 2016 by philgyford
YouGov | The leadership effect - how leaders can shift perceptions of parties
Because I like charts showing the left/right position of parties and politicians over time.
yougov  polling  politics  uk 
august 2016 by philgyford
I’m With The Banned — Welcome to the Scream Room — Medium
Laurie Penny. A good read, but depressing. I don't know what you, we, do when people who believe nothing get all the attention.
lauriepenny  politics  usa  uk 
july 2016 by philgyford
In the US, Brexit has become a shorthand for ‘Sorry your country failed’ | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian
I'm glad I haven't been abroad since Brexit. British friends in the US are saying this has been their experience too.
uk  brexit  arwamahdawi 
july 2016 by philgyford
Thoughts on the sociology of Brexit - Political Economy Research Centre
Another good read on understandable reasons why people have voted for Out. (via @tomskitomski)
via:tomskitomski  willdavies  brexit  politics  uk  elections  europe 
june 2016 by philgyford
Nigel's Against the World (London Review of Books)
I've mostly been ignoring EU referendum stuff but this is quite good on the things we don't really know about what happens if we leave.
ferdinandmount  politics  uk  europe  lrb  elections 
may 2016 by philgyford
Stefan Collini · Who are the spongers now? · LRB 21 January 2016
It's probably only because I'm not involved in higher education, and don't have children heading towards it, that I find reading things like this, about the government's current and future plans, enjoyable, like dystopian fiction.
lrb  stefancollini  universities  education  uk 
february 2016 by philgyford
Advice & Info - Independent Cinema Office
Loads of really practical introductory info about starting and running an independent cinema in the UK. (No, I was just interested.)
cinema  uk 
december 2015 by philgyford - Featured Collections
Sure I've said this before, but I hope Rightmove, Zoopla, and/or estate agents are archiving photos. It’d be an amazing resource for historians.
homes  housing  photography  archives  archiving  estate  agents  uk  property  rightmove 
december 2015 by philgyford
Corbyn in the Media - Paul Myerscough (London Review of Books)
This is good on the Guardian being out of touch, in denial, with all those who voted for Corbyn, and on the "impartiality" of the BBC.
paulmyerscough  lrb  politics  jeremycorbyn  labour  uk  guardian  bbc 
december 2015 by philgyford
Bespoke Plywood Furniture
"Designed and manufactured in London."
furniture  london  uk 
november 2015 by philgyford
High Paddington - Sergei Kadleigh, 1952 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
A brochure about a plan to house 8,000 people in 30-storey towers over Paddington Goods Yard in London.
sergeikadleigh  1950s  architecture  london  uk  modernism 
november 2015 by philgyford
Russell Davies: Electric Coast to Coast
A lovely write-up and nice daily photos of his walk.
russelldavies  uk  walking 
october 2015 by philgyford
NFL's British accent -
On British fans of NFL football (as opposed to fans of British American football), and why they're not bothered about getting a London NFL franchise.
nfl  americanfootball  uk  sport  london  stevengodfrey 
october 2015 by philgyford
Design Jobs / It's Nice That Jobsboard
I imagine this has jobs at some nice places (and the usual), given it's from It's Nice That. And I'll forget the name if I don't bookmark it. (via @iamdanw)
via:iamdanw  jobs  itsnicethat  london  uk  work 
september 2015 by philgyford
Private Eye | Official Site - Selling England by the offshore pound
Map of the UK showing individual freehold and leasehold properties registered by offshore companies between 2005 and July 20014. Great stuff. And nice to see the Eye doing this kind of thing. (via @genmon)
via:genmon  maps  mapping  uk  privateeye  property  annapowellsmith 
september 2015 by philgyford
The Steeple Times – Crashing Assange
From 2011, about people who repeatedly blag their way into posh parties and receptions. A little bizarre. Also read Victoria Coren's articles, linked at the bottom. And a Tumblr of photos in the comments.
parties  gatecrashers  london  uk 
august 2015 by philgyford
Fire insurance maps and plans
The dull title, and initial interface, doesn't do this collection justice. Really, really detailed old maps of towns - lots of London - showing individual buildings and usage, each sheet carefully overlaid onto Google maps. It's an effort to find a particular area though.
london  uk  cities  planning  maps  mapping  britishlibrary  history 
august 2015 by philgyford
No Rock And Roll Fun: What the pop papers say: The last NME
"If hip hop won - and that's not an unfair suggestion - then the NME was very much the warrior who didn't hear the war was at an end; fighting on deep in the jungle."
norockandrollfun  nme  music  uk  magazines 
august 2015 by philgyford
Labour through the looking glass: 15 early-morning speculations on the Corbyn surge | Dougald Hine
A (hopeful) scenario for what a Jeremy Corbyn victory might look like and how this isn't a Militant-style surge but a modern network Occupy-style one. (via @paulpod)
labour  via:paulpod  jeremycorbyn  politics  uk 
august 2015 by philgyford
ukmade | Made in Great Britain – recommendations of quality products made in the British Isles
A blog with some quite exhaustive posts on different types of goods and which companies make their products in the UK.
uk  manufacturing 
august 2015 by philgyford
Colin Kidd reviews ‘The Formation of the English Kingdom in the Tenth Century’ [and more] · LRB 30 July 2015
On the history of describing English history, and how "England", and what makes it English, has changed. (Subscribers only)
lrb  england  britain  uk  colinkidd 
august 2015 by philgyford
London, England - Google Maps
My second appearance (that I know of) on Google Street View.
philgyford  googlestreetview  london  uk 
july 2015 by philgyford
Minimum salary required in London: £500k? | FIRE v London
Staggering. You might need something to take out your anger on.
finance  uk  london  money 
june 2015 by philgyford
English Buildings
A blog about interesting buildings around England. (via Wowhaus)
philipwilkinson  via:wowhaus  architecture  uk 
june 2015 by philgyford
Municipal Dreams
A blog with long posts about the history of UK social housing, planning, etc. (via Wowhaus)
housing  architecture  uk  planning  cities  urbanism  blogs  via:wowhaus 
june 2015 by philgyford
HM Government Horizon Scanning Programme - Social Attitudes of Young People
"The aim of this report is to assess if and how social attitudes of young people in the UK today differ from previous generations, and how they might evolve in the future." December 2014
futures  futurology  uk  politics  cohorts  generations  scanning 
may 2015 by philgyford
James Meek · Why are you still here?: Who owns Grimsby? · LRB 23 April 2015
A long, good piece from Grimsby on its history, its industries and its general election candidates. Lots of things relevant to the rest of the country too of course.
jamesmeek  lrb  grimsby  uk  politics  elections 
april 2015 by philgyford
UK Election Quiz
I Side With's quiz came out best in Francis Irving's roundup. I got 97% Labour, 94% Green. "Your political beliefs would be considered extremely Left-Wing and strongly Authoritarian".
via:francisirving  voting  uk  politics 
april 2015 by philgyford
Why the British Are Better at Satire — The Atlantic
Comparing the U.S. and UK 'House of Cards' and 'Veep' versus 'The Thick of It'.
christopherorr  tv  houseofcards  veep  thethickofit  uk  us  satire 
april 2015 by philgyford
Video: Kristin Baybars' 'Little Place in Gospel Oak' -
This toyshop used to be one of the highlights of a stay in London when I was a kid, and it looks like it hasn't changed since. Worth a visit with your own children.
kristinbaybars  toyshops  london  uk  kentishtown  gospeloak 
january 2015 by philgyford
Mens Vintage Clothing - Suits - Harris Tweed Jackets
UK online store of used jackets, coats, etc, reasonable prices.
tweed  clothes  uk  clothing  suits 
december 2014 by philgyford
They didn't know - the impact of #VATMOSS on really small businesses — Ysolda
What a mess, on HMRC's part. Paying tax wouldn't put me off running a small business, but confusing and ambiguous rules, and the huge fear of inadvertently doing it wrong, would. ( via @tomstuart)
via:tomstuart  vat  ysoldateague  tax  uk  business 
december 2014 by philgyford
Francis FitzGibbon · Short Cuts · LRB 23 October 2014
Interesting about exactly how much or little the Human Rights Act, which the Tories want to repeal, constrains the British government.
franciscitzgibbon  humanrights  uk  politics  government  chrisgrayling  europe  lrb 
november 2014 by philgyford
Light, landscape, lives, Kate Kirkwood
Really lovely photos from the Lake District. Simple but gorgeous. (via The Online Photographer)
via:theonlinephotographer  katekirkwood  uk  lakedistrict  photography  photos  photographs 
september 2014 by philgyford
Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
In Cambridge, UK, horizon scanning for high impact, low probability events. (via the Guardian)
futures  futurism  scanning  overlinks  cambridge  uk  via:guardian  futurology 
august 2014 by philgyford
Tariff Notices - GOV.UK
An amazing list of very specific things that HMRC have had to classify for import and export purposes. "fireside companion set", "article having a shape of a cylinder", "stress balls, spectacles, goggles and the like", etc.
uk  government  hmrc 
august 2014 by philgyford
Old Town Clothing - classic British workwear - Holt, Norfolk, England
Someone suggested to Put This On that this is wear Monty Don gets his clothes from.
montydon  clothes  clothing  uk  via:putthison 
august 2014 by philgyford
QuantumBlack Visual Analytics Limited
"We're a creative data science agency." Dataviz type stuff. London.
companies  london  uk  visualisation  visualization 
july 2014 by philgyford
Met Police encourages Twitter pile-ons (with images, tweets) · anyabike · Storify
Interesting, in an unpleasant way, to see how Twitter etiquette, and tone of voice, and the blurry lines between personal / professional Twitter accounts make this kind of thing get a bit horrible. (via @mildlydiverting)
via:mildlydiverting  police  mpsinthesky  twitter  metropolitanpolice  london  uk 
july 2014 by philgyford
How Britain exported next-generation surveillance — Matter — Medium
Finally got round to reading James's piece on Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. It's odd to think of this vast network of vision and computation churning away monitoring live and historical movements of people, invisibly.
jamesbridle  anpr  privacy  surveillance  uk  politics 
april 2014 by philgyford
Amazon unpacked -
From February 2013, on the poor-quality jobs Amazon is creating and the disappointment of many local people near their Rugeley warehouse. There is, though, something to be written about people disliking Amazon's working conditions and fondly remembering… coal mining. (via Dan W)
amazon  uk  work  employment  via:danw 
april 2014 by philgyford
A nation of slaves
Charlie Stross on the Conservatives' target of "full employment". I hate their (and Labour's) "hardworking families" rhetoric as if work, any work at all, no matter how it's achieved or what the alternatives might be, is an end in itself.
charlesstross  politics  uk  work 
april 2014 by philgyford
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