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Your Twitter Trend Analysis Is Not Deep, and It’s Probably Wrong
I didn't understand the thing where people on twitter 👏 write 👏 things 👏 like 👏 this. Now I guess I know where it comes from but still don't know why most people who use it do so.
twitter  emoji  karabrown 
november 2018 by philgyford
Notes on some artefacts | The Monthly
"It is impossible to say whether this is a bot account, though, because conservatives appear to be modelling their online presences on bots." Good stuff. Like pointing out how much stuff around now is Gibson-esque.
richardcooke  internet  futures  overlinks  politics  usa  twitter 
september 2018 by philgyford
Future Historians Probably Won't Understand Our Internet - The Atlantic
On the impossibility of archiving the experience of using social media, even if ignoring the fact, like this article seems to, that so much of social media is private to some degree. (via @kevin2kelly)
alexiscmadrigal  via:kevin2kelly  archiving  facebook  twitter  atlanticmonthly 
december 2017 by philgyford
Shaula Evans on Twitter: "Hey friends…"
On why you shouldn't get the 'Verified' mark that Twitter now allows anyone to claim.
twitter  shaulaevans 
july 2016 by philgyford
Three Years in San Francisco » Mike Industries
Some good thoughts on building teams, management, product managers, diversity, etc.
mikedavidson  twitter  business  management 
may 2016 by philgyford
Twython — Twython 3.1.2 documentation
"Actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs" Probably more up to date than whatever I was using before. For future reference.
python  webdevelopment  twitter 
october 2014 by philgyford
Exquisite Tweets from @nraford
"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by PowerPoints, starving hysterical for content..." Noah Radford spent two hours recasting 'Howl' over Twitter. (originally collected by @debcha)
noahradford  poetry  howl  twitter  netculture 
august 2014 by philgyford
Met Police encourages Twitter pile-ons (with images, tweets) · anyabike · Storify
Interesting, in an unpleasant way, to see how Twitter etiquette, and tone of voice, and the blurry lines between personal / professional Twitter accounts make this kind of thing get a bit horrible. (via @mildlydiverting)
via:mildlydiverting  police  mpsinthesky  twitter  metropolitanpolice  london  uk 
july 2014 by philgyford
How I Built Emojitracker — Medium
Brilliant write-up of the difficulties in developing what at first glance looks like a very simple site. Also, makes me pleased Twelescreen is simpler and less popular. (via Waxy)
matthewrothenberg  twitter  webdevelopment  ruby  heroku  streaming  redis  emoji  unicode  via:waxy 
december 2013 by philgyford
Lonely Tweets :'(
Nicely done, and pretty sobering. (via @annegalloway)
paulneave  via:annegalloway  twitter 
february 2013 by philgyford
Exquisite Tweets from @pretendoffice, @rooreynolds
This was a lot of fun. Saving for future reference. (Thanks @blech)
pretendoffice  twitter 
september 2012 by philgyford
Exquisite Tweets from @ftrain, @thelancearthur
Lovely little improvised text adventure. (via @blech)
paulford  lancearthur  twitter 
august 2012 by philgyford
ifttt / Log tweets to a Dropbox file
Nice idea for making a backup of your tweets and @replies. (via Stellar)
via:stellar  twitter  backups  dropbox 
june 2012 by philgyford
Issue #3057: bootstrap-dropdown.js clearMenus() needs ; at the end · twitter/bootstrap
Long, long discussion over whether to use a semi-colon or not. Saved to show non-coders how important the smallest details can be. And, also, USE SEMI-COLONS, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!
twitterbootstrap  programming  javascript  webdevelopment  twitter 
april 2012 by philgyford
Twitter Bootstrap Generator
Enter colour, font options etc and it generates a compiled CSS file to use with the Twitter Bootstrap framework thing. (via Brett Terpstra)
css  via:brettterpstra  webdevelopment  frameworks  twitter  martinbean 
january 2012 by philgyford
Bootstrap, from Twitter
Twitter's CSS/HTML frameworky thing, which I keep forgetting about.
css  webdevelopment  twitter  grids  framework 
november 2011 by philgyford
ThinkUp Archives and Analyzes Your Social Media Life | Smarterware
This looks very good. So much more than just archiving your activity on services, which would be a good thing in itself.
ginatrapani  webdevelopment  twitter  facebook  googleplus  archiving 
november 2011 by philgyford
Sycorax: Bring Fictional Characters to Life on Twitter
"Sycorax is a Twitter client, written in Python, that choreographs the online behavior of fictional characters." Very nice. Introduces slight randomness, characters interacting, etc. (via Infovore)
via:infovore  webdevelopment  twitter  python  leonardrichardson 
november 2011 by philgyford
Wstonesoxfordst · Storify
The collected tweets of @wstonesoxfordst. 'The Bookshop of Babel' was quite fun.
waterstones  twitter  storify 
november 2011 by philgyford
FRSTEE the Twitter Snowman
Our new fun product thing: customised, rapid-manufactured snowman decoration based on your own Twitter stats. (I made the site; my fault if it breaks.)
snowman  riglondon  christmas  decorations  twitter 
november 2011 by philgyford
Why Twitter’s Oral Culture Irritates Bill Keller (and why this is an important issue) | technosociology
Very good, and worth some time. On how Twitter is conversation, and how that compares with written language that some people are concerned is threatened by social media. (via @blech)
zeyneptufekci  twitter  conversation  technology  language  billkeller  via:blech  from delicious
august 2011 by philgyford
Twitpic, Twitter, Lockerz, YFrog, Mobypic – good or bad? | Jon Boyes - Photographer - blog
A comparison of the T&Cs of five Twitter-oriented image hosting sites. Avoid Twitter, Lockerz and Twitpic; use YFrog or Mobypic.
twitter  twitpic  lockerz  yfrog  mobypic  jonboyes  photography  copyright  licensing  from delicious
august 2011 by philgyford
Twitter Ye Not – why this geek went back to the real world | Sarah Angliss
On why she's stopped using Twitter. I've been going through a love/hate thing with it all myself the last few weeks and most (but not all) of this captures some of my feelings. (via @FinalBullet)
sarahangliss  via:finalbullet  twitter  from delicious
june 2011 by philgyford
Infovore » Where’s @towerbridge?
Aside from anything else: Twitter appear to have handed one person's account over to someone else, and all the original tweets have been deleted. How safe does your account feel now?
tomarmitage  twitter  towerbridge  from delicious
june 2011 by philgyford
Difference between geo and coordinates in status - Twitter Development Talk | Google Groups
Coordinates vs geo vs place in the Twitter API. It's not good when you have to read email threads to work out how to use a company's API.
twitter  api  webdevelopment  geolocation  from delicious
may 2011 by philgyford
[RS] Re-Sweet: @samuelpepys -
Odd but nice: two guys who sing tweets have, at someone's request, sung one of @samuelpepys' tweets. (via @lili_bird)
samuelpepys  twitter  via:lili_bird  singing  songs  resweet  from delicious
april 2011 by philgyford
Exquisite Tweets from @kaygeeuk, @Danny_Saxby, @m1ndy9876, @MissEllieMae, @ARRJAYKAY, @BenDylan, @kevmcveigh, @squashypigeon, @sliderulesyou, @oliverburkeman
Highly edited (none of the retweets for a start) version of the "Sky reporters offered protestors £25 to throw bricks" rumour spreading on Twitter, curated by me.
twitter  rumours  london  madnessofcrowds  protests  kaygeeuk  from delicious
march 2011 by philgyford
Twitter / alex butterworth: For the next ten weeks I w ...
"For the next ten weeks I will be tweeting the events of the Commune through the voices of the participants." Lovely idea, seems a bit hard to follow what's actually happening, or maybe I've missed the point.
twitter  alexbutterworth  paris  history  commune  communards  versaillais  from delicious
march 2011 by philgyford
Snap Bird - search twitter's history
Lets you search your Twitter friends' tweets, or a specific person's tweets (and more), further back than 10 days (unlike official Twitter search). (via Haddock)
twitter  search  via:haddock  archiving  from delicious
march 2011 by philgyford
Pattern, a Python module for mining web data
Lovely looking module for grabbing data from a variety of web sources, analysing it, and displaying results in different ways. (via Waxy)
python  webdevelopment  scraping  via:waxy  datamining  twitter  google  from delicious
february 2011 by philgyford
Dancarroll / django-activitysync / source – Bitbucket
Django app for aggregating activity from different services, currently Twitter, Google Reader and Reddit.
dancarroll  django  twitter  googlereader  reddit  archiving  webdevelopment  aggregation  from delicious
february 2011 by philgyford
IS Parade
Lovely, lovely Flash thing that shoes all your twitter followers following you in a big parade. Charmingly done and you must try it. (via Interconnected)
via:interconnected  twitter  from delicious
february 2011 by philgyford
Exquisite Tweets from @candicecbailey...
Whoops! One careless word and suddenly people think there's a shooting in Oxford Circus. @candicecbailey appears to have deleted her original tweet now, although it's not really her fault. (via @abscond)
candicecbailey  london  twitter  madnessofcrowds  oxfordcircus  via:abscond  rumours  from delicious
january 2011 by philgyford
Exquisite Tweets
Really handy way of being able to point at an entire Twitter conversation, or a hand-curated selection of tweets, from James Wheare.
jameswheare  twitter  conversations  from delicious
january 2011 by philgyford
ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Engine
Looks fascinating - a PHP/MySQL project you can install which then grabs your Twitter and Facebook network info and processes and graphs it al. (via Preoccupations)
twitter  facebook  archiving  php  ginatrapani  expertlabs  from delicious
january 2011 by philgyford
How do sites prevent vanity URLs from colliding with future features? - Quora
Just for the list of suggested blacklist terms that shouldn't be allowed for usernames, so as to avoid future URL conflicts.
urls  webdevelopment  twitter  usernames  blacklists  words  joshrussell 
november 2010 by philgyford
Bkkeepr | Track your reading and bookmark on the go
I either didn't know James Bridle had done this or I'd forgotten. Bad of me either way. It's very nice. A bit like LibraryThing, but you add/track/bookmark your reading via Twitter.
reading  jamesbridle  booktwo  books  annotation  bookmarking  twitter 
september 2010 by philgyford
Philgyford's mytweets at master - GitHub
I updated Simon Willison's "Script for saving a JSON archive of your tweets", which Blech and others have added to since, to use OAuth.
twitter  python  archiving  simonwillison  blech 
september 2010 by philgyford
Why trust Facebook with the future’s past? — Scott Rosenberg's Wordyard
Twitter and Facebook are storing what will be our history, but it's not accessible. (Which is why I have my own public archive of my Twitters, and rarely use Facebook.) (via Preoccupations)
twitter  via:preoccupations  facebook  history  archiving 
august 2010 by philgyford
The Twitter Times: philgyford
Similar to, things friends have linked to on Twitter. But... again, it assumes I'm more interested in the articles than what my friends say about them, the context. At least article text is inline, so quick to read.
twitter  aggregation  news  reading 
august 2010 by philgyford
The Twitter Phil Gyford Daily ( is very interesting but... suffers from every problem I wrote about re finishability, readability, friction... I don't want to read any of it. It also obscures the context (the tweets).
twitter  aggregation  news  reading  newspapers  socialmedia 
august 2010 by philgyford
Crowd-sourcing the office stereo, using Twitter and Spotify
Python script to enable sending Spotify URLs @ a Twitter account which then queue and play, and also scrobble to
spotify  twitter  lastfm  python  stevewinton  music 
june 2010 by philgyford
Twitterature: When Moby Dick Became The Fail Whale « Black Clock
I took part in an online chat thing about Twitter literature a while back, mainly because of @samuelpepys, but I also mentioned E4's Misfits.
philgyford  twitter  samuelpepys  misfits  blackclock 
may 2010 by philgyford
Copyright is hard on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This is fab. I'm looking forward to more of this kind of thing. Maybe some MPs will be a little careless too...
revdancatt  copyright  adamliversage  bpi  debill  twitter 
april 2010 by philgyford
Very simple way to get a file of all your Twitter tweets, friends, etc.
twitter  backup  archive  export 
march 2010 by philgyford
The Stars Look Down – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
I'm not hugely bothered whether Favrd exists or not, but I like Dean Allen's comment here, especially the first major paragraph. (via Daring Fireball)
via:daringfireball  deanallen  favrd  twitter  jeffreyzeldman  praise  selfworth 
december 2009 by philgyford
BackupMyTweets Home: Backup Your Twitter Account
I suppose backing one bit of the cloud up to another unaccountable, third-party bit of it is better than nothing, but...
cloud  twitter  backup 
september 2009 by philgyford
Simonw's mytweets at master - GitHub
"Script for saving a JSON archive of your tweets." I'm already archiving mine another way, but a handy thing nonetheless.
simonwillison  twitter  archiving  python  webdevelopment 
august 2009 by philgyford
Read it and weep: Evan Williams of Twitter on Newsnight - the transcript | Technology |
What's more depressing: The bored inanity of the Newsnight interview? That an event this unimportant is reported by the Guardian? Or the Guardian's relentlessly anti-Twitter commenters? Tough call.
guardian  newsnight  twitter  evanwilliams  kirstywalk  charlesarthur 
august 2009 by philgyford
Pepys on Twitter (Pepys' Diary)
Samuel Pepys will now be updating his Twitter feed several times a day from 343 years ago.
samuelpepys  pepysdiary  twitter  17thcentury  philgyford 
may 2009 by philgyford
Dave Gorman: When Twitter Gets Weird...
On how offended some people apparently get if you don't follow them back on Twitter. Craziness. (via Meg Pickard)
via:megp  davegorman  twitter  netiquette 
april 2009 by philgyford
140 Characters » How Twitter Was Born
How Twitter went from idea to product. I love stories like this because you know how much it means to the people involved. (via Preoccupations)
via:preoccupations  twitter  domsagolla  odeo  history  nethistory 
february 2009 by philgyford
A daily diary of Depression-era life, told on Twitter.: The Social Path
Entries from a line-a-day diary kept from 1937 to 1941 posted daily to Twitter. (via Infovore)
via:infovore  diary  twitter  diaries  1930s  1940s 
february 2009 by philgyford
Launching soon, a backup for Flickr and weblogs. Google Docs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook backup promised. As I said earlier, all these sites should offer this service by default. (via Blech)
via:blech  cloud  backup  facebook  flickr  twitter  googledocs  youtube  export 
january 2009 by philgyford
Twitter / novelsin3lines
I'm very much enjoying the 1906 French news summaries by Félix Fénéon (and not just because I wrote it up as an idea myself a while back). Lovely writing.
felixfeneon  france  headlines  news  1906  twitter  history  novelsin3lines 
august 2008 by philgyford
Exports all your Twitters to a CSV file. (via MegP)
via:megp  twitter  csv 
april 2008 by philgyford
Free Traffic For Your Squidoo Lens on Squidoo
Instructions for how to spam people via Twitter. As Ian said, wankers, making the Internet a little bit more unpleasant for everyone else.
via:haddock  spam  twitter  floydbogart 
april 2008 by philgyford
Tweet Clouds
Showing what words you use most on Twitter. Home, College, Day, Work are the unremarkable stand-outs for me. (via Russell Davies)
via:russeldavies  twitter  tweets  clouds  words 
april 2008 by philgyford Abort, Retry, or EPIC FAIL
On the increasingly annoying "FAIL!" meme. Half my friends on Twitter sound interchangeable these days, as if they must regurgitate this month's coolest phrases or look like losers.
waxy  andybaio  fail  meme  memes  twitter 
march 2008 by philgyford
SMS Text News » 07624* is billed by Three and T-Mobile as an international text?
Twitter's new UK SMS number will, on T-Mobile and maybe Three, still cost you silly money to use and won't be included in your bundle.
twitter  tmobile  t-mobile  sms  mobile 
may 2007 by philgyford
Twitter's new mobile interface, a boon for those who don't want umpteen texts to their phone about their friend's lunch decisions (but still, at some point, want to know the decisions).
may 2007 by philgyford
Disambiguity - » Ambient Intimacy
Excellent stuff on following friends in Twitter, Flickr, etc. I must try and remember some of this for all those times I try and explain my online life to non-geek friends who look at me like I'm some weird stalking nerd. (via Yoz)
via:yoz  twitter  flickr  upcoming  irc 
march 2007 by philgyford
Zf-twitter - Google Code
Tim's PHP class for reading Twitter data. Uses the Zend Framework.
timbrayshaw  php  twitter  zend  webdevelopment 
january 2007 by philgyford
Twitter / philgyford
I'm enjoying Twitter much, much more than I thought I would. Strangely addictive, and I love hearing what my friends are up to during the day. All a bit oddly broadcast rather than conversational, but still nice.
twitter  socialsoftware  philgyford  obvious 
november 2006 by philgyford

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