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For tech-weary Midwest farmers, 40-year-old tractors now a hot commodity -
I reckon this is useful for analogies with technologies other than tractors. (via @slavin_fpo)
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7 weeks ago by philgyford
The Online Photographer: Best Film Cameras for Newbies
Re “Mike’s Comment” below the cameras, I bet there’s a similar sweet spot in the development of most technologies – cars, computers, others that don’t start with “c” – and that it should have a name.
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9 weeks ago by philgyford
The Online Photographer: Best Comment Ever
“The endless upgrade cycle, the more and more laborious and tedious mastery of imaging software, the solid belief in technical improvement and control as a means to achieve success, all of this leads one further and further away from any possibility of making original or authentic work.”
theonlinephotographer  photography  technology 
september 2018 by philgyford
8 Lessons from 20 Years of Hype Cycles | Michael Mullany | LinkedIn
Reviewing past Gartner Hype Cycles. They could do with an alternative line that forks from the trough of disillusionment down into the abyss of failure. (via @tomtaylor)
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august 2017 by philgyford
prosthetic knowledge
This tumblr of design/art/tech right now is very, very good. (via @iamdanw I think)
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june 2017 by philgyford
What can a technologist do about climate change? A personal view.
From November 2015. I don't feel any less useless but it's a great way to present a piece of writing. If only every news article had such clear extra context.
bretvictor  climatechange  technology  energy 
january 2017 by philgyford
Who Will Command The Robot Armies?
Loads of good stuff in this transcript of Maciej Ceglowski's latest talk. The section taking the piss out of silly IoT things seems like a trivialising distraction though.
maciejceglowski  politics  technology  robots 
november 2016 by philgyford
Tom Vanderbilt Explains Why We Could Predict Self-Driving Cars, But Not Women in the Workplace
We think technology will change much quicker than it does, "but when it comes to culture we tend to believe not that the future will be very different than the present day, but that it will be roughly the same." Lots of good stuff.
futurism  technology  tomvanderbilt  futures  futurology  socialchange 
september 2015 by philgyford
Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS | The Verge
I love this kind of thing, looks at the success and/or failure of technology platforms and products from the inside.
chrisziegler  palm  webos  technology 
july 2014 by philgyford
Photography, hello — Software ate the camera, but freed the photograph by Craig Mod
So many quotable bits. And it's about more than cameras. About the uncomfortable but fruitful position of straddling technological shifts. About the value of a new product that simplifies only a tiny number of steps. About the importance of the network to story-telling.
craigmod  cameras  photography  iphone  technology 
january 2014 by philgyford
"Peter Thiel pulled an iPhone out of his jeans pocket and held it up. “I don’t consider this to be a..."
For the thought exercise of comparing the "breakthroughness" and impact of the Apollo programme and the iPhone, and Paul's (for him) almost contrary (but not wrong) position.
paulmison  apollo  space  spacetravel  iphone  technology  peterthiel 
july 2013 by philgyford
The Technium: Pain of the New
I haven't seen 'The Hobbit' and its HFR, but most of the complaints about the 48fps do, as Kevin Kelly says, sound like people preferring vinyl over digital music, black and white film over colour, etc. Anyway, a good description of why HFR currently looks odd. (via Kottke)
movies  films  thehobbit  kevinkelly  via:kottke  technology 
january 2013 by philgyford
Why People Really Love Technology: An Interview with Genevieve Bell - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
Very interesting interview with the Intel researcher. Some good bits on demographics of the internet; fear (or not) of robots; physical vs digital; tactility; fear of the TV red button. (via @annegalloway)
via:annegalloway  genevievebell  alexismadrigal  technology  futures  futurism  overlinks  futurology 
december 2012 by philgyford
The 21st-Century TV Shows That Get 21st-Century Tech Right - Technology - The Atlantic Wire
Looks at a few US TV shows and the ways people in them use consumer technologies, rightly or wrongly.
rebeccagreenfield  tv  technology  girls  modernfamily  glee  thegoodwife  parksandrecreation 
may 2012 by philgyford
Astonishments, ten, in the history of version control < Francis is
A nice summary of advances in version control
systems over the decades. With any technology it's easy to forget the many incremental changes that make up the current norm.
versioncontrol  francisirving  history  technology  programming 
december 2011 by philgyford
11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard - Mental Floss
Sounds of things that you no longer hear. I started making a list of these ages ago, but didn't even get this many. (via Kottke)
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november 2011 by philgyford
Why Twitter’s Oral Culture Irritates Bill Keller (and why this is an important issue) | technosociology
Very good, and worth some time. On how Twitter is conversation, and how that compares with written language that some people are concerned is threatened by social media. (via @blech)
zeyneptufekci  twitter  conversation  technology  language  billkeller  via:blech  from delicious
august 2011 by philgyford
How to Build a Newsroom Time Machine
A student journalism class puts together a newspaper using manual typewriters, scalpels, glue, analogue photography, etc. Sounds like a good exercise and not just because I'm old(ish). (via Waxy)
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august 2011 by philgyford
W. Brian Arthur vs Silicon Roundabout, ‘Start-Up Britain’ and other shake-and-bake approaches « Magical Nihilism
Matt Jones on how you can't just conjure an area like Shoreditch out of thin air and tax incentives. These things -- locations, industries, technologies -- take time and long-term ideas.
mattjones  wbrianarthur  eastlondontechcity  siliconroundabout  innovation  london  technology  shoreditch  startupbritain  from delicious
march 2011 by philgyford
Global Village Construction Set - Open Source Ecology
Creating the fifty "tools/technologies for building post-scarcity, resilient communities" and open-sourcing the plans. (via Kottke)
machines  opensource  technology  farming  ecology  via:kottke  from delicious
february 2011 by philgyford
DNA/How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet
All good, but particularly the points from "everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal." Very good. (via Russell Davies)
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june 2010 by philgyford » When board leaders fail to grasp technology
On how company bosses treat IT as an expensive, unnecessary, incomprehensible thing. (via Dan Hon)
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june 2010 by philgyford
SXSW 2010 for Futurists
Some interesting things there, some of which might ease the pangs from the end of ETech. (via Tom Taylor)
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march 2010 by philgyford
100 years of Big Content fearing technology—in its own words - Ars Technica
How companies have complained that new technologies will destroy content industries over the past century. Like when home taping killed music. Wasn't that terrible. (via Kottke)
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october 2009 by philgyford
The Viridian Design Movement
Bruce Sterling closed Reboot last week and, even though I'd heard and read some of it before it was a wonderful, weary, preaching, telling off. It made me read this again.
brucesterling  viridian  reboot  reboot11  environment  technology  sustainability  future  overlinks 
july 2009 by philgyford
The Long Now Blog » Blog Archive » All you need to jump start civilization…
"On this one graphic is all the stuff you need to know to jump start a civilization (or get super rich if you travel back in time)." Fun.
overlinks  technology  timetravel  civilization  science  poster  tshirt  longnow 
april 2009 by philgyford
Tech Support, Manuals & Troubleshooting for Consumers
Nice idea. Like user-filled tech support forums but for everything, from white goods, cars, etc on. Although I did see a comment about them not paying people they'd promised to... (via Noisy Decent Graphics)
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february 2009 by philgyford

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