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Sweet Moderation, Heart of this Nation
On why Britain, its media, and Rory Stewart aren’t moderate and centrist. (via @markhurrell)
huwlemmey  via:markhurrell  politics  uk  rorystewart 
october 2019 by philgyford
How bad can it get? (London Review of Books)
Good, but not much hope about UK politics. But I learned an excellent word: “rhodomontade”, extravagant boasting. Word of the year.
brexit  lrb  uk  politics 
august 2019 by philgyford
Ruining a country near you soon: the beta males who think they’re alphas | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian
I could link to every Marina Hyde column, so take this excellent example as a placeholder for all of them.
marinahyde  guardian  uk  politics 
july 2019 by philgyford
What I Learned Trying To Secure Congressional Campaigns (Idle Words)
Entertaining and interesting. “You will fare especially badly if you have written an app to fix politics.” (via @gwire)
via:gwire  maciejceglowski  politics  usa  security 
may 2019 by philgyford
Notes on some artefacts | The Monthly
"It is impossible to say whether this is a bot account, though, because conservatives appear to be modelling their online presences on bots." Good stuff. Like pointing out how much stuff around now is Gibson-esque.
richardcooke  internet  futures  overlinks  politics  usa  twitter 
september 2018 by philgyford
Tom Crewe · What will be left?: Labour’s Prospects · LRB 18 May 2017
Slightly out of date opinion poll-wise, but I liked this as a summary of where Labour is and how we, as a country, got here.
labour  tomcrewe  uk  politics  lrb 
may 2017 by philgyford
David Runciman reviews ‘Theresa May’ by Rosa Prince · LRB 16 March 2017
I haven't had much of a sense of what May is about, what makes her tick. This article seems to have an interesting set of ideas about it.
theresamay  uk  politics  conservatives  davidrunciman  lab  rosaprince 
march 2017 by philgyford
4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump – Medium
This was a good read on a segment of Trump's supporters being like, or actually, 4chan in origin.
4chan  daleberan  usa  politics  donaldtrump 
march 2017 by philgyford
The Strange Death of Municipal England (London Review of Books)
A good read, especially if you're feeling all full of optimism about a new year and need to be brought crashing back to earth.
lrb  tomcrewe  politics  uk  localgovernment 
january 2017 by philgyford
Who Will Command The Robot Armies?
Loads of good stuff in this transcript of Maciej Ceglowski's latest talk. The section taking the piss out of silly IoT things seems like a trivialising distraction though.
maciejceglowski  politics  technology  robots 
november 2016 by philgyford
You Are Still Crying Wolf | Slate Star Codex
Good on keeping some of the Trump stuff in perspective. Yes, he's terrible but the media tends to focus on certain things out of all proportion to their actual importance or relevance.
donaldtrump  usa  politics  scottalexander 
november 2016 by philgyford
The State of the Presidential Debate - The New Yorker
Interesting history of the debates and how they came to be what they are. (via @antimega)
via:antimega  debates  elections  usa  politics  jilllepore 
september 2016 by philgyford
Inside The Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns | GQ
How the non-computerised method of finding out who bought a particular gun, from its make and serial number, works in the US. Crazy.
usa  politics  guns  police 
september 2016 by philgyford
YouGov | The leadership effect - how leaders can shift perceptions of parties
Because I like charts showing the left/right position of parties and politicians over time.
yougov  polling  politics  uk 
august 2016 by philgyford
They Could Have Picked… (London Review of Books)
Eliot Weinberger on all the Republican presidential candidates other than Trump. At this point it's become easy to forget that they were *all* nutjobs. Still, makes me thankful to live in the UK.
lrb  eliotweinberger  usa  politics  elections  republicans 
august 2016 by philgyford
Who Are All These Trump Supporters? - The New Yorker
A good read by George Saunders. "What unites these stories is what I came to think of as usurpation anxiety syndrome—the feeling that one is, or is about to be, scooped, overrun, or taken advantage of by some Other with questionable intentions."
georgesaunders  newyorker  donaldtrump  usa  politics  elections 
august 2016 by philgyford
I’m With The Banned — Welcome to the Scream Room — Medium
Laurie Penny. A good read, but depressing. I don't know what you, we, do when people who believe nothing get all the attention.
lauriepenny  politics  usa  uk 
july 2016 by philgyford
Thoughts on the sociology of Brexit - Political Economy Research Centre
Another good read on understandable reasons why people have voted for Out. (via @tomskitomski)
via:tomskitomski  willdavies  brexit  politics  uk  elections  europe 
june 2016 by philgyford
Nigel's Against the World (London Review of Books)
I've mostly been ignoring EU referendum stuff but this is quite good on the things we don't really know about what happens if we leave.
ferdinandmount  politics  uk  europe  lrb  elections 
may 2016 by philgyford
America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny -- NYMag
There are loads of worried articles about Trump but this is a nice long overview of worries. (via @spongefile)
andrewsullivan  donaldtrump  usa  politics  nymag  via:spongefile 
may 2016 by philgyford
Corbyn in the Media - Paul Myerscough (London Review of Books)
This is good on the Guardian being out of touch, in denial, with all those who voted for Corbyn, and on the "impartiality" of the BBC.
paulmyerscough  lrb  politics  jeremycorbyn  labour  uk  guardian  bbc 
december 2015 by philgyford
Labour through the looking glass: 15 early-morning speculations on the Corbyn surge | Dougald Hine
A (hopeful) scenario for what a Jeremy Corbyn victory might look like and how this isn't a Militant-style surge but a modern network Occupy-style one. (via @paulpod)
labour  via:paulpod  jeremycorbyn  politics  uk 
august 2015 by philgyford
Jackson Lears reviews ‘The Age of Acquiescence’ by Steve Fraser · LRB 16 July 2015
How left-leaning beliefs have disappeared in the US, mostly over the first half of the 20th century. (Subscribers only)
books  jacksonlears  politics  usa  socialism  capitalism  economics  lrb  stevefraser 
july 2015 by philgyford
The Early Days of a Better Nation
Mainly for Régis Debray's gloomy description of May 1968, written in 1979: "We had to imagine ourselves as Chinese, in order to become Californians."
kenmacleod  regisdebray  1968  1979  politics  france  scotland  labour  may1968 
june 2015 by philgyford
HM Government Horizon Scanning Programme - Social Attitudes of Young People
"The aim of this report is to assess if and how social attitudes of young people in the UK today differ from previous generations, and how they might evolve in the future." December 2014
futures  futurology  uk  politics  cohorts  generations  scanning 
may 2015 by philgyford
James Meek · Why are you still here?: Who owns Grimsby? · LRB 23 April 2015
A long, good piece from Grimsby on its history, its industries and its general election candidates. Lots of things relevant to the rest of the country too of course.
jamesmeek  lrb  grimsby  uk  politics  elections 
april 2015 by philgyford
UK Election Quiz
I Side With's quiz came out best in Francis Irving's roundup. I got 97% Labour, 94% Green. "Your political beliefs would be considered extremely Left-Wing and strongly Authoritarian".
via:francisirving  voting  uk  politics 
april 2015 by philgyford
PLOS ONE: The Rise of Partisanship and Super-Cooperators in the U.S. House of Representatives
For the couple of diagrams showing how the number of congresspeople voting cross-party has changed over time. I love attempts to visualise party political changes over time.
politics  congress  usa  visualisation  visualization 
april 2015 by philgyford
Mr. Miller Doesn’t Go to Washington - Matt Miller - POLITICO Magazine
"A candidate's memoir." Being a candidate sounds like even less fun than I ever thought it would be.
mattmiller  politics  usa  elections 
january 2015 by philgyford
Your Job is Political: Tech Money in Politics
Whether you agree or not with the activities of the VCs mentioned here, it's good to be reminded that working for VC-funded startups doesn't only make the VC richer (if all goes well), but funds whatever they want to spend their money on. Do you know what that is?
kelseygilmoreinnis  siliconvalley  startups  politics  usa  via:blech 
december 2014 by philgyford
Francis FitzGibbon · Short Cuts · LRB 23 October 2014
Interesting about exactly how much or little the Human Rights Act, which the Tories want to repeal, constrains the British government.
franciscitzgibbon  humanrights  uk  politics  government  chrisgrayling  europe  lrb 
november 2014 by philgyford
The Case for Reparations - The Atlantic
This was good. More about the case for having a discussion about the case for reparations. It was more affecting to me than, say, 'Twelve Years a Slave', which was too easily put in the "that's just history" or "one person's experience" buckets.
tanehisicoates  racism  usa  politics  reparations  history 
july 2014 by philgyford
Perry Anderson · The Italian Disaster · LRB 22 May 2014
Not for most of the article, but for the first 7+ paragraphs outlining the, er, legal difficulties, of those in political power across Europe. We are terrible.
perryanderson  lrb  politics  europe 
june 2014 by philgyford
Rumsfeld’s War and Its Consequences Now by Mark Danner | The New York Review of Books
This series of articles on Rumsfeld is a good read. But this, the first article, is the only one that's available to non-subscribers.
donaldrumsfeld  markdanner  usa  politics  iraq  nybooks  nyrb 
june 2014 by philgyford
How Britain exported next-generation surveillance — Matter — Medium
Finally got round to reading James's piece on Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. It's odd to think of this vast network of vision and computation churning away monitoring live and historical movements of people, invisibly.
jamesbridle  anpr  privacy  surveillance  uk  politics 
april 2014 by philgyford
A nation of slaves
Charlie Stross on the Conservatives' target of "full employment". I hate their (and Labour's) "hardworking families" rhetoric as if work, any work at all, no matter how it's achieved or what the alternatives might be, is an end in itself.
charlesstross  politics  uk  work 
april 2014 by philgyford
Politics doesn't change anything
Examples of the many things changed by politics in the UK, as opposed to market-led "disruption". (via Paul Mison)
via:paulmison  tommorris  politics  uk 
february 2014 by philgyford
Lottie Dexter should quit - and take the Year of Code board with her - Adrian Short
This all sounds like such a horrible, shallow farce led by people who feel "entrepreneurship" is the sole thing that should be encouraged in children. Fuck that.
adrianshort  education  lottiedexter  politics  yearofcode  uk  programming 
february 2014 by philgyford
Where will we live? by James Meek (LRB)
Linked to by everyone, for good reason. A good, long piece about the UK's history of council and social housing, the architecture and planning, and where we are now. As with so many policy areas, I wish one of the main parties wanted to do something bold, different and good.
lrb  housing  uk  politics  jamesmeek 
january 2014 by philgyford
James Bridle, spotting and tracking the private coaches and planes that are deporting immigrants in our name. Good, difficult stuff.
jamesbridle  politics  uk  immigration 
december 2013 by philgyford
I know many people roll their eyes at Adam Curtis, but no one writes these wide-ranging stories like he does, illustrated with video. (Even if I can't watch the video because it's Flash.)
adamcurtis  politics  jimmychoo  usa  uk 
december 2013 by philgyford
Anatomy of a failed rendition
James, better than ever, digging into the network to track the plane, hired by the Home Office, that failed to deport a hunger striker, too weak to see or stand, from the UK. "...climbing and banking to avoid thunderheads and moral accountability."
jamesbridle  politics  uk  aeroplanes  ifamuaza  flights 
december 2013 by philgyford
Geeks for Monarchy: The Rise of the Neoreactionaries | TechCrunch
The sort of logical endpoint for the worst of Silicon Valley geekdom. (via @GreatDismal)
klintfinley  via:greatdismal  neoreactionaries  politics  siliconvalley  peterthiel 
november 2013 by philgyford
Arresting the Unjustly Homeless while they Learn to Code — Weird Future — Medium
Good stuff, on that well-intentioned but myopic vanity project to help a homeless man to code. Hey, why not use your energy to change the system? Even less chance of success and glory, but if enough of you do it you might just make a sodding difference you. Gah, angry.
patrickmcconlogue  timmaly  sanfrancisco  homelessness  politics 
october 2013 by philgyford
Watch this (4 minutes) and recall that every one... - Fresser.
So many people are idiots. Really, idiots. I wish this clip showed more of the interviewees being told Obamacare and The Affordable Care Act are the same.
usa  healthcare  kevinslavin  jimmykimmel  politics 
october 2013 by philgyford
Jonathan Coe reviews ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Boris Johnson’ edited by Harry Mount · LRB 18 July 2013
Very good on the futility, even dangerousness, of political satire and dismissing politicians as corrupt buffoons.
jonathancoe  lrb  politics  satire  comedy  borisjohnson  haveigotnewsforyou  beyondthefringe  petercook 
august 2013 by philgyford
Slavoj Žižek · Trouble in Paradise: The Global Protest · LRB 18 July 2013
"To demand consistency at strategically selected points where the system cannot afford to be consistent is to put pressure on the entire system."
slavojzizek  protest  protests  revolutions  revolution  lrb  politics 
august 2013 by philgyford
10 questions about Cameron’s ‘new’ porn-blocking | Paul Bernal's Blog
All this. Censoring illegal content is one thing, assuming it can be done, but anything else is a slippery slope into a whole can of mixed metaphors.
davidcameron  politics  censorship  uk  pornography  paulbernal 
july 2013 by philgyford
RSS commission new research into public perceptions of statistics | RSSeNews
The British public thinks it lives in Daily Mail fantasy horror world. (via @wonderlandblog)
via:wonderlandblog  statistics  uk  surveys  crime  immigration  politics  economics  benefits 
july 2013 by philgyford
Getting Nearer and Nearer by David Cole | The New York Review of Books
Just for the bit about how the courts' "job is to enforce the law, even if, and especially when, public opinion is against it. ... Democracy is not particularly good at protecting the rights of minorities. ... [Courts] will sometimes make decisions that result in short-term backlash."
davidcole  michaeljklarman  politics  usa  nyrb  nybooks  gaymarriage  judiciary  law  supremecourt 
june 2013 by philgyford
The Taste for Being Moral by Thomas Nagel | The New York Review of Books
For the six types of moral response and the description of how conservatives emphasise all of them in their appeal, but liberals only, relying also on reason. Which is why conservatives tend to appeal most to most people.
nybooks  nyrb  thomasnagel  morality  morals  jonathanhaidt  politics  usa 
june 2013 by philgyford
The rapidly increasing ideology of the US Republican Party
A chart showing the changing political positions of US political parties since 1789. I'd love to see something similar for the UK. (via Kottke)
via:kottke  politics  usa  visualisation 
october 2012 by philgyford
Over the Decades, How States Have Shifted - Interactive Feature -
Really nice visualisation of how different states have voted over time. (via The Functional Art)
via:thefunctionalart  nytimes  politics  usa  visualisation  history  timelines 
october 2012 by philgyford
James Meek · How We Happened to Sell Off Our Electricity · LRB 13 September 2012
Plenty of people linked to this at the time, but I forgot. Now I am. A good read on who now owns the UK's power.
uk  lrb  politics  energy  jamesmeek  privatisation 
october 2012 by philgyford
Boris Johnson: brilliant, warm, funny – and totally unfit to be PM | Max Hastings | Comment is free | The Guardian
I did like Hastings' article on Johnson. Although it doesn't exactly hold out hope for there being any better politicians either.
borisjohnson  maxhastings  uk  politics  conservatives 
october 2012 by philgyford
Is any of us fit to pick up the Olympic baton? | Snowblog
"I am not alone in detecting a yearning to turn the extraordinary Olympic achievement into an engine for pulling together to deliver Olympic scale achievements with and for the wider Team GB, ourselves no less." Easier said than done but, yes, this. (via @matlock)
via:matlock  jonsnow  olympics  politics  uk 
august 2012 by philgyford
Collective Joy « LRB blog
Also on the opening ceremony: "It was love as sentiment, a nostalgic cry for what has been lost. And it is lost. There is no party of the left with a different attitude towards the economy, privatisation and cuts in benefits and the NHS."
jennydiski  lrb  olympics  uk  politics 
july 2012 by philgyford
Republicans for Revolution by Mark Lilla | The New York Review of Books
"People who know what kind of new world they want to create through revolution are trouble enough; those who only know what they want to destroy are a curse." Also for the definitions of "liberal" and "conservative" half-way through, and the potted history of the origins of neoconservatism.
marklilla  nybooks  nyrb  politics  usa  republicans  conservatism  liberalism  neoconservatives 
june 2012 by philgyford
Killing Our Citizens Without Trial by David Cole | The New York Review of Books
On drone killings: "As long as the Obama administration insists on the power to kill the people it was elected to represent -- and to do so in secret, on the basis of secret legal memos -- can we really claim that we live in a democracy ruled by law?"
davidcole  nyrb  nybooks  drones  barackobama  usa  politics  war 
june 2012 by philgyford
Theresa May's Internet History - a Freedom of Information request to Home Office - WhatDoTheyKnow
Very good. If she's done nothing wrong, she's got nothing to hide, so there should be no problem, so they say. (via @gwire)
theresamay  writetothem  politics  uk  government  privacy  via:gwire  matthewdodd 
april 2012 by philgyford
French expats to get their own MPs | World news | The Guardian
That's interesting, dividing the world outside France into 11 constituencies, with an MP for each representing French expats living there.
france  mps  politics  borders  angeliquechrisafis  government  elections 
december 2011 by philgyford
New Statesman - The tax haven in the heart of Britain
Not sure why I didn't save this link at the time, in February. Nicholas Shaxson on the City of London.
nicholasshaxson  newstatesman  cityoflondon  taxevasion  economics  london  tax  politics 
december 2011 by philgyford
Overton window - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The Overton window, in political theory, describes a 'window' in the range of public reactions to ideas in public discourse, in a spectrum of all possible options on a particular issue." More extreme ideas can expand the range of the window, making previously unacceptable ideas acceptable. (via Haddock)
politics  via:haddock 
october 2011 by philgyford
BBC - Adam Curtis Blog: The Curae of TINA
blimey, just caught up with this, and it's an incredible read. Hayek, Radio Caroline, Thatcher, Institute for Economic Affairs... so many things. I really wish the BBC would get a non-Flash video player though.
lindawhetstone  adamcurtis  instituteforeconomicaffairs  regcalvert  pirateradio  radiocaroline  economics  politics  antonyfisher  oliversmedley  uk 
october 2011 by philgyford
BBC News - 'Occupy' is a response to economic permafrost
Good stuff by Paul Mason. "Occupy Everywhere, then, is the kind of movement you get when people start to believe mainstream politicians have lost their principles, or are trapped by vested interests, or are all crooked." (via Preoccupations)
paulmason  protests  occupywallstreet  occupylsx  london  politics  via:preoccupations 
october 2011 by philgyford
James Meek · It’s already happened: The NHS Goes Private · LRB 22 September 2011
Long, good, interesting, righteous-anger-inducing article about the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, and how the service compares to other options. I am struggling not to swear.
lrb  jamesmeek  nhs  politics  uk  healthcare  articles  from delicious
october 2011 by philgyford
BBC News - A Point of View: The revolution of capitalism
John Gray on how capitalism is destroying the bourgeoisie, and how Marx was right about the evils of capitalism, but wrong about communism being the solution. (via Stellar)
johngray  capitalism  marx  politics  economics  via:stellar  from delicious
september 2011 by philgyford
My speech to the IAAC | Ben Hammersley's Dangerous Precedent
Ben's speech to the UK's Information Assurance Advisory Council on how the world has and is changing, how two generations see it differently, and what it means for security.
benhammersley  security  internet  informationassuranceadvisorycouncil  politics  from delicious
september 2011 by philgyford
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