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Binky: The App That Does Nothing - The Atlantic
Brilliant. Social networking app with no content and no social network. (via Waxy)
via:waxy  ianbogost  dankurtz  iphone  apps  socialnetworks  atlanticmonthly 
june 2017 by philgyford
Sharing some process from IF – Writing by IF – Medium
A handy list of things to do to secure your Mac, iPhone, email, etc. (via Favejet)
via:favejet  security  mac  iphone  sarahgold 
february 2017 by philgyford
There’s No App for That: Adventures in Conserving Old Tech · SFMOMA
About the difficulties of starting up a mint iPhone 1 and exhibiting it as a working thing. And HyperCard. (via @antimega)
martinahaidvogl  via:antimega  sfmoma  museums  iphone  hypercard  archiving 
august 2016 by philgyford
Photography, hello — Software ate the camera, but freed the photograph by Craig Mod
So many quotable bits. And it's about more than cameras. About the uncomfortable but fruitful position of straddling technological shifts. About the value of a new product that simplifies only a tiny number of steps. About the importance of the network to story-telling.
craigmod  cameras  photography  iphone  technology 
january 2014 by philgyford
External Microphones for iPhone 5, 4S, iPad and iPod Touch Audio input | Life is a
A good roundup of this stuff, although from 2011. I'd like to find a similar thing a bit more recent. Still, always nice to see something quite thorough.
iphone  ipad  ios  microphones  jeffgeerling  audio 
december 2013 by philgyford
"Peter Thiel pulled an iPhone out of his jeans pocket and held it up. “I don’t consider this to be a..."
For the thought exercise of comparing the "breakthroughness" and impact of the Apollo programme and the iPhone, and Paul's (for him) almost contrary (but not wrong) position.
paulmison  apollo  space  spacetravel  iphone  technology  peterthiel 
july 2013 by philgyford
"Prototype iPhone apps with simple HTML, CSS and JS components." Seems really nice. Less extensive than something like jQuery Mobile, but looks nice and simple to get something up and running quickly.
iphone  ios  webdevelopment  html  javascript  css 
november 2012 by philgyford
LR-iTunes – Lightroom to iTunes plug-in - John Beardsworth
A handy, free Adobe Lightroom plugin that makes it simple to export albums of photos to a folder that iTunes can then sync with your iPhone/iPad.
johnbeardsworth  lightroom  itunes  iphone  ipad  photos  plugins  from delicious
september 2011 by philgyford
Ulmon Offline Maps and Tourist Travel City Maps & Guides
Meant to link to this a while back. CityMaps2Go was a really nice offline map viewer for iPhone while I was on holiday. Vector-based, so good detail, and no roaming charges.
maps  iphone  mapping  from delicious
august 2011 by philgyford
Implementing a Fixed Position iOS Web Application - Google Mobile Developer Products - Google Code
Brilliant: how to (a) make page elements fixed on iOS Safari (which doesn't acknowledge position:fixed, grrrr) and (b) do scrolling with momentum. Gmail in iOS Safari is very swish.
google  iphone  gmail  webdevelopment  javascript  css  mobile  from delicious
january 2011 by philgyford
Is Mobile Affecting When We Read? « Read It Later Blog
Interesting graphs of when ReadItLater users read stuff online, whether on desktop, iPhone or iPad. I definitely read less on my computer now I have an iPad. (via Kottke)
via:kottke  reading  readitlater  ipad  iphone  from delicious
january 2011 by philgyford
Avatron Software: Air Display
Six quid for this, but I had to give it a go (two screens aren't enough!). Feels like magic: a wireless screen! But updating (eg, dragging windows) is pretty jerky and it can use 10-25% of my MacBook's CPU when I'm dragging stuff on it, 15% if something is updating frequently (like Activity Monitor). Around 2% when idle. But could be very handy for some things.
ipad  iphone  mac  macosx  apps  screens  displays  avatron  from delicious
january 2011 by philgyford
Momento Is Perhaps The Perfect Passive Diary App
A few people have mentioned this (article via Blech). It really is a very, very good iPhone app -- aggregates your feeds from many services, displays them nicely in a diary, lets you export all the aggregated data. More than worth £1.19.
archiving  memories  iphone  ipad  apps  feeds  via:blech 
december 2010 by philgyford
My First Week with the iPhoneBehind the Curtain | Behind the Curtain
I've seen this ecstatic report by a blind person about their new iPhone linked to from a few places. Forget your iPhone-fatigue and skip to the last few paragraphs where he describes using an app (Color ID) which speaks the colours the device's camera "sees". Beautiful.
iphone  blind  colours  austinseraphin 
september 2010 by philgyford
CSS3 Transition - iPhoneWebDev | Google Groups
Occasionally useful thread from 2009 about CSS3 transitions, hardware acceleration, etc on iPhones
iphonedevelopment  iphone  webdevelopment  css 
july 2010 by philgyford
Introduction - iui - iUI Introduction Wiki Page. - Project Hosting on Google Code
A JavaScript/CSS framework thing for making web apps on iPhones etc. Haven't looked into it yet.
iphone  iphonedevelopment  webdevelopment  javascript  css  ipad 
july 2010 by philgyford
CSS for iPhone 4 (Retina display) « Thomas Maier – web & communication designer
Including CSS only for devices with the iPhone 4's pixel resolution. (This is all getting more complex than all that copying with NS4, IE5, Mac IE5, etc, etc.) (via Daring Fireball)
webdevelopment  css  iphone  iphone4  thomasmaier  via:daringfireball  iphonedevelopment 
june 2010 by philgyford
Hog Bay Software Blog - PlainText
An iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app that lets you read/write text files and sync them with Dropbox. (via Preoccupations)
via:preoccupations  hogbay  software  iphone  ipad  dropbox 
june 2010 by philgyford
TouchScroll, a scrolling layer for WebKit mobile [update] « – the Ajax and JavaScript Experts
Re-implementing scrolling for WebKit Mobile web browsers. Haven't looked at the code yet, but the demo seems good.
webkit  scrolling  javascript  css  webdevelopment  iphone  ipad  android  davidaurelio  iphonedevelopment 
june 2010 by philgyford
Dealinium - jSlideTouch for Ipad & Iphone/Ipod using jQuery for content sliding
Sliding content in a fixed-size element left/right or up/down on web pages on iPhone, iPad etc.
iphone  ipad  javascript  css  webdevelopment  scrolling  gestures  iphonedevelopment 
june 2010 by philgyford
iScroll | Matteo Spinelli's
A way to do scrolling content in a webpage in a fixed size element on iPhone. eg, lists of things.
iphone  ipad  webdevelopment  css  javascript  scrolling  gestures  iphonedevelopment 
june 2010 by philgyford
Rabble.rule: Detecting a swipe in WebKit
Handy Javascript for using gestures on websites for the iPhone/iPad etc. (via Haddock)
via:haddock  iphone  ipad  webkit  webdevelopment  javascript  gestures  safari  davedunkin  iphonedevelopment 
june 2010 by philgyford
HOWTO: Native iPhone/iPad apps in JavaScript
Nice, clear, simple summary of making websites work more like apps when viewed on iPhone/iPad.
iphone  ipad  webdevelopment  css  javascript  ipodtouch  mattmight  iphonedevelopment 
june 2010 by philgyford
PhoneView for iPhone - iPhone Disk Mode, SMS, Voicemail, Call History, Music, Photos, Notes Access - Ecamm Network
Among other things, lets you export all of your iPhone SMSes. $20 saved me spending more time messing around with binary plist files, sqlite, etc.
iphone  software  mac  macosx  applications  backup  archive  sms  texts 
march 2010 by philgyford
Barac consulting | Notes on designing the Guardian iPhone app
Always good to read about design processes, and this helps me understand why some of the things I find slightly annoying about the otherwise good app are the way they are. (via Simon Willison)
via:simonwillison  guardian  iphone  iphonedevelopment  design  johnhenrybarac  baracconsulting 
december 2009 by philgyford
Cadence | your music. your motion.
Mainly for Cadence Desktop, which claims to apply BPM values to your iTunes songs. I've heard that before, but you never know. (via Lee)
via:lee  mac  osx  software  itunes  bpm  iphone  music 
october 2009 by philgyford
Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Sounds like an interesting, free, online book for those of us unlikely to learn real programming any time soon. (via Infovore)
iphone  via:infovore  webdevelopment  html  css  javascript  oreilly  books  jonathanstark  iphonedevelopment 
october 2009 by philgyford
iPhone / iPod Touch Backup Extractor
Need to try this out. I'd like an archive of my SMSes and this might help me extract them.
iphone  mac  osx  backups  software  applications 
october 2009 by philgyford
How people really use the iPhone - SlideShare
Presentation on a company's user testing with iPhones. One thing not mentioned: although some people made mistakes, did they immediately learn from them, or did they keep making the same mistakes? Big difference I think. (via Chris Heathcote)
iphone  presentation  interface  usability  hci  via:chrisheathcote 
november 2008 by philgyford
iSquint - iPod Video Made Easy.
Free converter for making video into iPod/iPhone-friendly video. (via Haddock)
via:haddock  ipod  iphone  video  mac  osx  macosx  software  converter  formats  isquint 
july 2008 by philgyford
BBC Internet Blog - BBC iPlayer On iPhone: Behind The Scenes
I'm liking this blog when it gives some insight into how things work behind the scenes. Shame about all the dumb comments though.
bbc  iplayer  anthonyrose  iphone  bbciplayer 
march 2008 by philgyford

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