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iPhone / iPod Touch Backup Extractor
Need to try this out. I'd like an archive of my SMSes and this might help me extract them.
iphone  mac  osx  backups  software  applications 
october 2009 by philgyford
Online Backup, Data Backup & Remote Backup Solutions from – Welcome
One more online backup solution. Heard good things about this in the past I think. [UPDATE: Cool Tools readers gave it the thumbs down.]
backups  backup  onlinebackup  software  mac 
december 2008 by philgyford
CrashPlan – Automatic Offsite Backup » Features - Tech Specs
Another online backup thing, to backup to your own machine elsewhere or (for a subscription) to their server.
backups  backup  mac  software  onlinebackup 
december 2008 by philgyford

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