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The Electric Typewriter
I was wondering about long and/or "classic" articles/essays that are available online, and this looks like a good collection.
october 2019 by philgyford
James Meek · It’s already happened: The NHS Goes Private · LRB 22 September 2011
Long, good, interesting, righteous-anger-inducing article about the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, and how the service compares to other options. I am struggling not to swear.
lrb  jamesmeek  nhs  politics  uk  healthcare  articles  from delicious
october 2011 by philgyford
Cool Tools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever
Kevin Kelly is asking people to recommend the best magazine articles ever written. Too much good stuff to read. Excellent.
kevinkelly  cooltools  magazines  articles 
july 2010 by philgyford
Give Me Something To Read
"Selections from among the most frequently bookmarked articles on Instapaper."
reading  instapaper  articles 
june 2009 by philgyford
Changing the short username in Leopard | Macworld
This was very useful after Migration Assistant insisted I couldn't have the same username on my new MacBook as on my old PowerBook. Grrrr.
macworld  danfrakes  macosx  mac  osx  username  shortname  leopard  articles 
november 2008 by philgyford
LRB · Mark Greif: You’ll Love the Way It Makes You Feel
Great article on 'Mad Men', nailing some (but not all) of the things that annoy me about it. But so many people rave about it, despite all this, that we're going to try again...
madmen  tv  lrb  markgreif  articles 
october 2008 by philgyford
The Atlantic Online | November 2008 | The Things He Carried | Jeffrey Goldberg
Describing how easy it is to get stuff past US airline security. "Security theatre": it's all just for show. (via everywhere)
articles  atlanticmonthly  theatlantic  airlines  security  jeffreygoldberg  tsa  terrorism 
october 2008 by philgyford
David Foster Wallace (Harper's Magazine)
Harper's have put all their DFW writing online. 'Shipping Out' is one of my favourite reads. (via Kottke)
via:kottke  davidfosterwallace  harpers  articles  essays 
september 2008 by philgyford
Crooked Timber » » Globollocks Watch
I like the "objective" scoring of articles. I want to do something similar to calculate genuine "newsworthiness"... +1 per person killed, +1 per million dollars stolen, etc. (via Nick Sweeney)
news  rating  ranking  globalisation  articles  via:nicksweeney 
september 2007 by philgyford
LRB | Rosemary Hill : Keep Calm
An account of the Co-operative Correspondence Club (early 20C women's letter-writing distribution network). Also rather moving as the century continues and the women age.
lrb  articles  letters  writing  correspondence  club  women  aging  rosemaryhill 
july 2007 by philgyford
Starting out: Creatives clued in to 'Generation C' | Small Business | Business | Money | Telegraph
Schulze & Webb getting some press coverage. I can't even imagine what Matt and Jack will be doing in years to come.
schulzeandwebb  mattwebb  jackschulze  telegraph  dailytelegraph  articles 
july 2007 by philgyford
How children lost the right to roam in four generations | the Daily Mail
Interesting graphic showing one family's increasing restrictions on their children's freedom, over four generations. I wonder how child abduction rates have changed over a similar period. (via Boing Boing)
dailymail  children  map  articles  via:boingboing 
june 2007 by philgyford
This time, only world class will do - Building Design
"If Milton Court on the Barbican Estate must go, its replacement has to be much, much better." Current plans are very dull and, worse, destroy the current walkway link to the Barbican and surrounding buildings.
miltoncourt  barbican  articles  buildingdesign  architecture  london 
april 2007 by philgyford
John Sentamu: Face to faith | Guardian daily comment | Guardian Unlimited
The Archbishop of York on how ethics are not the same as feelings, law, social norms or religion, and how ethics in business are important. Also, I hadn't noticed comments on Guardian articles before (in tiny tiny text).
guardian  johnsentamu  business  ethics  articles 
january 2007 by philgyford
LRB | Jonathan Lear : Can the virtuous person exist in the modern world?
More ethics, morality, philosophy stuff for me to delve into one mythical day when I have loads more time to read books. (Subscribers only)
lrb  articles  jonathanlear  ethics  moralism  truth  philosophy  alasdairmacintyre 
november 2006 by philgyford
Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | Steve Rose on the renaissance of the Brunswick Centre
And the history of the its birth. It looks lovely now, and could only be improved by the reappearance of Skoob Books and by calling it the "Brunswick Centre" instead of the "Brunswick". Stupid pointless re-branding. (via Blech)
brunswickcentre  brunswickcenter  brunswick  london  architecture  brutalism  concrete  shopping  guardian  articles  steverose  patrickhodgkinson  via:blech 
october 2006 by philgyford
Comment is free: Religions don't deserve special treatment
It's a shame this needs saying, but still, great stuff. "It is time to refuse to tip-toe around people who claim respect, consideration, special treatment, or any other kind of immunity, on the grounds that they have a religious faith." (via Haddock)
acgrayling  commentisfree  guardian  religion  articles  via:haddock 
october 2006 by philgyford
Wallflower at the Web Party - New York Times
Why Friendster floundered. I love reading technology failure (or not quite success) stories. (via ChrisDodo)
articles  nytimes  friendster  jonathanabrams  google  socialnetworking  via:chrisdodo 
october 2006 by philgyford
How to Read - Nick Hornby
"If you don't read the classics, or the novel that won this year's Booker Prize, then nothing bad will happen to you; more importantly, nothing good will happen to you if you do" (via Kottke)
articles  telegraph  nickhornby  reading  books  literature  via:kottke 
september 2006 by philgyford
The New York Review of Books: The Case for Decency
"The belief in unity that has fueled so many utopian dreams is an effort to reconcile the irreconcilable that ends in repression. Berlin suggests we renounce this venerable faith, and learn how to live with intractable conflict." (Subscribers only)
johngray  isaiahberlin  philosophy  politics  conflict  freedom  articles  nyrb 
september 2006 by philgyford
The New York Review of Books: Cosmopolitans
Ethics, identity, violence, justice. "Why do we succumb so readily to appeals based on the irrational forms of identity -- ethnic, racial, religious -- rather than to appeals based on the rational forms -- economic above all?"
ethics  justice  identity  violence  articles  alanryan  kwameanthonyappiah  amartyasen  marthacnussbaum  nyrb 
august 2006 by philgyford :: View topic - milton court
Building Design article about the proposed replacement of the Barbican's Milton Court building ("43 storey residential tower"!), and the resistance to the plans.
buildingdesign  articles  barbican  miltoncourt  willhurst 
august 2006 by philgyford
Roger Federer as Religious Experience - Tennis - New York Times
I have no interest in sport but David Foster Wallace always makes tennis fascinating. Not that I've got round to reading this yet. (via Kottke)
davidfosterwallace  dfw  tennis  rogerfederer  articles  nytimes  newyorktimes  via:kottke 
august 2006 by philgyford
LRB | David Edgar : Stalking Out
Review of a John Osborne biography with lots of interesting history about 1950s/60s London theatre, especially 'Look Back in Anger', Stratford East, and the Royal Court, and whether theatre was shaken up or not.
davidedgar  lrb  articles  theatre  theater  london  lookbackinanger  johnosborne  royalcourt  stratfordeast  1950s  1960s 
august 2006 by philgyford
LRB | E.S. Turner : Catchers in the Rye
Interesting article about the history of animal and human traps (subscribers only).
lrb  articles  traps  esturner 
august 2006 by philgyford
The New York Review of Books: Progressive but Not Liberal
I love stuff like this - moralism, justice, etc. But I can rarely concentrate enough to understand it fully. Subscribers only.
nyrb  articles  thomasnagel  moralism  justice  michaeljsandel  morality  politics 
august 2006 by philgyford
LRB | Tom Shippey : The Most Learned Man in Europe
Interesting summary of the history of libraries in Western Europe. (Subscribers only.)
libraries  europe  books  anglosaxon  history  lrb  articles  tomshippey 
june 2006 by philgyford
A List Apart: Articles: The Four-Day Week Challenge
Excellent article on restricting the hours you work. "And then it hit me: there will always be more to do." Realising this is a big step.
work  business  ryancarson  alistapart  articles 
june 2006 by philgyford
Guardian Unlimited | Family | Family Forum: How eccentric are your people?
I thought this would be horrendously cloying but it was actually really funny.
articles  sayings  family  guardian  traditions 
june 2006 by philgyford
Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Confessions of a virtual virgin
Newspaperman Roy Greenslade on coming to terms with being a blogger, and what journalists must now accept and learn.
guardian  articles  blogging  weblogs  roygreenslade  journalism  journalists 
june 2006 by philgyford
Guardian Unlimited | The Guide | Jacques Peretti: History in the remaking
The commodification of our childhood memories. "Once they start making programmes about your youth, you may as well kill yourself with a spiked ball, preferably while wearing rollerskates."
guardian  articles  jacquesperetti  nostalgia  memories  childhood  tv 
june 2006 by philgyford
The New York Review of Books: City Lights
Review of Tristram Hunt's 'Building Jerusalem: The Rise and Fall of the Victorian City'. Were things better when wealthy Victorians did things for the plebs? (Subscribers only unfortunately)
nyrb  newyorkreview  victorian  history  articles  city  cities  uk  philanthropy  class 
june 2006 by philgyford
Variety's Festivals & Markets - Stillman seeing 'Green'
Whit Stillman's starting work on a new film. About time!
whitstillman  articles  films  movies 
may 2006 by philgyford
The Observer | OMM | A northern soul
Paul Morley on the Manchester and Liverpool punk scenes from 1976 and beyond. I always find his excitement infectious. (via Ted Mills)
music  manchester  liverpool  articles  punk  paulmorley 
may 2006 by philgyford
LRB | Rose George : Diary
Subscribers-only or pay-for, but an interesting account of going into London's sewers. She's working on a book about human waste...
lrb  rosegeorge  london  sewers  underground  articles  clerkenwell 
may 2006 by philgyford
The New York Review of Books: Summoning the Spirits
Fascinating article about Victorian mediums, spirit photographers etc. (subscribers only)
mediums  occult  victorian  articles  lucsante  spirits  photography 
may 2006 by philgyford
The New York Review of Books: Jimmy Carter & the Culture of Death
Lots of bits in this review of Carter's book 'Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis' that I circled.
jimmycarter  morals  ethics  usa  america  articles  nyrb  garrywills 
may 2006 by philgyford
The New York Review of Books: The Way to a Fair Deal
Interesting review of Benjamin M. Friedman's 'The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth' (subscribers only).
economics  morals  ethics  benjaminmfriedman  nyrb  articles  jeffmadrick  growth 
may 2006 by philgyford
The New York Review of Books: The Coming Meltdown
I underlined this review of two books on environmental disaster when I read it. Not sure why now, but still.
nyrb  environment  ice  books  articles  billmckibben  climatechange 
may 2006 by philgyford
LRB | Steven Shapin : At the Amsterdam
Review of two books on the history of coffee houses. A fascinating summary of how lively, interesting and important they were. (Subscribers only unfortunately.)
cofeehouses  coffee  coffeeshops  lrb  articles 
april 2006 by philgyford
Has Futurism Failed?
Good long summary of the history of futurism (not the art movement) and the state of the industry now. (via Blackbeltjones)
futurism  futurology  futures  articles 
april 2006 by philgyford
The Observer | Review | Divine inspiration
Scroll down to various arty types talking about how they get inspired. (via City of Sound)
inspiration  observer  articles 
march 2006 by philgyford
BBC News | Entertainment | Cult poet Ivor Cutler dies at 83
I missed this earlier in the week. I'm glad we went to see him a couple of years back, although I feared I wouldn't see him again. Bye bye Ivor.
ivorcutler  articles  news  poet 
march 2006 by philgyford
Bay Area / Out of the retail rat race / Consumer group doesn't buy notion that new is better
The Compact - 50 people who have committed to buy nothing new ("except food, health and safety items and underwear") in 2006. (via Boing Boing)
compact  thecompact  environment  consumerism  articles  bayarea 
february 2006 by philgyford
C90 Go: Number 1
Reminiscing about music taped from 1988/89's Festive Fifities. Very familiar: I taped the same. I'm an individual like everyone else. (Found when searching for 'Convenience' by Bob.)
music  articles  johnpeel  festivefifties  festivefifty  festive50 
november 2005 by philgyford
The Observer | Magazine | Just Say 'No'
Scarily close to the bone. I have "no" down to a far-too-instant reflex response. (via Annie Feighery)
newpuritans  articles  observer  puritanism 
october 2005 by philgyford
BBC NEWS | UK | England | Bristol/Somerset | Fire hits Wallace and Gromit sets
Makes me sad, as if a tiny piece of my own posessions have gone up in smoke. Commiserations, Aards folk.
aardman  aardmananimations  articles  wallaceandgromit  bristol 
october 2005 by philgyford
Fads are so yesterday - Los Angeles Times
On how "coolhunters" are doing. I find the whole trend-spotting-in-order-to-sell-more-stuff thing pretty sickening. (via Boing Boing)
articles  trendspotting  futurism  futures  coolhunting  trends 
october 2005 by philgyford Keeping Your Life in Subversion
Using Subversion to backup all your files, and sync them among different machines. (via Tim)
subversion  svn  backups  versioncontrol  articles 
october 2005 by philgyford
The Believer - Interview with Jonathan Haidt
On whether moral judgements are based on reason. Not sure how much of it I agree with, but it's interesting.
articles  thebeliever  believermag  jonathanhaidt  morals  moralvalues  philosophy  psychology 
october 2005 by philgyford
Wired News: The Future Needs Futurists
On the need for professionalising futurism. (via Annie)
wired  futures  futurism  futurology  articles  wirednews  andyhines  apf  uhcl 
october 2005 by philgyford
Suddenly, Those Solar Panels Don't Look So 1970's - New York Times
I was thinking/hoping that solar energy companies must have bright futures. (via Annie)
solarpower  alternativeenergy  business  articles  energy 
september 2005 by philgyford
Preview of the new Guardian Berliner format. I'm probably more excited than I should be.
guardian  newspaper  berliner  articles  design 
september 2005 by philgyford
LRB | letters from Vol. 27 No. 15
The first letter describes how US corruption in Iraq is a direct descendant of the US corruption in Vietnam.
articles  iraq  america  corruption  vietnam 
august 2005 by philgyford
LRB | Ed Harriman : Where has all the money gone?
Excellent but despair-inducing article outlining some of the mind-boggling corruption in post-invasion Iraq.
articles  iraq  america  corruption 
august 2005 by philgyford
oe magazine - photofakery
Guide to spotting fake photos (via Yoz via Kottke)
photos  articles  photography 
august 2005 by philgyford
Bad to the Last Drop - New York Times
Tom Standage on why you're an idiot if you buy bottled water when you could drink tap water.
tomstandage  water  newyorktimes  articles  bottledwater  tapwater 
august 2005 by philgyford
BBC News | Technology | Uproar grows over GTA sex scenes
Sex scenes require a *higher* rating than blasting innocent people with a variety of weapons!? Weird Americans. (via Anne Galloway)
gta  grandtheftauto  grandtheftautosanandreas  articles  sex  violence  gtasa 
july 2005 by philgyford
B3TA : Features : How to Poach an Egg
I tried the cling-film method last night - worked, although it's a little tricky to extract the egg intact.
food  cooking  eggs  articles 
july 2005 by philgyford
Wage Slaves from 1UP.COM
I'm always amazed by this kind of stuff: people paid peanuts in Asia to earn money in computer games (via Yoz).
games  articles  mmorpg  sweatshops  farming  gaming 
july 2005 by philgyford
BBC Sport | London beats Paris to 2012 Games
Bugger. If only there was some way one could opt out of paying for this nonsense, or put my money toward something actually useful.
olympics  articles 
july 2005 by philgyford
The knowledge: Euan Semple - Inside Knowledge
Interesting article about the philosophy of the BBC's head of knowledge management.
articles  euansemple  bbc  knowledgemanagement 
june 2005 by philgyford
LRB | Patrick Wright : Cubist Slugs
Particularly for the first two-thirds, outlining the fascinating art-influenced history of early camouflage. Worth a read.
camouflage  lrb  londonreviewofbooks  articles 
june 2005 by philgyford
Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Love letter to Broadway
Richard Eyre on 'Guys and Dolls'. I *love* 'Guys and Dolls'.
articles  guysanddolls  theatre 
may 2005 by philgyford
Armando Iannucci - That’s enough entertainment, thanks - Telegraph - 2004-04-12
How we'll never read/see/hear everything we want to, and how we should cope with that. Too. Much. Stuff.
articles  armandoiannucci  media 
may 2005 by philgyford
LRB | James Meek : Crocodile's Breath
Fascinating book review of 'The Subterranean Railway', about the London Underground.
articles  tube  underground  books 
may 2005 by philgyford
The Observer | UK News | Rising number of greens ditch cheap air travel
Me too. I get twitchy when I see people taking lots of flights because everyone else will have to pay in the end.
articles  environment 
may 2005 by philgyford
BBC NEWS | Magazine | I'll show you mine...
I wrote an article about Flickr for the BBC News 'Magazine'. More later, no time now.
philgyford  bbc  articles  flickr 
march 2005 by philgyford
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | The invisible man
David Nicholls on realising, after eight years as an actor, that he just wasn't very good.
articles  acting  theatre  theater 
march 2005 by philgyford
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