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I won't be saving links to Delicious any more. Head on over to Pinboard if you want to keep seeing new stuff. All my old links are there too.
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october 2011
Last American Who Knew What The Fuck He Was Doing Dies | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Obama: "The reality is none of the 300 million or so Americans who remain can actually get anything done or make things happen. Those days are over."
onion  stevejobs  from delicious
october 2011
Astrogator’s Logs » Blog Archive » If They Come, It Might Get Built
"If we launch starships, whether of exploration or settlement, they won’t be conquerors; they will be worse off than the Polynesians on their catamarans, the losses will be heavy and their state at planetfall won’t resemble anything depicted in Hollywood SF." (via Futurismic)
athenaandreadis  overlinks  spavetravel  futures  via:futurismic  from delicious
october 2011
Melin Maildy
I'm enjoying this blog, chronicling one person preparing to make and sell things they knit. Suppliers, materials, processes, etc. (via @hiutdenim)
manufacturing  melinmaildy  knitting  via:hiutdenim  craft  from delicious
october 2011
Street Fashion Photography Is Messing With Me « Thought Catalog
Ha, very good. My memories of photos on these blogs does collapse into: women in casually very little; women in expensive smartness; men, usually older, in odd combinations.
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october 2011
Django Deployment Workshop by Jacob Kaplan-Moss
This looks good. A three hour video tutorial about deploying Django, "including Amazon's EC2 and S3, Fabric, Varnish, nginx, mod_wsgi, memcached, PostgreSQL, pgpool, pg_standby, and more." I just need to find three spare hours now.
django  webdevelopment  jacobkaplanmoss  from delicious
october 2011
00:/Blog - Silicon Roundabout’s ‘Start-up City’
Ugh. How do you take the really ugly Old Street roundabout and make it even more ugly and hideous and somewhere you really wouldn't want to be? Like this! (via @antimega)
siliconroundabout  shoreditch  advertising  spacestation  via:antimega  from delicious
october 2011
A New Season of Arrested Development?! - TV News at IGN
Ooh, exciting. Director and cast have confirmed a new short season to be shot next summer, along with the long-promised movie. Backing not certain yet though. (via @secretbean)
arresteddevelopment  tv  via:secretbean  from delicious
october 2011
The Best (and Worst) of Django
A presentation covering a few things to do or avoid. Bookmarking it mainly for the settings bit at the end, something I should do better, like this.
jacobkaplanmoss  django  webdevelopment  presentations  from delicious
october 2011
Pinboard/Fandom OTP - Renaming tags
A way to rename any/all of your tags on Pinboard using Python. (via @pinboard)
pinboard  python  webdevelopment  via:pinboard  from delicious
october 2011
James Meek · It’s already happened: The NHS Goes Private · LRB 22 September 2011
Long, good, interesting, righteous-anger-inducing article about the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, and how the service compares to other options. I am struggling not to swear.
lrb  jamesmeek  nhs  politics  uk  healthcare  articles  from delicious
october 2011
Infovore » A quick guide to Inspector Spacetime
A lovely account of an amazing runaway myth created by fans out of a single throwaway joke in an episode of 'Community'.
tomarmitage  community  tv  inspectorspacetime  from delicious
september 2011
A Story of GameLayers, Inc.
Justin Hall's lengthy account of starting, running and then closing his startup GameLayers. A good read. (via @jah)
via:jah  startups  business  justinhall  from delicious
september 2011
The Army Rumour Service
Next in my occasional series titled "I love good forums dedicated to particular careers." This one's about the British army. (via Soldier Systems)
forums  army  uk  via:soldiersystems  proforums  from delicious
september 2011
BBC Dimensions: How Many Really?
Lovely thing from BERG that "compares the number of people involved in key historical events or situations to the people you know through Facebook or Twitter." Very good.
berg  bbc  history  visualisation  from delicious
september 2011
LR-iTunes – Lightroom to iTunes plug-in - John Beardsworth
A handy, free Adobe Lightroom plugin that makes it simple to export albums of photos to a folder that iTunes can then sync with your iPhone/iPad.
johnbeardsworth  lightroom  itunes  iphone  ipad  photos  plugins  from delicious
september 2011
Organize anything, together. | Trello
Really, really nicely done web app for managing tasks, lists, projects, teams, collaboration.
fogcreek  todo  lists  projectplanning  from delicious
september 2011
The Floodwaters Rise
Jason Scott has been busy importing loads of old computer magazines into Internet Archive. Great stuff (and a great job!).
internetarchive  jasonscott  archiving  magazines  history  from delicious
september 2011
[Noisebridge-discuss] update on the shrine!
Brilliant email from Danny O'Brien about the San Francisco hacker space Noisebridge's problems with a lama using one of their rooms for meditation.
dannyobrien  noisebridge  from delicious
september 2011
Our Universities: How Bad? How Good? by Peter Brooks | The New York Review of Books
I'm not sure why I keep finding these articles about universities so interesting. Maybe because it's so hard to pin down what they're *for*, never mind how to achieve that.
education  universities  nybooks  nyrb  marthanussbaum  usa  peterbrooks  from delicious
september 2011
The Mad Men Account by Daniel Mendelsohn | The New York Review of Books
"…even as it invites us to be shocked by what it's showing us, it keeps eroticizing what it's showing us too." Yes, all this. I've never understood why the show's supposed to be great.
madmen  nybooks  nyrb  danielmendelsohn  from delicious
september 2011
James Lasdun · Diary: Police procedurals · LRB 8 September 2011
Really interesting account by a curious writer of using a (US) police department's Firearms Training Simulator. (Subscribers only)
jameslasdun  police  guns  firearms  firearmstrainingsimulator  lrb  from delicious
september 2011
Custom Fit Jeans by Sam & Leona — Kickstarter
Project to make custom-fit jeans for only $60 a pair. I am very sceptical that the material and manufacture can be much good, computerised cutting or not. (via Charles Stross)
jeans  clothes  bespoke  via:charlesstross  from delicious
september 2011
The Wrong Trousers - Charlie's Diary
Charles Stross on his M&S trousers and Scottevest many-pocketed fleece, plus many comments. (via @GreatDismal)
charlesstross  clothes  via:greatdismal  from delicious
september 2011
The New Pants Revue | Beyond The Beyond
Bruce Sterling comparing old and new 5.11 Tactial Pants. I love this SF-writer/fashion crossover point. I tried some of these on recently and they seemed oddly baggy. Maybe I'm too used to jeans. (via @GreatDismal)
brucesterling  trousers  511tacticalpants  511  clothes  via:greatdismal  from delicious
september 2011
Views Differ on Shape of Earth, Climate Edition
How few Americans have any idea what percentage of scientists think climate change is real. Depressing, and why the BBC (and others) shouldn't try to be "balanced" about the issue. (via Daring Fireball)
via:daringfireball  climatechange  environment  kevindrum  from delicious
september 2011
BBC News - A Point of View: The revolution of capitalism
John Gray on how capitalism is destroying the bourgeoisie, and how Marx was right about the evils of capitalism, but wrong about communism being the solution. (via Stellar)
johngray  capitalism  marx  politics  economics  via:stellar  from delicious
september 2011
Teach our kids to code - e-petitions
Not sure if it's just me, but isn't it only tech people who refer to "computer programming" as "coding"? I can imagine many people, those who matter, having no idea what this petition wants. "Coding? Is that about secret codes? Codebreaking?"
petitions  programming  emmamulqueeny  from delicious
september 2011
My speech to the IAAC | Ben Hammersley's Dangerous Precedent
Ben's speech to the UK's Information Assurance Advisory Council on how the world has and is changing, how two generations see it differently, and what it means for security.
benhammersley  security  internet  informationassuranceadvisorycouncil  politics  from delicious
september 2011
Matthew Diffee
I liked the drawing in a 'New Yorker' cartoon of this chap's, Googled him, and lots of his other cartoons are funny too. Nice.
matthewdiffee  cartoons  drawing  illustrations  from delicious
september 2011
Laptop bags > laptop backpacks > STM Bags
Some nice laptop-friendly, pocket-laden backpacks, for future reference. (via Haddock)
via:haddock  backpacks  bags  stm  from delicious
september 2011
Opinion - Image - NYTimes.com
Graphs and charts showing how inequality and household debt in the USA have risen since 1980, especially compared to the more equitable period from 1945-80 (even though productivity was still rising then too). (via Daring Fireball)
via:daringfireball  inequality  economics  usa  robertbreich  politics  from delicious
september 2011
Crossword blog | Crosswords | guardian.co.uk
I don't play crosswords (yet) but I'm really enjoying Alan Connor's crossword blog. Fascinating and funny.
alanconner  crosswords  from delicious
september 2011
Wild things: 16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls | Film | Inventory | The A.V. Club
I'm one of those sensitive boys who has to remind himself when watching these films that the Manic Pixie Dream Girl does not exist. Only in the movies. (via John August)
movies  films  tropes  manicpixiedreamgirls  via:johnaugust  from delicious
september 2011
The Technium: The Futurist's Dilemma
"Any believable prediction will be wrong. Any correct prediction will be unbelievable. ... the sweet spot that science fiction authors aim for" is the point on the cusp of "plausibility and fantasy".
kevinkelly  futures  futurism  overlinks  predictions  from delicious
september 2011
Three different definitions of retirement and the resulting confusion Early Retirement Extreme: — when more time > more money
I'm not sure how accurate or generalisable this is, but I like the suggested generational distinctions between what "retirement" means.
jacoblundfisker  retirement  life  work  generations  from delicious
september 2011
Scott Chacon on the Interwebs - GitHub Flow
How GitHub manage their own git workflow. Sounds good to me. (via Tom Taylor)
git  github  process  workflows  via:tomtaylor  webdevelopment  scottchacon  from delicious
september 2011
Pret A Manger, With New Fast-Food Ideas, Gains a Foothold in United States - NYTimes.com
That Taco Bell article reminded me of this one about Pret A Manger from a month ago, about how they motivate their staff.
business  pretamanger  fastfood  from delicious
september 2011
Taco Bell and the Golden Age of Drive-Thru - BusinessWeek
On the processes and efficiencies in fast food restaurant kitchens. I had no idea 70% of US fast-food business was drive-thrus. (via Tom Taylor)
tacobell  via:tomtaylor  fastfood  business  process  karltarogreenfeld  from delicious
september 2011
Charlie's Diary: The High Frontier, Redux
Charles Stross on why space colonisation is a ridiculous idea. Colonising our own deserts and oceans is much, much easier but we're in no rush to do that. (via Tom Taylor)
via:tomtaylor  charlesstross  overlinks  futures  spacecolonisation  space  from delicious
september 2011
Wa-ben - The Wallet
William Gibson's wallet, made of Cuben Fiber CT9K.5. (via @GreatDismal)
williamgibson  cubenfiber  via:greatdismal  wallets  from delicious
september 2011
Jezdez/django_compressor - GitHub
"Combines and compresses linked and inline Javascript or CSS in a Django templates into cacheable static files by using the compress template tag." Can work with Sass CSS I believe.
django  webdevelopment  css  javascript  jezdez  jannisleidel  sass  from delicious
september 2011
Compass Home | Compass Documentation
"An open-source CSS Authoring Framework" which uses Sass. There's always more to learn.
webdevelopment  css  sass  from delicious
september 2011
Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets
"Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more." Compiles sass files into CSS files.
webdevelopment  css  sass  from delicious
september 2011
Populations: End of history and the last woman | The Economist
Taking projections of declining birth rates literally results in Hong Kong's population dying out in 2798, Brazil by year 5000.
population  demographics  economist  futures  overlinks  future  from delicious
august 2011
Ulmon Offline Maps and Tourist Travel City Maps & Guides
Meant to link to this a while back. CityMaps2Go was a really nice offline map viewer for iPhone while I was on holiday. Vector-based, so good detail, and no roaming charges.
maps  iphone  mapping  from delicious
august 2011
Red Maps
Some nice looking (printed, not electronic) city maps. (via @antimega)
maps  via:antimega  from delicious
august 2011
Making the Perfect Listing - Gidsy
A very nice guide to how to list something on this "community marketplace". Scroll down and things move... (via @mattb)
webdesign  gidsy  from delicious
august 2011
The Grim Threat to British Universities by Simon Head | The New York Review of Books
A description of the business-derived practices now standard in UK universities, alluded to in the previously-linked LRB article, including the Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicators and Research Assessment Exercise.
education  universities  uk  simonhead  nyrb  balancedscorecard  keyperformanceindicators  researchassessmentexercise  from delicious
august 2011
Stefan Collini · From Robbins to McKinsey: The Dismantling of the Universities · LRB 25 August 2011
On the higher education White Paper: The gradual movement of responsibility for higher education within government towards business departments; the tortuous attempts to balance a free market and a command economy; the odd language ("the mission-statement present", "the dogmatic future tense"); that studying something often isn't wholly enjoyable; that choosing a university "cannot primarily be price-sensitive, adaptive, feedback-governed consumer behaviour"; the 1963 Robbins Report's emphasis on intellectual inquiry rather than "meeting the needs of employers."
stefancollini  lrb  education  politics  uk  universities  from delicious
august 2011
Xdissent/ievms - GitHub
"Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines." So you can test web stuff in IE on your Mac. (via Tom Taylor)
via:tomtaylor  internetexplorer  webdevelopment  windows  macosx  from delicious
august 2011
How can safety at advanced stop zones be improved for cyclists? | Jorren Knibbe | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Interesting if you're a little too obsessed with cars and cyclists who break the law at junctions. I hadn't realised cars are allowed to stop in ASZs if they're already there when the light turns red.
jorrenknibbe  cycling  uk  traffic  advancedstopzones  asz  trafficlights  from delicious
august 2011
Vincent van Gogh The Letters
When the (£450) book of letters came out I thought "that'd make a great website." I didn't imagine anything as good as this. Amazing, beautiful stuff. (via @holgate)
via:holgate  art  vangogh  letters  annotation  from delicious
august 2011
What was daily life like before almost everyone had cell phones? - Quora
I love the responses to this question. I remember it all of course, and it's not that long ago, but it still seems like another world. (via @tomcoates)
via:tomcoates  cellphones  mobilephones  quora  phones  telephones  from delicious
august 2011
Voices Of East Anglia: Inside the Oxford Street HMV Store in the Sixties
Lots of great photos of what it used to look like. I love that sweeping staircase. (via @antimega)
hmv  via:antimega  oxfordstreet  london  photos  1960s  from delicious
august 2011
First Watch: The Decemberists, 'Calamity Song' : All Songs Considered Blog : NPR
Music video based on the Eschaton tennis scene from David Foster Wallace's novel 'Infinite Jest'. Totally. Awe. Some. My insides have been touched all over.
infinitejest  thedecemberists  music  davidfosterwallace  calamitysong  eschaton  from delicious
august 2011
Camelbak Urban Assault Pack Preview
For future reference. Looks like a nice backpack that's thankfully less military than its silly name suggests.
bags  camelbak  backpacks  from delicious
august 2011
Golden Grid System
This looks very nice. Making a stretchable grid for web pages, that changes the number of columns depending on the page width. I want to play with this. (via Waxy)
jonikorpi  via:waxy  grids  webdesign  webdevelopment  css  frameworks  from delicious
august 2011
Scripting Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby - Hyperpolyglot
Handy comparison of features of Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby, for when my brain has trouble switching. (via Kottke)
python  php  perl  ruby  via:kottke  webdevelopment  from delicious
august 2011
Fleet street fox: 43 and never been spanked.
Other people have made similar points, but it bears repeating over and over. That Gove and co can get away with stealing taxpayers' money while normal people get months in prison for doing very little is obscene. (via @megpickard)
michaelgove  uk  politics  riots  via:megpickard  from delicious
august 2011
The Living City (1970) - YouTube
I haven't watched it all yet, but looks interesting: a 1970 half hour film about the post-war rebuilding of the City of London, from the London Metropolitan Archives.
london  architecture  cities  urbanism  from delicious
august 2011
Martin Woodhouse - Telegraph
"Martin Woodhouse, who has died aged 78, was a psychologist and medic, but worked variously as a novelist, scriptwriter, engineer, programmer, government planner, artificial intelligence researcher and perfumer." That's a life.  (via Infovore)
martinwoodhouse  obituaries  via:infovore  artificialintelligence  theavengers  supercar  from delicious
august 2011
Stop Coddling the Super-Rich - NYTimes.com
Billionaire Jim Andrews in 'Doonesbury' won't be pleased when he reads Warren Buffett's latest article.
warrenbuffett  tax  economics  politics  usa  from delicious
august 2011
Why Twitter’s Oral Culture Irritates Bill Keller (and why this is an important issue) | technosociology
Very good, and worth some time. On how Twitter is conversation, and how that compares with written language that some people are concerned is threatened by social media. (via @blech)
zeyneptufekci  twitter  conversation  technology  language  billkeller  via:blech  from delicious
august 2011
Twitpic, Twitter, Lockerz, YFrog, Mobypic – good or bad? | Jon Boyes - Photographer - blog
A comparison of the T&Cs of five Twitter-oriented image hosting sites. Avoid Twitter, Lockerz and Twitpic; use YFrog or Mobypic.
twitter  twitpic  lockerz  yfrog  mobypic  jonboyes  photography  copyright  licensing  from delicious
august 2011
'I have lived over half of my life' | Society | The Observer
"I felt like something beautiful was rushing at me, moving past and around me at breakneck speed, and I couldn’t gather it in and I didn’t want to see it go." All this, although the end of the article feels dully clichéd.
midlifecrisis  mirandasawyer  affluenza  from delicious
august 2011
The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom – Telegraph Blogs
I've read lots of good things about the many causes of the riots. But I can't help but think they all come back to this kind of thing. I am fucking angry. (via everyone)
peteroborne  politics  uk  morality  from delicious
august 2011
BBC News - One word we don't hear enough: 'Erm'
From January 2010, Michael Blastland shows how wrong the Bank of England's GDP projection fan charts can be. (Also, that daft "The face of uncertainty..." stock photo and caption is priceless.)
michaelblastland  economics  bankofengland  gdp  forecasting  futures  overlinks  futurism  graphs  from delicious
august 2011
Hackney London Riots | Stylenoir
A decent report and photos by a style mag from the London riots, #2. (via @catfunt)
london  via:catfunt  londonriots  hackney  stylnoir  riots  from delicious
august 2011
The Battle of Mare Street « Viceland.com
A decent report and photos by a style mag from the London riots, #1. (via @alanconnor)
via:alanconnor  viceland  londonriots  london  hackney  marestreet  from delicious
august 2011
How to Build a Newsroom Time Machine
A student journalism class puts together a newspaper using manual typewriters, scalpels, glue, analogue photography, etc. Sounds like a good exercise and not just because I'm old(ish). (via Waxy)
via:waxy  news  newspapers  journalism  technology  from delicious
august 2011
Crazy Walls
Cataloguing the walls covered in photos, newspaper clippings, string, etc by obsessive men in movies and TV shows. Because no one else seems to have done this yet.
philgyford  tv  movies  walls  crazywalls  from delicious
august 2011
Planning Application Details - 149-157 Whitecross Street, EC1Y
For turning half of the row of empty buildings on Whitecross Street into four commercial units and nine flats, in a  faux Victorian/Georgian style.
london  whitecrossstreet  ec1  planningapplications  from delicious
august 2011
Alternatives to the Singularity - "Google Docs"
"A collaborative presentation for/by grumpy futurists" (via @yoz)
futures  futurism  via:yoz  presentations  overlinks  from delicious
august 2011
A Billion Dollars Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? Basic Human Decency (TechCrunch)
Yes, good, read. Just because dotcom folks might be lovely, and their site may, on balance, be a good thing, they're still a business trying to raise as much money as possible, not a charity trying to make the world a better place.
paulcarr  business  techcrunch  test1  test5  test2  test6  from delicious
july 2011
4 key pieces of audience engagement missing from Andy Rutledge’s news redux
Also, Martin Belam's good critique of Andy Rutledge's unofficial redesign of a New York Times page.
design  news  webdesign  newspapers  martinbelam  from delicious
july 2011
Design View / Andy Rutledge - News Redux
For completeness, I might as well link to the post that started this flurry of digital news design posts, Andy Rutledge's attempt to redesign a page of the New York Times.
news  design  newspapers  nytimes  webdesign  anyrutledge  from delicious
july 2011
Redesigning And Re-Thinking The News | Drawar
More new stuff on redesigning news websites. This is all part of a good discussion, but it doesn't feel like we've moved on much. Yet. (via Daring Fireball)
via:daringfireball  news  scrivs  design  webdesign  newspapers  from delicious
july 2011
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