Planet parts: Global data streams
"Near-realtime Earth observation resources" A good collection, for future reference.
data  charlieloyd  climate  earth  weather  maps 
7 days ago
Notes on some artefacts | The Monthly
"It is impossible to say whether this is a bot account, though, because conservatives appear to be modelling their online presences on bots." Good stuff. Like pointing out how much stuff around now is Gibson-esque.
richardcooke  internet  futures  overlinks  politics  usa  twitter 
7 days ago
The Online Photographer: Best Comment Ever
“The endless upgrade cycle, the more and more laborious and tedious mastery of imaging software, the solid belief in technical improvement and control as a means to achieve success, all of this leads one further and further away from any possibility of making original or authentic work.”
theonlinephotographer  photography  technology 
12 days ago
Crotch Shots Galore | by Joan Acocella | The New York Review of Books
I don't know much about the history of musicals or Bob Fosse and this was an interesting read.
nybooks  nyrb  bobfosse  musicals  theatre  movies  joanacocella 
4 weeks ago
Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
Clay's 2003 ETech talk about online communities is still a good read.
clayshirky  community  etech 
4 weeks ago
General Magic: Oral History of the Influential Tech Company
"Oral history" seems to mean "interviews broken into tiny snippets to give the impression of a conversation" but this excerpt of a book is still good. I remember that interface from an early Wired article.
apple  generalmagic  siliconvalley  history  oralhistories  adamfisher 
4 weeks ago
Making <time> safe for historians - QuirksBlog
Detailed and fascinating look at the issues with trying to make the time HTML element work for dates hundreds or thousands of years old. (via:tominsam)
ppk  peterpaulkoch  html  webdevelopment  history  via:tominsam 
4 weeks ago
American-on-American Action Abroad: Sorry For Travel Writing At You
"Watching two British people run into one another in America is a wholly different type of delight, like watching two grifters trying to run the same scam in a small town instantly clock one another and freeze during a game of high-stakes poker."
america  travel 
5 weeks ago
How did you find your passion? - career work motivation | Ask MetaFilter
A great answer (from 2008) that's realistic and emphasises that you don't need to (sometimes shouldn't) turn your passion, if you even have one, into your career.
askmefi  passion  theatre  acting  work  life  grumblebee 
5 weeks ago
Olympus PEN-F
Purely because it's a lovely review of a camera. Nicely written, detailed without being nerdy-in-a-bad-way, and open to a change of mind.
photography  olympus  penf  cameras  mariusmasalar 
6 weeks ago
BBC - Press Office - Studio fast facts
2002 press release about the BBCi studio. (via @mattb)
via:mattb  bbc  bbci 
6 weeks ago
Joel Simon - Evolving Floorplans
I really like this idea, and the results, as a first experiment with something. (via Kottke)
architecture  joelsimon  via:kottke 
6 weeks ago
that unsolvable lack
Interesting background about celebrity PR,and thoughts on that profile of Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP (looked from this piece).
annehelenpetersen  gwynethpaltrow  goop 
7 weeks ago
Stacking the Bricks: How the Blog Broke the Web
I don't agree with this - that the chronological format, and blogging software - somehow "broke" what was good about the early web, but it's still interesting to consider.
blogging  web  amyhoy 
8 weeks ago
What Cracking Open a Sonos One Tells Us About the Sonos IPO
Comparing the innards of a Sonos One with an Amazon Echo Plus. Surprisingly fascinating.
sonos  amazon  hardware  beneinstein 
8 weeks ago
Retirement Investing Today: Resignation in
I've been reading RIT for a few years and, after One More Year or two, he's retired. Good work.
10 weeks ago
You don’t have to live in public
Lots of good advice about working (as opposed to living) in public online.
austinkleon  work  life  socialmedia 
10 weeks ago
All Things Linguistic
A blog about linguistics, by Gretchen McCulloch, focusing on the net and space and that kind of thing. Loads of fascinating posts. (via Ask MeFi)
gretchenmcculloch  via:askmefi  linguistics  blogs 
10 weeks ago
"Blot is a blogging platform with no interface. It creates a special folder in your Dropbox and publishes files you put inside." (via Warren Ellis)
via:warrenellis  blogging 
10 weeks ago
Vintage Home Plans
A tumblr of artists' impressions and floor plans for "20th century houses from around the world".
11 weeks ago
Retrobatch, from Flying Meat
Really nice batch image processing tool for Mac. I love the visual workflows.
software  mac  macosx 
12 weeks ago
CSS Grid Layout Interface Builder | LayoutIt!
Very nifty thing for constructing a grid and getting the HTML and CSS for it using CSS Grid. (via FaveJet)
via:favejet  css  webdevelopment 
12 weeks ago
Tapes - The Mckenzie Tapes
Lots of digitised cassettes of rock gigs in New York from the '80s and '90s. It'd be nice to have a list of artists, but I'm getting picky. (via Things Magazine)
music  newyork  via:thingsmagazine 
june 2018
django-bakery documentation
“A set of helpers for baking your Django site out as flat files” made and used by the LA Times Data Desk. (via Simon Willison)
django  webdevelopment  via:simonwillison 
june 2018
Mithering about the unmodellable
On the difficulties of modelling how Parliament works, and the pros and cons of doing so. (via @markhurrell)
via:markhurrell  michaelsmethurst  parliament  webdevelopment  uk 
june 2018
D3.js Charts: Towards Updatable Code | Toptal
A useful variant on the D3.js modular pattern, allowing you to pass updated data (or other things) into an already-rendered chart.
d3  javascript  webdevelopment  robmoore 
june 2018
Modernist Architecture: The Barbican Complex: Exploring London's Radiant City
Nice picture essay about the place. Helped that he had good weather!
barbican  darrenbradley 
june 2018
How is this speedrun possible? Super Mario Bros. World Record Explained - YouTube
A better watch than I expected. Quite amazing. (via Kottke, a while back)
via:kottke  games  gaming  mario 
june 2018
David Thorpe - YouTube
Camera reviews (of Micro Four Thirds cameras) by a sensible-sounding British man, as opposed to an over-excited “Hi guys!” American describing cameras as “sexy puppies”. (via The Online Photographer)
via:theonlinephotographer  photography  davidthorpe  microfourthirds  cameras  reviews 
june 2018
Smart kids eventually grow up | A Candle in Sunshine
I don't know you, how do you know me?! Although I wasn't even that smart back then anyway. Still, good advice. (via FaveJet)
health  valerievaldes  via:favejet 
june 2018
jdrama relationship chart - Google Search
I'd never heard of these before, but kind of fascinating. (Someone thought I'd be interested because of Crazy Walls.)
crazywalls  japan  tv 
june 2018
Second Life: Rethinking Myself Through Exercise, Mindfulness, and Gratitude – MacStories
Detailed and honest article about using the Apple Watch as an aid to getting mentally and physically healthier.
federicovittici  macstories  exercise  applewatch  health 
may 2018
No Home Like Place
Fun. Photos from AirBnB listings. Furniture in each one are replaced with matching objects (e.g. a chair for a chair) in a different photo. Click to go to that. Better than it sounds. (via Brutalist Websites)
via:brutalistwebsites  airbnb 
may 2018
Brutalist Websites
A nice collection of websites that look a lot more interesting than most, to remind us that the interesting web isn't dead. (I don't like the term 'brutalist' for these, but still.) (via @gilest)
via:gilest  web  webdesign 
may 2018
The Eudora™ Email Client Source Code – Core+ – Medium
Release of the source code and an all-too brief history of Eudora. (via Daring Fireball)
via:daringfireball  eudora  email  lenshustek 
may 2018
The spectacular power of Big Lens | The long read | News | The Guardian
On the Italian company that makes a large proportion of the world's glasses frames merging with the French company that makes a large proportion of the world's glasses lenses. Fascinating. (via @antimega)
glasses  via:antimega  business  samknight 
may 2018
The cultural shift from not selling out to blowing up
"…hip hop won and indie rock lost (culturally speaking) and as a result, blowing up has become preferable to not selling out."
may 2018
Zno - next gen photobooks, Layflat Photo Books...
Because I came across these a couple of weeks ago and then forgot the name, unsurprisingly. (via The Online Photographer)
via:theonlinephotographer  photography  books 
may 2018
An Algorithmic Investigation of the Highfalutin 'Poet Voice' - Atlas Obscura
Trying to nail down exactly what makes a Poet Voice. (via Buckslip)
via:buckslip  voices  poetry 
may 2018
Bloomberg Opinion - Money Stuff
Matt Levine's weekdaily email is so good. US-focused business/finance, clearly written (some of it a bit over my head), a personality, some great lines, and lots of it.
mattlevine  bloomberg  finance  business 
may 2018
Travel on paper
Lots of nice old transport and holiday posters for sale. (via Things Magazine)
via:thingsmagazine  posters 
may 2018
Local by Flywheel | Local WordPress development made simple
Seems like a nice way to do this, but I'll forget what it's called within a day, so.
wordpress  webdevelopment 
may 2018
The best of Python: a collection of my favorite articles from 2017 and 2018 (so far)
Some useful stuff for me. But also, more generally, a great example of a useful collection of recent articles around one topic. Lovely. (via @simonw)
programming  python  gergelyszerovay  via:simonw 
april 2018
How to work with Londoners: a guide for foreigners.
Alex's good matter-of-fact guide to the practical realities of getting started with making contacts and generating work.
alexandradeschampssonsino  work  london 
april 2018
Does everyone appreciate how much attention to detail goes into Beyoncé’s work?
I marvelled at the practicalities of her Coachella show, quite aside from the more obviously marvel-worthy aspects of it. Logistics. How do you do that?
matthaughey  beyonce 
april 2018
Dave Winer's new site where you upload your RSS reader's OPML file and see what other people subscribe to.
rss  davewiner 
april 2018
The Annual Register - Wikipedia
It “is a long-established reference work, written and published each year, which records and analyses the year’s major events, developments and trends throughout the world. It was first written in 1758…”
news  magazines 
april 2018
Vadik Marmeladov
Archived copy of his website, pre-LOT-2046, with his “Codes of Practice”. Mainly for the long-term thinking. (via Warren Ellis)
via:warrenellis  overlinks  vadikmarmeladov  lot2046  rules 
april 2018
Silicon Valley Is Turning Into Its Own Worst Fear
We talk about regulating the ethics of AIs but we can't even do it for companies.
tedchiang  buzzfeed  ai  capitalism  ethics 
april 2018
Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read - The Atlantic
I read this a few days ago and it was good and explained a lot but I can't remember much of it now.
atlanticmonthly  reading  memory  juliebeck 
april 2018
Building a combined stream of recent additions using the Django ORM
Very handy. I've tried a couple of laborious ways of doing the same in the past, probably before `.union()` appeared.
simonwillison  django  webdevelopment 
march 2018
Offscreen Magazine Interview — by Craig Mod
Really nice piece. Thoughtful, pragmatic, calm. On books, working out what scale of effect gives you satisfaction, pace, depth, connectivity. (via Warren Ellis)
via:warrenellis  craigmod  books  work  life  offscreen 
march 2018
How do you set limits on client feedback? - Work clients design | Ask MetaFilter
I don't think I'm ever in this situation but there's useful stuff in these answers.
work  design 
march 2018
In The Eternal Inferno, Fiends Torment Ronald Coase With The Fate Of His Ideas – The Yorkshire Ranter
I imagine this as a chapter in a book called "How the Modern World Works", which would make you go, "Ohhh, yes, that explains that mess."
ronaldcoase  business 
march 2018
Louis Rossetto on Vimeo
Louis has uploaded a bunch of old Wired videos. (via @guydeboredom)
louisrossetto  wired  via:guydeboredom 
february 2018
GitHub - kennethreitz/requests-html: HTML Parsing for Humans™
Python web requests and page scraping. Looks like it might be a bit easier than BeautifulSoup. (via @simonwillison)
via:simonwillison  python  webdevelopment  scraping  kennethreitz 
february 2018
Bee Wilson reviews ‘The Littlehampton Libels’ by Christopher Hilliard · LRB 8 February 2018
A lovely article about a woman writing very sweary anonymous letters to her neighbours in Littlehampton in the 1920s.
lrb  swearing  beewilson 
february 2018
Don't Be Evil
Interview with Fred Turner. 1960s New Left vs New Communalism, techno-utopianism, the politics of infrastructure, "Burning Man is to the tech world what the 19th century Protestant church was to the factory", the electronic frontier. (via @michalmigurski)
fredturner  burningman  siliconvalley  via:michalmigurski 
february 2018
Nice long list of dictionaries and tools and things to help with coming up with names for things. (via Tom Taylor)
naming  names  via:tomtaylor 
february 2018
John Perry Barlow gave internet activists only half the mission they need.
Because it hasn't quite occurred to me that all that "keep your hands out of our internet, you stupid governments" stuff meant that we left a space in which corporations could do whatever they liked. (via @michalmigurski)
californianideology  johnperrybarlow  internet  aprilglaser  slate  via:michalmigurski 
february 2018
Look for the Lungfish
Some great paragraphs from a good post by Charlie Stross about questioning all assumptions when imagining what our future is like.
charlesstross  mattjones  sciencefiction  overlinks  futures  futurism  futurology 
february 2018
The Online Photographer: How To Buy Lenses
A nice summary of a series of posts about camera lenses, for future reference when/if I'm feeling flush.
theonlinephotographer  cameras  photography  lenses 
february 2018
How I coined the term 'open source' |
it had never occurred to me to wonder how and when the term arrived. (via Oblomovka)
via:oblomovka  opensource  christinepeterson 
february 2018
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