Scott Reinhard Maps
He "takes old geological survey maps and combines them with elevation data to produce these wonderful hybrid topographic maps" as Kottke describes it.
via:kottke  maps  scottreinhard 
8 hours ago
Portraits - Washington DC Photographer Stephen Voss
I love some of these. A nice reminder that “portraits” don’t have to be headshots. (via The Online Photographer)
via:theonlinephotographer  stephenvoss  photography  photographs 
The Online Photographer: Warren Buffet's Principle (The Little Game, Part 3 of 3)
I like this idea for focusing on a few interests, but I’m scared of trying it on all the interests I’m, er, not actually doing anyway. Hmm.
theonlinephotographer  mikejohnston  life 
OMDb API - The Open Movie Database
It *still* narks me that IMDb was sold to Amazon, so it’s nice to see this. Last time I looked it was offline. (via Paul Robert Lloyd)
movies  apis  via:paulrobertlloyd 
3 days ago
It's not like taxi apparently - pronounciation | Ask MetaFilter
Fascinating and unintentionally amusing thread in which people with different accents attempt to descibe precisely how words are pronounced.
askmefi  language  pronounciation 
7 days ago
Fathom Analytics
Simple, basic analytics run by two guys. Self-hosted open-source, or pay-for. Looks nice.
analytics  webdevelopment 
7 days ago
You're Doing Great! 👍
I like this idea of a semi-formal structure for a day with friends with a purpose. (via Favejet)
via:favejet  life 
8 days ago
The Barbican - ProBE - University of Westminster, London
Download the case study PDFs for some great stuff about building the Barbican, M1, Sizewell, South Bank, and Stevenage. Includes labour conditions, disputes, interviews with workers etc.
barbican  architecture  london 
10 days ago
The oral history of the Hampsterdance: The twisted true story of one of the world's first memes | CBC Arts
I was looking up Hampsterdance two days ago but didn’t see this article. A bit bonkers. And nice GIF illustrations. (via b3ta newsletter)
via:b3ta  hampsterdance  history  geocities  oralhistories 
11 days ago
Bill Bailey has charm and punch in his fanciful new show 'Earl of Whimsy' | Beat Magazine
"Highlight: Regaling us with snippets from the faux Twitter account of philosopher Samuel Pepys, culminating with him taking a dump in a chimney."
samuelpepys  billbailey 
19 days ago
Rabbi Dweck sorry over 'vulgarity' of Samuel Pepys retweet | Jewish News
"My intention was not to publicise immorality, G-d forbid. But rather to condemn it."
samuelpepys  rabbidweck 
19 days ago
The SEC Isn't OK With Spouses Who Eavesdrop - Bloomberg
Of the several topics that recur in Matt Levine's Money Stuff newsletter, the "what counts as insider trading" topic is always interesting and quite fun.
mattlevine  finance  moneystuff  insidertrading 
20 days ago
Very Slow Movie Player – Bryan Boyer – Medium
Not only is this a lovely object, but it’s a great write-up of the struggles of developing it. (via Kottke)
via:kottke  bryanboyer  epaper  movies 
20 days ago
Alice Spawls · On the Sofa: ‘Killing Eve’ · LRB 8 November 2018
The show wasn't perfect, but this is good on what was good about it.
killingeve  tv  alicespawls  lrb 
22 days ago
The Bigger, Badder 2019 Book Tracking Spreadsheet
I can’t decide if this is more or less crazy than all the work I put in to writing my own (less detailed) reading-tracking code. (via Buckslip)
via:buckslip  rachelmanwill  books  reading  spreadsheets 
24 days ago
Is London’s culture unaffordable? | Financial Times
Mainly for the phrase, “the impressive-sounding Royal College of Art, which is impressive-sounding in much the same way as Royal Mail”. (via Favejet)
via:favejet  lucywatson  rca  london  ft 
24 days ago
Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung -
I got through most of this long topic earlier in the year, and the book sounds good. But it’s time to close the tab.
investing  finance  bogleheads  mmcclung  retirement 
26 days ago
Siema - Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies
One would never put a carousel on a website but if one did one would use this. It also links to a couple more complex ones. No dependencies.
carousel  webdevelopment  javascript  slideshow 
29 days ago
Stubby's House of Christmas
Music blog dedicated to Christmas music. (via Dandelion Radio)
music  christmas  via:dandelionradio 
4 weeks ago
In-development decentralised Slack-type group chat. (via
chat  decentralised  via:mala 
5 weeks ago
Jerry Saltz: How to Be an Artist
Better than your average list of tips like "How to be a writer". Practical and inspiring. (via Antimega)
jerrysaltz  vulture  art  work  via:antimega 
5 weeks ago
How I track investment returns - Young FI Guy
Impressive spreadsheet for tracking a portfolio. (via Monevator)
via:monevator  investing  finance 
6 weeks ago
52 things I learned in 2018 – Fluxx Studio Notes – Medium
Always a good list of interesting things. Some amazing, some depressing, some both. (via Favejet)
via:favejet  tomwhitwell  2018 
6 weeks ago
Geo for Bootstrap, a Timeless Theme by Divshot
A GeoCities-style Bootstrap theme. File under ideas I wish I'd had. (via Ask MetaFilter)
via:askmefi  bootstrap  geocities  webdevelopment 
7 weeks ago
A Business With No End - The New York Times
Amazing, odd look at a network of strange online stores and real shops and a Christian university and Newsweek.
jennyodell  nytimes 
7 weeks ago
School of the Alternative
Previously Black Mountain School, started in 2016 on the site of the Black Mountain College.
blackmountaincollege  education 
7 weeks ago
Back to School: Re-creating Black Mountain College - Art in America
On the Black Mountain School (since renamed School of the Alternative) starting in 2016. Maybe sounds a bit… backward looking? Perhaps inevitably?
ericadawnlyle  blackmountaincollege  education 
7 weeks ago
How does someone build a rich, connected, creative life? | Ask MetaFilter
Lots of good advice, better and more practical than the title and first sentence leaf me to hope.
askmefi  life 
7 weeks ago
Eliot Weinberger · Ten Typical Days in Trump’s America · LRB 25 October 2018
If you want to be thankful that our mess is only the size of Brexit, this might help? (Sorry America)
eliotweinberger  donaldtrump  lrb 
7 weeks ago
James Meek · Brexit and Myths of Englishness: For England and St George · LRB 11 October 2018
Good on stuff about Brexit, around the politics: beliefs, myths, personal hypocrisies.
lrb  jamesmeek  brexit 
7 weeks ago
Robert’s Ultimate Guide to all 24 hours of Pharrell Williams’ Happy Video
I admire such completionism, even if it's not quite completed. (via Ask MetaFilter)
via:askmefi  music  pharrellwilliams  robertnagle 
7 weeks ago
@OskSta Bad North Tech
I "liked" this "moment" but I've no idea where that's recorded, so. Animated GIFs (sort of) of the mechanics of a 3D game under development. Fascinating. (via Infovore)
via:infovore  videogames  gifs  oskarstålberg 
8 weeks ago
I like this idea and have probably liked similar ideas before.
9 weeks ago
Simon Willison on Twitter
"Anyone know of a web hosting provider where I can pay a lump sum of money to host a file at a reliable URL essentially forever? Is this even remotely feasible?" Lots of thoughts.
simonwillison  archiving 
10 weeks ago
DSHR's Blog: Another endowed data service launches
Analysing the costs for a different long-term archiving host (which later shut down). (via @simonw)
via:simonw  archiving  davidrosenthal  longaccess 
10 weeks ago
Minimal Long-Term Storage Economic Model
"A minimal model of the endowment needed to store one terabyte on disk 'forever'..." (via @simonw)
via:simonw  archiving  davidrosenthal 
10 weeks ago
Optimizing Django Admin Paginator – Haki Benita – Medium
Not only for this tip but for the other posts this links to. Lots of handy customisations for Django Admin. (via Simon Willison)
via:simonwillison  django  hakibenita 
10 weeks ago
Your Twitter Trend Analysis Is Not Deep, and It’s Probably Wrong
I didn't understand the thing where people on twitter 👏 write 👏 things 👏 like 👏 this. Now I guess I know where it comes from but still don't know why most people who use it do so.
twitter  emoji  karabrown 
10 weeks ago
I Miss Staging — Postlight — Digital product studio
"We are six months old and we have more media platforms than we have employees." Lots of good stuff about this stupid (my view) multi-platform world. (via Infovore)
via:infovore  paulford  postlight  webdevelopment 
11 weeks ago
GeoCities Oral History. Interview #2 | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
A nice interview with someone about the site they made on GeoCities in the 1990s.
olialialina  geocities 
11 weeks ago
Tom Crewe reviews ‘How to Survive a Plague’ … · LRB 27 September 2018
If you were too young, straight, insulated or ignorant to fully grasp what Aids meant and means, this is a long and sobering read.
aids  lrb  tomcrewe 
12 weeks ago
Monitoring and fixing 404 errors with Google Analytics
The kind of simple, useful report that I always wonder why Analytics doesn't include by default.
october 2018
Audio and Video Hardware Recomendations and Advice.
Simple explanations and recommendations. Very nice. (via Ask MetaFilter)
via:askmetafiilter  speakers  headphones  audio  hifi  zeos 
october 2018
You Don't Need WordPress: Create A Blog With Google Docs
What it says, which is an interesting idea. (via Giles Turnbull)
blogging  googledocs  via:gilest 
october 2018
The Online Photographer: The Remarkable Persistence of 24x36
Really good history of why "full frame" digital cameras have a sensor size of 24mm x 36mm, dimensions set in 1913.
theonlinephotographer  photography  history  mikejohnston 
october 2018
Working late, responsibly •
Good advice, given well. Although written for people in a team, the same goes for freelancers. (via Alice Bartlett)
work  dancarley  via:alicebartlett 
october 2018
“is death for WEB sites as us” | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
"it just kills me that they took a wonderful, friendly community like Geocities and just smashed it to bits. Yahoo, you STINK!"
geocities  olialialina  yahoo 
october 2018
Elizabeth Gilbert on Distinguishing Between Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocation - YouTube
Good. Hands up who's confused all four of those things and doesn't know what they're doing any more. (via Russell Davies)
via:russelldavies  elizabethgilbert  jobs  hobbies  work  life  videos 
october 2018
What I Think About When I Think About Buying Clothes
Lovely post about wondering whether to buy a particular jacket.
clothes  graciaventus  therosenrot 
september 2018
Planet parts: Global data streams
"Near-realtime Earth observation resources" A good collection, for future reference.
data  charlieloyd  climate  earth  weather  maps 
september 2018
Notes on some artefacts | The Monthly
"It is impossible to say whether this is a bot account, though, because conservatives appear to be modelling their online presences on bots." Good stuff. Like pointing out how much stuff around now is Gibson-esque.
richardcooke  internet  futures  overlinks  politics  usa  twitter 
september 2018
The Online Photographer: Best Comment Ever
“The endless upgrade cycle, the more and more laborious and tedious mastery of imaging software, the solid belief in technical improvement and control as a means to achieve success, all of this leads one further and further away from any possibility of making original or authentic work.”
theonlinephotographer  photography  technology 
september 2018
Crotch Shots Galore | by Joan Acocella | The New York Review of Books
I don't know much about the history of musicals or Bob Fosse and this was an interesting read.
nybooks  nyrb  bobfosse  musicals  theatre  movies  joanacocella 
august 2018
Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
Clay's 2003 ETech talk about online communities is still a good read.
clayshirky  community  etech 
august 2018
General Magic: Oral History of the Influential Tech Company
"Oral history" seems to mean "interviews broken into tiny snippets to give the impression of a conversation" but this excerpt of a book is still good. I remember that interface from an early Wired article.
apple  generalmagic  siliconvalley  history  oralhistories  adamfisher 
august 2018
Making <time> safe for historians - QuirksBlog
Detailed and fascinating look at the issues with trying to make the time HTML element work for dates hundreds or thousands of years old. (via:tominsam)
ppk  peterpaulkoch  html  webdevelopment  history  via:tominsam 
august 2018
American-on-American Action Abroad: Sorry For Travel Writing At You
"Watching two British people run into one another in America is a wholly different type of delight, like watching two grifters trying to run the same scam in a small town instantly clock one another and freeze during a game of high-stakes poker."
america  travel 
august 2018
How did you find your passion? - career work motivation | Ask MetaFilter
A great answer (from 2008) that's realistic and emphasises that you don't need to (sometimes shouldn't) turn your passion, if you even have one, into your career.
askmefi  passion  theatre  acting  work  life  grumblebee 
august 2018
Olympus PEN-F
Purely because it's a lovely review of a camera. Nicely written, detailed without being nerdy-in-a-bad-way, and open to a change of mind.
photography  olympus  penf  cameras  mariusmasalar 
august 2018
BBC - Press Office - Studio fast facts
2002 press release about the BBCi studio. (via @mattb)
via:mattb  bbc  bbci 
august 2018
Joel Simon - Evolving Floorplans
I really like this idea, and the results, as a first experiment with something. (via Kottke)
architecture  joelsimon  via:kottke 
august 2018
that unsolvable lack
Interesting background about celebrity PR,and thoughts on that profile of Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP (looked from this piece).
annehelenpetersen  gwynethpaltrow  goop 
july 2018
Stacking the Bricks: How the Blog Broke the Web
I don't agree with this - that the chronological format, and blogging software - somehow "broke" what was good about the early web, but it's still interesting to consider.
blogging  web  amyhoy 
july 2018
What Cracking Open a Sonos One Tells Us About the Sonos IPO
Comparing the innards of a Sonos One with an Amazon Echo Plus. Surprisingly fascinating.
sonos  amazon  hardware  beneinstein 
july 2018
Retirement Investing Today: Resignation in
I've been reading RIT for a few years and, after One More Year or two, he's retired. Good work.
july 2018
You don’t have to live in public
Lots of good advice about working (as opposed to living) in public online.
austinkleon  work  life  socialmedia 
july 2018
All Things Linguistic
A blog about linguistics, by Gretchen McCulloch, focusing on the net and space and that kind of thing. Loads of fascinating posts. (via Ask MeFi)
gretchenmcculloch  via:askmefi  linguistics  blogs 
july 2018
"Blot is a blogging platform with no interface. It creates a special folder in your Dropbox and publishes files you put inside." (via Warren Ellis)
via:warrenellis  blogging 
july 2018
Vintage Home Plans
A tumblr of artists' impressions and floor plans for "20th century houses from around the world".
july 2018
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