Using pyvenv (venv) With Django on WebFaction. :: Solid Ether
Also for the earlier post it links to. Django-type sites on WebFaction (as opposed to standard Apache sites) do sound a bit messy though.
django  webdevelopment  webfaction  danjewett 
3 hours ago
52 things I learned in 2017 – Fluxx Studio Notes – Medium
So many interesting things leading to more interesting things to read. (via Kottke)
via:kottke  tomwhitwell  2017 
7 days ago
Citizen Code of Conduct | A project of Stumptown Syndicate
A sample code of conduct, to use as a basis for your own community's.
11 days ago
Tips for in-house teams in a free market software culture
Alice's really good description of how to develop and improve in-house software tools that people will want to use.
alicebartlett  financialtimes  webdevelopment 
13 days ago
What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?
About how to, or whether it's possible to, enjoy the art of people like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, and whether you have to be selfish, to be an "art monster", in order to make great art. (via Kottke)
via:kottke  woodyallen  romanpolanski  art  clairedederer  writing 
21 days ago
Just Another Blog: CSV Parser for PHP
The PHP code in this 11-year-old Blogspot post succeeded in reading a CSV file where PHP's built-in method failed. Web development, eh.
webdevelopment  php  csv 
23 days ago
The Online Photographer: LR Replacement Photo Editing Software
Lots and lots of thoughtful comments discussing replacements for Lightroom. The closest to a consensus might be Capture One, with Affinity Photo as a Photoshop replacement.
theonlinephotographer  photography  lightroom  photoshop  software 
5 weeks ago
The Great Diary Project
Archiving personal diaries. (via Things mag)
diaries  london  uk  via:thingsmagazine 
5 weeks ago
Adobe unveils all-new cloud-based Lightroom CC, rebrands old application 'Lightroom Classic'
This doesn't make me feel good. Wondering if I should jump from Lightroom now (to what?) before becoming stuck in something harder to get out of. (via The Online Photographer)
lightroom  photography  via:theonlinephotographer 
6 weeks ago
The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare | Fast Company
The interaction between the internet and "the real world" (i.e. selling objects) has become odder than I would have imagined.
davidzax  fastcompany  mattresses  casper 
7 weeks ago
How Civilization Started | The New Yorker
John Lanchester on re-evaluating the ease of life for hunter gatherers vs settled societies. (via @cityofsound)
via:cityofsound  johnlanchester  newyorker  socialchange  history 
7 weeks ago
Statistical NLP on OpenStreetMap: Part 2 – Al Barrentine – Medium
On getting computers to recognise the parts of all formats of street addresses from around the world. Amazing, even/especially the bits I don't understand.
albarrentine  openstreetmap  addresses  mapping 
7 weeks ago
Fuck You And Die: An Oral History of Something Awful - Motherboard
I'm not sure I was ever really aware of these forums at the time but I do like a good early-days-of-web oral history.
somethingawful  internet  taylorwoffard  forums 
7 weeks ago
A WordPress & Git workflow – Marc Jenkins
Seems to make sense, and WP Migrate DB Pro is the bee's knees.
wordpress  git  webdevelopment  marc  jenkins 
7 weeks ago
George Duoblys · One, Two, Three, Eyes on Me! · LRB 5 October 2017
On the "efficient" teaching and disciplinary methods used in some London secondary schools. Sounds grim.
education  uk  schools  lrb  georgeduoblys 
8 weeks ago
@20 (
Paul Ford on his website being 20-ish. Lovely, every word. "The things I want to do are strange, simple, and unprofitable." Hello. (via @jah)
via:jah  paulford 
8 weeks ago
My essential django package list — /var/
A handy list including a few handy things I hadn't heard of. Plus useful descriptions of them all. (via Simon Willison)
via:simonwillison  django  webdevelopment  seraphimpapastefanos 
9 weeks ago
Merely an Empire - London Review of Books
Good on Ken Burns’ ‘The Vietnam War’. “We cannot make a movie that will save us.”
lrb  kenburns  vietnamwar  davidthomson 
10 weeks ago
Pipenv: Python Dev Workflow for Humans — pipenv 8.1.4 documentation
I really don't want to learn yet another way to manage python virtual environment but this does sound like it might finally be The One. (via @simonw)
via:simonw  python  virtualenv  webdevelopment 
11 weeks ago
Understanding Uber: It's Not About The App - London Reconnections
Very good on TfL and Uber. If only newspaper reporting was anything like this good.
london  tfl  uber 
11 weeks ago
From Clapping to Likes, and Back Again – A Brief History of Attention – Medium
This should be good - a short series by Matt Locke on how attention has been measured.
mattlocke  attention  ratings 
12 weeks ago
frank lantz - don't die
Long interview that's interesting on trying (and failing) to make videogames "serious", the purpose and worth of learning about making games at university, having a shared basic knowledge of games history/culture/ideas. Needs editing.
franklantz  areacode  games  videogames  education 
september 2017
Nachrichten | DW
Free daily world news podcast in slowly-read German. Great for learning.
german  news  languages 
september 2017
Louis Rossetto -
Interview. For the bits about starting Wired. And Om Malil: "Discovering Wired was like finding my Rolling Stone. With Wired, I found my cultural context more than anything else." Yup.
wired  louisrossetto  ommalik 
september 2017
Ceci n'est pas un blog - Autopsy of a slow train wreck
Describing how the author shut their company and why they should have done it sooner. Good to read about mistakes.
business  russellkeithmagee  failure 
september 2017
‘Bring pencils’ and 49 other things hurricane pros know | Poynter
Tips for reporting from a hurricane. Good internal "documentation" from the Miami Herald.
miami  hurricanes  journalism  martinmerzer 
september 2017
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Oral History: Larry David on Crazy Auditions, Art of Cringe | Hollywood Reporter
I enjoyed this and would like to read more. Can't be bothered to listen to a podcast for more though. (via Daring Fireball)
curbyourenthusiasm  larrydavid  tv  via:daringfireball 
september 2017
Datamake:article | d3 and canvas
A clear step-by-step example of using the Canvas with D3.js to draw thousands of objects.
d3  webdevelopment  larsverspohl 
september 2017
Smell of Data
File under "physical manifestations of internet activity". (via Prosthetic Knowledge)
via:prostheticknowledge  internet  smell 
september 2017
Abandoned States: Places In Idyllic 1960s Postcards Have Transformed Into Scenes Of Abandonment : DCist
I'm a sucker for lined-up "now and then" photos and these of holiday spots in the Catskills are nice. (via The Online Photographer)
via:theonlinephotographer  photography  pabloiglesiasmaurer  usa 
september 2017
The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial
Once you've read about premium mediocre you realise it's a thing you see everywhere but hasn't yet defined. (via a few places)
premiummediocre  venkateshrao  consumerism  culture 
september 2017
GSElevator on Wall Street watches - Business Insider
I love things like this where outside of that little world you'd have no idea about the distinctions.
gselevator  goldmansachs  watches  fashion  banking 
september 2017
8 Lessons from 20 Years of Hype Cycles | Michael Mullany | LinkedIn
Reviewing past Gartner Hype Cycles. They could do with an alternative line that forks from the trough of disillusionment down into the abyss of failure. (via @tomtaylor)
futures  overlinks  predictions  gartnerhypecycle  technology  michaelmullany  via:tomtaylor 
august 2017
Paul Regan - Artist
I love my friend Paul's paintings of mundane urban/suburban scenes at night.
paulregan  art  painting  london 
august 2017
kbaum/heroku-database-backups: Heroku database backups and copies to S3
I tried three versions of "back up your Heroku postgres database to S3" and this is the one that works.
heroku  webdevelopment  postgresql  karlbaum  s3 
august 2017
A Year in the Metabolist Future of 1972 — Failed Architecture
Mostly good because it's so nice to read architecture writing based on having spent a year living in the building. More of this kind of thing.
analuisasoares  filipemagalhaes  architecture  metabolism  japan  tokyo  kishokurokawa 
august 2017
CASH Music - The Secret Lives of Playlists
On how record labels make and influence Spotify playlists. In case you want to feel a little bit used. (via Buckslip)
spotify  lizpelly  via:buckslip 
august 2017
Creative Alibis | Daniel Brook
Being critical of Richard Florida's Creative Class stuff. Impossible to tell when this was published. (via Buckslip)
via:buckslip  urbanism  richard  florida  creativeclass  gentrification  cities  danielbrook 
august 2017
Django Service Objects
I like keeping stuff like this out of views and models, and this seems like a nice way to do it. (via @simonwillison)
via:simonwillison  django  mitchelcabuloy  webdevelopment 
august 2017
OpenBenches - by @edent & @summerbeth
I’m so glad this exists because (a) it’s a lovely thing and (b) I just had the same idea and now I don’t have to make it.
benches  uk  terenceeden  elizabetheden 
august 2017
HyperCard On The Archive (Celebrating 30 Years of HyperCard) | Internet Archive Blogs
Like magic. If only I'd Stuffit'd my HyperCard stacks... the only two I have may have lost their resource forks over the past 25 years.
hypercard  archiving  internetarchive  mac 
august 2017
Surging Seas: Risk Zone Map
I don't think I'd seen these sea-level rise maps by Stamen before. Nice. Scary, but nice.
stamen  climatechange  sealevels  maps  mapping 
august 2017
So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
Aside from the sense about that Googler's document, this is good on what being a high-level engineer means. Confirms for me that, really, I'm a hobbyist.
yonatanzunger  google  diversity  development 
august 2017
Considerations On Cost Disease | Slate Star Codex
On why (American) housing costs, teaching, healthcare, universities, etc cost much, much more than they did a few decades ago, but are, if anything, worse. (via @genmon)
scottalexander  economics  education  via:genmon  usa  healthcare 
july 2017
Inappropriate Gavels
A relentlessly-focused campaign. I approve! (via @gwire)
via:gwire  uk  law  gavels 
july 2017
Nice illustrations, sold as prints, of some mostly London buildings.
illustration  london  printing  liamdevereux 
july 2017
"Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Social Icons are miniscule SVG versions of your favourite logos." The completist in me would like to see these for every major corporate logo. (via @simonw)
via:simonw  logos  webdevelopment  icons  svg 
june 2017
Walton’s Telephone Exchange | Walton Tales
Nice reminisces of an Essex telephone exchange in the 1960s.
waltononnaze  walton  waltononthenaze  history  uk 
june 2017
A breach of trust |
On the mistakes of a small theatre company. "There's a big difference between pushing boundaries artistically ... and pushing boundaries ethically." (via @alexforey)
via:alexforey  theatre  derekleemiller  minnesota 
june 2017
Who’s killing the (self-driving) electric car? – Startup Grind – Medium
Good on predictions about self-driving and/or electric cars, and why the two improvements may not happen together. (via @cityofsound)
via:cityofsound  cars  peterw  overlinks 
june 2017
How we make a game called Hidden Folks - Album on Imgur
Really nice description of how parts of this game are put together, from graphics to translations. (via Kottke)
via:kottke  games  hiddenfolks  design  adriaandejongh 
june 2017
Gerhard Steidl Is Making Books an Art Form - The New Yorker
Profile of the German book-maker, a description that undersells this article. (via Russell Davies)
via:russelldavies  gerhardsteidl  bookmaking  newyorker  rebeccamead  art  photography 
june 2017 performance notes
A good write-up of making the fast, simple site even faster.
webdevelopment  javascript  matthewsomerville 
june 2017
Binky: The App That Does Nothing - The Atlantic
Brilliant. Social networking app with no content and no social network. (via Waxy)
via:waxy  ianbogost  dankurtz  iphone  apps  socialnetworks  atlanticmonthly 
june 2017
Flexbox Froggy - A game for learning CSS flexbox
Very nicely done. Although, even having completed it, I'm still pretty much guessing at how to do anything.
css  webdevelopment 
june 2017
Blackhorse Lane Ateliers | Selvedge & Raw Denim Jeans | Made In London
Jeans (and more) made in London, plus workshops to make your own. (via Die Workwear)
jeans  clothes  uk  fashion  clothing  london  via:dieworkwear 
june 2017
BEM 101 | CSS-Tricks
Pragmatic summary of the Block, Element, Modifier CSS style that wasn't around last time I went down this rabbit hole.
css  sass  webdevelopment  robinrendle 
june 2017
prosthetic knowledge
This tumblr of design/art/tech right now is very, very good. (via @iamdanw I think)
via:iamdanw  art  design  technology  blogs 
june 2017
The Deleted City 3.0
Zoomable map of the GeoCities filesystem. (via FlowingData)
via:flowingdata  geocities  maps  mapping  richardvijgen 
june 2017
Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou
"This application generates a random medieval city layout of a requested size." (via FlowingData)
via:flowingdata  maps  cities  generative 
june 2017
Algorithm-Driven Design — How AI is Changing Design by Yury Vetrov
Really good list of examples of… what it says. (Aside from annoying hijacking of cursor keys, but anyway.) And a nice mention of Guardian Headliner too. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)
via:noisydecentgraphics  algorithms  design  yuryvetrov 
june 2017
Cody Cobb
Lovely landscape photography. (via The Online Photographer)
codycobb  via:theonlinephotographer  photography  photographs  photos 
june 2017
Compound interest applied to learning
Yes, this makes sense. Plus I often think that people who get, or take, an opportunity early on that gives them time to explore their field end up exponentially further ahead than peers.
kottke  learning  careers  work 
june 2017
Bildnerische Formlehre - Bildnerische Gestaltungslehre - Paul Klee - Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
3900 pages of Paul Klee's notebooks on sculptural form and design theory, scanned and transcribed.
paulklee  bauhaus  design  notebooks  art  education 
june 2017
The Exquisitely English (and Amazingly Lucrative) World of London Clerks - Bloomberg
A good insight into a world I knew nothing about. Now I know who those people are pushing carts of boxes of papers, who I see on the way to work. (via @iamdanw)
law  business  businessweek  simonakam  london  via:iamdanw 
june 2017
Instagram created a monster – A no bullshit guide to what’s really going on! – Behind The Quest
Another piece demonstrating the horror that is The Other Instagram (and The Other social media generally probably), the one that isn't just people showing friends what they're doing.
instagram  aaramelotti 
june 2017
James Wolcott reviews ‘Making It’ by Norman Podhoretz · LRB 18 May 2017
A very fun, lively-written read, even though most of the people mentioned mean little to me. Reminded me of reading The Modern Review, how I enjoyed it without understanding so many of the references.
normanpodhoretz  jameswolcott  lrb  commentary 
may 2017
Tom Crewe · What will be left?: Labour’s Prospects · LRB 18 May 2017
Slightly out of date opinion poll-wise, but I liked this as a summary of where Labour is and how we, as a country, got here.
labour  tomcrewe  uk  politics  lrb 
may 2017
Introducing Stack Overflow Trends - Stack Overflow Blog
Fascinating, particularly as the popularity of languages and frameworks over time is something one is vaguely aware of but never with much certainty. (via Daring Fireball)
via:daringfireball  stackoverflow  programming  webdevelopment 
may 2017
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