How to get started with web development | Go Make Things
I'd have no idea what to suggest to someone wanting to learn this stuff, but this looks like a great list for front-end development.
webdevelopment  javascript  css  education  chrisferdinandi 
A Life’s Work - Andrew Rowley | Off The Cuff - The Budd Blog
This is just a nice little piece. The handful of times I've been there Mr Rowley has always been "jovial ..., genteel and dry witted".
buddshirts  clothes  clothing  shops 
3 days ago
Several grumpy opinions about remote work at Tailscale - apenwarr
I enjoyed this summary of different remote working tools for a small team. (via Simon Willison)
via:simonwillison  apenwarr  tailscale  remoteworking  work  software 
3 days ago
HTML DOM - Common tasks of managing HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript
After so many years of needing jQuery for things, it’s taking a while for vanilla methods to stick in my brain. (via @simonw)
via:simonw  javascript  webdevelopment  nguyenhuuphuoc 
8 days ago
More on service layers in Django
I’ve enjoyed this and the previous post. In-depth enough to be useful, not so much i can’t follow it.
django  webdevelopment  jamesbennett  programming 
11 days ago
Comics — Jeffrey Alan Love
I love the comics and illustration work here. Shows what you can do with not much more than silhouettes. (via Warren Ellis)
via:warrenellis  jeffreyalanlove  comics  illustrator  illustration 
29 days ago
Inspiration & References
Occasionally I check in on how the development of Citybound, a SimCity-style game, is going, and noticed the developer shared this nice collection of resources.
urbanism  citybound  cities 
4 weeks ago
#158 The Case of the Missing Hit | Reply All
That is a gripping story (from “Super Tech Support” onwards). I am thankful for transcripts too. (via FaveJet)
via:favejet  music  replyall 
4 weeks ago
A Text Renaissance
For the “The Eighth Death of Blogging” section, half-way through, on the costs of a site being popular-ish, “a nightmare zone where monetization is janky and hard”.
venkateshrao  ribbonfarm  blogging 
5 weeks ago
Let’s Define CSS 4 · Issue #4770 · w3c/csswg-drafts
Interesting discussion (an actual civil discussion, on the internet!). (via Adactio)
via:adactio  css  webdevelopment 
5 weeks ago
It's A Digital Disease!
r/DataHoarder. This subreddit looks both interesting and enabling. (via Ask MetaFilter)
via:askmefi  archiving 
6 weeks ago
Listen to your web pages
"Copy this into the console of any web page that is interactive and doesn't do hard reloads. You will hear your DOM changes as different pitches of audio." Lovely. (via Cal Henderson)
6 weeks ago
An app can be a home-cooked meal
Robin Sloan. Comparing learning to code with learning to cook is a great metaphor. Seems so obvious now. (via Chris Heathcote)
robinsloan  programming  cooking  via:chrisheathcote 
7 weeks ago
CapRover · Build your own PaaS in a few minutes!
Looks simple. Docker based, mainly for use on DigitalOcean. (via /r/django)
hosting  via:rdjango  docker 
7 weeks ago
The Fence, Issue 2, The Diary of Samuel Pepys, iPhone Addict
"This day by the grace of God it is six years that I have not read Mail Online, and I was never so happy as I am now. Up, betimes, and by tube to Westminster, greatly vexed that none had liked my tweet while I slept." This is done well.
samuelpepys  thefence 
7 weeks ago
Related subreddits based on your comments
Makes a nice graph of subreddits related to the one you choose. (via:imperica)
reddit  via:imperica 
8 weeks ago
Bandsintown | Live Music, Concert Tickets & Tour Dates
See what’s on in particular towns or cities. Not sure how it compares to Songkick, which I use via RSS. (via Ask MetaFilter)
music  gigs  via:askmefi 
9 weeks ago
Darebee - Fitness On Your Terms.
Ad- and promotion-free, user-supported collection of fitness programmes. (via Ask MetaFilter)
fitness  exercise  health  via:askmefi 
9 weeks ago
Inclusive Components
“Each post explores a common interface component and comes up with a better, more robust and accessible version of it.” (via @simonw)
webdevelopment  javascript  via:simonw  heydonpickering 
9 weeks ago
Criticism in the age of TikTok - YouTube
I enjoyed this video essay about how young people use video, on TikTok etc., both for the content and the form. (via @mildlydiverting)
via:mildlydiverting  tiktok  charlielyne  sightandsound  video 
10 weeks ago
My Must-Have Apps, 2019 Edition - MacStories
There are so many “best apps” articles but Federico Viticci’s has lots I hadn’t heard of that sound interesting, and shows a lot of thought. (via Michael Tsai)
via:michaeltsai  federicoviticci  macstories  ios  apps 
10 weeks ago
Draw all roads in a city at once
More beautiful and interesting than I expected. Also, it maps counties, towns, villages, etc.
maps  mapping  openstreetmap  andreikashcha 
10 weeks ago
All – Tiny Helpers
Loads of websites that each do one useful thing for web designers and developers. (via Waxy)
via:waxy  css  javascript  html  webdevelopment  webdesign 
10 weeks ago
Your own hosted blog, the easy, free, open way
How to host a blog on GitHub Pages, doing all creating, writing, editing, uploading on the GitHub website. (via Simon Willison and Waxy)
jeremyhoward  github  blogging  via:simonwillison  via:waxy 
11 weeks ago
OpenStreetMap Haiku
Very nice. Little poems using OSM data, the time of day and the current weather. Feels like just the start. (via Imperica)
via:imperica  openstreetmap  poetry 
12 weeks ago
Vaughan Oliver's Invitation to Decode
‘I’ve got clients who ask, “How can we have that now?” I say, “We don’t have that now. It builds with time; it also builds with the quality of the product.”’
vaughanoliver  michaeldonaldson  branding  design 
12 weeks ago
CHAMBER OF HORRORS – The King's Shilling
A collection of awful recruitment ads and similar.
jobs  advertising  mattbuckland 
12 weeks ago
Running in 2019 - Simon Wilson
A lovely post about running and being good to yourself. (via @benterrett)
via:benterrett  simonwilson  running  exercise  life 
january 2020
For tech-weary Midwest farmers, 40-year-old tractors now a hot commodity -
I reckon this is useful for analogies with technologies other than tractors. (via @slavin_fpo)
via:slavin_fpo  tractors  technology  farming 
january 2020
What do you call the parts of a story? Or: why can’t journalists spell “lead”? · The Ethically-Trained Programmer
More interesting than lede vs lead which, oddly, doesn’t even come up, except in a comment. (via Simon Willison)
via:simonwillison  journalism  carlmjohnson  webdevelopment 
january 2020
A short history of body copy sizes on the Web
I would like more histories of specific features of web design over the decades. (via Adactio)
via:adactio  webdesign  history  florensverschelde  typography 
january 2020
The twenty tens: my lucky decade – Matt Edgar writes here
If you’re looking for inspiration for how to think about your work/life over the next decade, this look back on Matt’s 2010s is lovely. (via @gilest)
via:gilest  mattedgar  2010s  work 
january 2020
my favorite posts of the decade — Ask a Manager
Lots of good stuff, both oh-my-god-amazing and very useful.
askamanager  work 
january 2020
Overload and isolation: the decade that warped popular culture | Culture | The Guardian
Simon Reynolds. “Slowly but surely, streaming is killing the idea of a mainstream. … Occasionally, your streaming selection will coincide with large numbers of other people – the waning flickers of the monoculture drawing you all to the same spot.”
simonreynolds  music  2010s 
december 2019
The Vanilla JS Toolkit
A nice collection of JavaScript methods, plugins, etc that don’t require any extra frameworks or libraries.
javascript  webdevelopment  chrisferdinandi 
december 2019
Domestic Cozy: 9
High Peasant (Boomers), Premium Mediocre (Millennials), Domestic Cozy (Gen Z), Favela Chic (Gen X). From a low cost vs private pleasure 2x2.
venkateshrao  generations  culture 
december 2019
Free for developers
“This is a list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings that have free tiers for developers.” (via Simon Willison)
via:simonwillison  webdevelopment  free 
december 2019
Instant Class – Popula
A nice piece on British coffee and class signifiers. (via Mark Hurrell)
charlottelydiariley  coffee  uk  via:markhurrell  class 
december 2019
The Online Photographer: Best Film Cameras for Newbies
Re “Mike’s Comment” below the cameras, I bet there’s a similar sweet spot in the development of most technologies – cars, computers, others that don’t start with “c” – and that it should have a name.
technology  theonlinephotographer  cameras  photography 
december 2019
‘Boomerspeak’ Is Now Available for Your Parodying Pleasure | WIRED
Fascinating. I use ellipses a lot myself but I don't think I use them as randomly, or to end messages, as much as some older people seem to. Which comes across as passive aggressive
apparently... (via Waxy)
gretchenmcculloch  boomers  language  generations  punctuation 
december 2019
Batch Notes. No.3 — Paynter Jacket Co.
I enjoy these notes covering the thinking, planning, testing and making of their jackets.
paynterjacketco  jackets  clothes  clothing 
december 2019
Do One Thing Well List 2019 - Hiut Denim Co - Medium
Lots of very nice things, if you're stuck for Christmas gifts for someone in this particular demographic.
hiut  2019 
december 2019
I Found A Drain And Drained A Flooded Street During A Storm | MetaFilter
“A person going by the name post 10 clears blocked storm drains and posts unexpectedly satisfying videos of doing so to YouTube.” Very satisfying.
metafilter  flooding  post10 
november 2019
Build your own React
I’ve only read a bit of this but aside from what seems like an interesting article, it’s a lovely example of going step-by-step through writing some code. (via @RandomEtc)
via:randometc  javascript  react  webdevelopment  rodrigopombo 
november 2019
My Python Development Environment, 2020 Edition | Jacob Kaplan-Moss
As the previous edition, interesting. I’ll stick with pipenv instead of poetry for now, as I’m happy with it. I should use pipx but not sure how to go from my current mess to that. (via Simon Willison)
via:simonwillison  jacobkaplanmoss  python  webdevelopment 
november 2019
Mwie Ltd (13 Nov., 2019, at Interconnected)
Matt’s thoughts on five years of being an independent consultant are interesting. I daren’t think too closely about my *mumble* years of freelancing.
mattwebb  business  freelancing 
november 2019
Notes: We’ve Got Blog (2002) (Kicks Condor)
“…my notes on the book We’ve Got Blog: How Weblogs Are Changing Our Culture … a pretty decent compilation of blog posts from … mostly 1999-2002.” Great. Fascinating excerpts and commentary.
weblogs  kickscondor  history  blogging  rebeccablood 
november 2019
HOW - Pure CSS - cyanHarlow
Nicely done explanation of how Diana Smith uses CSS properties in her amazing CSS art, and what hat art looks like without each property. (via Waxy)
via:waxy  dianasmith  css  webdevelopment 
november 2019
The Book of Dreams | Argos
I always wanted to put all the catalogues online, and they’ve done it. Gold. It’s a shame they don’t have usable indexes, as that’s how I navigated them in the 80s.
october 2019
Elderblog Sutra: 8
“I’ve neither succeeded spectacularly enough at what I do that I can afford to ‘make bad movies for the rest of my life’ … nor have I failed so miserably that it’s an easy call … to just toss it all as worthless sunk cost, and start afresh with whatever resources and talents I have left.”
venkateshrao  life  work 
october 2019
What happened to Early Retirement Extreme? An update from Jacob Lund Fisker
The father of "Financial Independence / Retire Early" on what he and his wife have been doing for the past decade or so of not having to work.
retirement  jacoblundfisker 
october 2019
Sweet Moderation, Heart of this Nation
On why Britain, its media, and Rory Stewart aren’t moderate and centrist. (via @markhurrell)
huwlemmey  via:markhurrell  politics  uk  rorystewart 
october 2019
My ethical investment strategy - Matthew Somerville
This is good. But there’s still no easy way to balance low-cost passive investing with investing ethically (whatever that means to you).
investing  ethicalinvesting  matthewsomerville 
october 2019
dotfiles/ at master · lazerwalker/dotfiles
Impressed by this kind of thing but I don’t think I set up a new Mac often enough to do this. (via FaveJet)
via:favejet  mac  macosx  dotfiles  bash  commandline  emlazerwalker 
october 2019
Marketing Expert Scott Galloway on WeWork and Adam Neumann
I’ve read a lot of articles about WeWork and this is by far the most frank and fun (but not fun if you’re an employee or landlord). (via Money Stuff)
via:moneystuff  wework  business  adamneumann  scottgalloway  nymag 
october 2019
Weeknotes: Dogsheep
Having spent a lot of time writing my own tools to save copies of my data from third-party services, I like what Simon Willison’s doing here.
simonwillison  aggregation  webdevelopment 
october 2019
Trek prep: Kit – The travels of Mary Loosemore
I do like Mary's write-up of her trekking kit. More pragmatic than the ones that go for the fanciest brands and/or lightest possible weights.
maryloosemore  trekking 
october 2019
The Electric Typewriter
I was wondering about long and/or "classic" articles/essays that are available online, and this looks like a good collection.
october 2019
Nadia Eghbal | The tyranny of ideas
Really good. “Rather than viewing people as agents of change, I think of them as intermediaries, voice boxes for some persistent idea-virus that’s seized upon them and is speaking through their corporeal form.” (via Kicks Condor)
via:kickscondor  nadiaeghbal  ideas  memes 
september 2019
Graphing Calculator Story
I don’t think I knew this before, and it’s much better than I expected “How the Mac’s graphing calculator was made” to be.
apple  mac  ronavitzur  history 
september 2019
A command line prompt that looks nice and displays useful info when useful.
commandline  development 
september 2019
Animated chart of the day: Recorded music sales by format share, 1973 to 2019 - AEI
Good to watch. Also, the static “Revenues by format” charts put the “vinyl revival” into perspective. (via The Online Photographer)
music  markjperry  via:theonlinephotographer  cds 
september 2019
Help me not hate LA? | Ask MetaFilter
Lots of really nice answers full of people who have grown to love living in LA after moving there. Just positive and encouraging.
askmefi  losangeles 
september 2019
Analytics, logs and metrics
For the bit about using GoAccess and a pixel hosted on S3 behind Cloudfront for logging. (via @dracos)
via:dracos  analytics  webdevelopment  remysharp 
september 2019 – Website Carbon Calculator
Over a year my site uses “57kWh. Enough electricity to drive an electric car 368km.” Very, very roughly, I imagine. (via Adactio)
via:adactio  energy  webdevelopment  carbonemissions 
september 2019
Your Attention is Sovereign by Jay Springett (PDF)
“The Loop”, “evaporative cooling”, “the Dark Forest internet”, “Waldenponding”, “The Isles of Blogging”. Good. (via Warren Ellis Ltd)
via:warrenellis  jayspringett  attention  socialmedia 
september 2019
Jenny Turner · Who Are They?: The Institute of Ideas · LRB 8 July 2010
Nine years ago: “One day, the conditions would be right and they [the RCP/LM/IoI crowd] would be ready: public-sector cuts, rising unemployment, the collapsing Euro, a Tory government, more or less.” (Subscribers only)
rcp  livingmarxism  instituteofideas  jennyturner  lrb 
september 2019
JavaScript Systems Music
"Learning Web Audio by Recreating The Works of Steve Reich and Brian Eno." Step-by-step examples, really nicely explained.
javascript  web  development  music  brianeno  stevereich  teroparviainen 
september 2019
Fred's Shed
Came across this ages ago and forgot the name. Now I’ve found it again. Garden and DIY tool recommendations from Fred.
tools  diy  gardening  uk 
august 2019
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