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The Great Empty
DURING THE 1950S, New York’s Museum of Modern Art organized a famous photo exhibition called “The Family of Man.” In the wake of a world war, the show, chockablock with pictures of people, celebrated humanity’s cacophony, resilience and common bond.
Today a different global calamity has made scarcity the necessary condition of humanity’s survival. Cafes along the Navigli in Milan hunker behind shutters along with the Milanese who used to sip aperos beside the canal. Times Square is a ghost town, as are the City of London and the Place de la Concorde in Paris during what used to be the morning rush.
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5 days ago
Keep Paddling
Have you ever canoed into big waves? If so, you know that stopping is not the answer (unless you want to flip the canoe). If you want to stay afloat, you keep paddling, just like you did before.

If you run a small business, you must act prudently. That might mean cutting any costs that don’t generate revenue. Beyond that, though, I’d ask you to act with the same clear-headedness that you did before this crisis. Don’t panic. Don’t go into the fetal position. Don’t do anything rash. Pause for a moment, take a breath, and assess the situation.
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5 days ago
What We Can Learn (and Should Unlearn) From Albert Camus's The Plague
“There have been as many plagues as wars in history,” Camus writes. “Yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise.”
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5 days ago
Coronavirus Response: Americans Will Come to Rely on Big Business
Larger businesses are also easier to assist if necessary. Whatever you think of the forthcoming bailout of the major U.S. airlines, logistically it will not be very difficult to pull off, since the targets are large and obvious and relatively easy to monitor. Banks are willing to lend to them, because they know the government does not contemplate a world without major airlines.

It is much more difficult to bail out the millions of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world that will demand assistance. How do you find and track them? How can you tell which have no chance of bouncing back? Government bureaucracies cannot easily deal with those problems, and in turn private banks do not perceive governments to be making credible commitments to these small businesses. By contrast, there are numerous precedents for governmental aid or loans to airlines or other major businesses.
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5 days ago
The End Is Coming
For a long time, philosophy and the other humanistic disciplines have been concerned with how to achieve advances that might mirror those of the sciences. But it will not be through science that we come to reconcile ourselves to the fact that unlimited scientific progress is impossible.

The humanist was never really in the business of making progress. Her job is to acquire and transmit a grasp of the intrinsic value of the human experience; this is a job whose difficulty and importance rises in proportion to the awareness that all of it will be lost. It is the humanist’s task to ensure that, if and when the infertility scenario should arise, things will not stop mattering to people. We must become the specialists of finitude, the experts in loss, the scientists of tragedy.
6 days ago
Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide
Let’s say a food worker coughs while preparing my food, how could I not pick up the virus from eating it? This confused me as well, which is why I specifically inquired about it. According to Chapman, the risk is minimal. Even if a worker sneezes directly into a bowl of raw salad greens before packing it in a take-out container for you to take home, as gross as it is, it's unlikely to get you sick.

This 2018 overview of both experimental and observational study of respiratory viruses from the scientific journal Current Opion in Virology (COVIRO) explains that respiratory viruses reproduce along the respiratory tract—a different pathway than the digestive tract food follows when you swallow it.
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6 days ago
10 Days That Changed Britain: "Heated" Debate Between Scientists Forced Boris Johnson To Act On Coronavirus
"If you want to know how much we underestimated this, last Wednesday Rishi's budget gave a £30 billion stimulus for the economy, six days later he had to spend another £330 billion," said a Whitehall official.
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6 days ago
The state of the restaurant industry
This data shows year-over-year seated diners at restaurants on the OpenTable network across all channels: online reservations, phone reservations, and walk-ins.
10 days ago
Why Telling People They Don’t Need Masks Backfired
Third, of course masks work — maybe not perfectly and not all to the same degree, but they provide some protection. Their use has always been advised as part of the standard response to being around infected people, especially for people who may be vulnerable.
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10 days ago
Mary Dash’s Writing Tips
Mary Dash, Chief of the Congressional Correspondence and Quality Review Branch of the Internal Revenue Service, wrote these excellent writing tips.
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11 days ago
Don't be Italy
We need stronger measures, much faster.
11 days ago
Infographic: The History of Pandemics, by Death Toll
Today’s visualization outlines some of history’s most deadly pandemics, from the Antonine Plague to the current COVID-19 event.
11 days ago
I’m an epidemiologist. When I heard about Britain’s ‘herd immunity’ coronavirus plan, I thought it was satire
There might well be a second wave, I honestly don’t know. But vulnerable people should not be exposed to a virus right now in the service of a hypothetical future.
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12 days ago
I Work from Home
911 OPERATOR: 911—what’s your emergency?

ROBERT: Hi, I . . . uh . . . I work from home.
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14 days ago
Extraordinary Decisions For Italian Doctors
Two weeks ago, Italy had 322 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. At that point, doctors in the country’s hospitals could lavish significant attention on each stricken patient.

One week ago, Italy had 2,502 cases of the virus, which causes the disease known as COVID-19. At that point, doctors in the country’s hospitals could still perform the most lifesaving functions by artificially ventilating patients who experienced acute breathing difficulties.

Today, Italy has 10,149 cases of the coronavirus. There are now simply too many patients for each one of them to receive adequate care. Doctors and nurses are unable to tend to everybody. They lack machines to ventilate all those gasping for air.
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16 days ago
COVID-19 reduces economic activity, which reduces pollution, which saves lives
Putting these numbers together yields some very large reductions in premature mortality.  Using the He et al 2016 estimates of the impact of changes in PM on mortality, I calculate that having 2 months of 10ug/m3 reductions in PM2.5 likely has saved the lives of 4,000 kids under 5 and 73,000 adults over 70 in China.  Using even more conservative estimates of 10% reduction in mortality per 10ug change, I estimate 1400 under-5 lives saved and 51700 over-70 lives saved.  Even under these more conservative assumptions, the lives saved due to the pollution reductions are roughly 20x the number of lives that have been directly lost to the virus (based on March 8 estimates of 3100 Chinese COVID-19 deaths, taken from here). 

What's the lesson here? It seems clearly incorrect and foolhardy to conclude that pandemics are good for health. Again I emphasize that the effects calculated above are just the health benefits of the air pollution changes, and do not account for the many other short- or long-term negative consequences of social and economic disruption on health or other outcomes; these harms could exceed any health benefits from reduced air pollution.  But the calculation is perhaps a useful reminder of the often-hidden health consequences of the status quo, i.e. the substantial costs that our current way of doing things exacts on our health and livelihoods.
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16 days ago
Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now
Countries that are prepared will see a fatality rate of ~0.5% (South Korea) to 0.9% (rest of China). Countries that are overwhelmed will have a fatality rate between ~3%-5%. Countries that act fast can reduce the number of deaths by ten.
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16 days ago
How Taiwan and Singapore have contained the coronavirus
Part of Taiwan’s success has been due to its early response, says a new article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. While other countries waffled on acknowledging the danger of the outbreak, Taiwan took action immediately under the guidance of its National Health Command Center, which the country established after the deadly SARS outbreak in 2003 that killed 73 people there. In early January, in response to the then-new outbreak, the NHCC set up Taiwan’s new Central Epidemic Command Center.

Taiwan “rapidly produced and implemented a list of at least 124 action items in the past five weeks to protect public health,” said Stanford Health Policy’s Jason Wang, a co-author of the article. “The policies and actions go beyond border control because they recognized that that wasn’t enough.”
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16 days ago
Cancel everything
This suggests that anyone in a position of power or authority, instead of downplaying the dangers of the coronavirus, should ask people to stay away from public places, cancel big gatherings, and restrict most forms of nonessential travel.
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17 days ago
Da Milano
Questo scenario sta dentro alla cosa più generalmente spaesante di questa crisi senza precedenti: ovvero che non si manifesti visibilmente e drammaticamente se non nel ristretto degli ospedali o nell’astratto dei numeri quotidiani del contagio. Le cose che si fanno, i gesti, i modi di vivere, sono molto “normali” e molto poco ansiosi. Ci si lavano le mani, si sta molto a casa, si sta distanti nelle code in attesa. Ma niente di tutto questo è inaudito, mai visto. C’è insomma un’emergenza enorme “intorno” e non la si vede, non si riesce a vederla nelle singole cose: se scendo a fare la spesa e risalgo, nel percorso e nelle cose che faccio non c’è niente di diverso da un anno fa. A differenza delle emergenze mondiali che hanno occupato i media negli ultimi decenni, questa non ha le immagini, per esempio: è tutto mascherine, per la disperazione dei foto editor. Sta succedendo una cosa enorme, planetaria, senza precedenti dalla fine della Guerra Mondiale: e intanto andiamo a fare il bancomat, e ci facciamo il caffè.
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17 days ago
List of OECD countries by hospital beds
List of countries by hospital beds per 1000 people
18 days ago
The virus is not the main danger, our unprepared medical system and fragile supply chains are.
Western governments are responding by saying that they are prepared and ready to deal with the crisis, that it’s similar to the flu. A recent paper suggested 80% of all cases are mild but 20% of those infected required hospitalization and 14% of those hospitalized require intensive respiratory treatment. Can you guess the number of people that have contracted the flu this year that needed hospitalisation in the US? 0.9%
18 days ago
Plot Economics
During narrative collapse, everyone temporarily abandons attempts to reach narrative consensus even within their smallest default groups, such as family. Even people who normally avoid math start to do math with raw, noisy facts. Pantry stocks math. Alcohol percentage math. Infection risk math. Toilet paper math. Math is the backstop log-level activity. The average human only goes data-driven when narratives fail.
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19 days ago
As we work to protect public health, we also need to protect the income of hourly workers who support our campus
We’ve decided that Microsoft will continue to pay all our vendor hourly service providers their regular pay during this period of reduced service needs. This is independent of whether their full services are needed. This will ensure that, in Puget Sound for example, the 4,500 hourly employees who work in our facilities will continue to receive their regular wages even if their work hours are reduced.
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19 days ago
Keeping our employees and partners safe during
Twitter: Beginning today, we are strongly encouraging all employees globally to work from home if they’re able.
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19 days ago
What it's like in China 03.06
Third major measures were focused on case discovery and treatment. Upon discovery of a confirmed case, quick and effective contact tracing measures were put into place. Public areas would take your name and phone number before allowing you to enter, in the event someone there later was determined positive, they could contact you and find you quickly. This moved digitally in QR code based systems, were you would scan various locations, buses, taxis, subways, etc. and be able to be contacted and located quickly. To enter any public area, your temperature is taken. Residential communities issued passes for healthy residents when they would leave their homes, and would only be allowed back in by returning their pass and being checked for temperature again.
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19 days ago
Coronavirus Tech Handbook
A crowdsourced resource for technologists building things related to the coronavirus outbreak
19 days ago
Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020
Having weathered every business downturn for nearly fifty years, we’ve learned an important lesson — nobody ever regrets making fast and decisive adjustments to changing circumstances. In downturns, revenue and cash levels always fall faster than expenses. In some ways, business mirrors biology. As Darwin surmised, those who survive “are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change.”
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19 days ago
Don’t Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus
You should be concerned and take this seriously. But you should not panic
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19 days ago
Inside China’s All-Out War on the Coronavirus
China is really good at keeping people alive. Its hospitals looked better than some I see here in Switzerland. We’d ask, “How many ventilators do you have?” They’d say “50.” Wow! We’d say, “How many ECMOs?” They’d say “five.” The team member from the Robert Koch Institute said, “Five? In Germany, you get three, maybe. And just in Berlin.”
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19 days ago
The man who refused to freeze to death
It would appear that our brains are much better at coping in the cold than dealing with being too hot. This is because our bodies’ survival strategies centre around keeping our vital organs running at the expense of less essential body parts. The most essential of all, of course, is our brain. By the time that Shatayeva and her fellow climbers were experiencing cognitive issues, they were probably already experiencing other organ failures elsewhere in their bodies.
20 days ago
The Word from Wuhan
There is a phrase in China for the way such tensions are manifested: when everyone denies all responsibility and tries to shift the blame back onto the blamer, they are busy ‘throwing woks’.
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20 days ago
Stand By Your Man
Sartre, in particular, was always speaking to women of his love and devotion, his inability to live without them—every banality of popular romance. Words constituted his principal means of seduction: his physical approaches were on the order of groping in restaurants and grabbing kisses in taxis.
20 days ago
Happy New Branding!
Installing a font and typing the brand name does not make a logo. This is due to a wide range of reasons. The main one being that typefaces are designed in such a way so any one letter can fit before and after any other letter. This is a condition inherent to the very essence of typography: The type designer does not know what will be written with their lettershapes. In the case of logotypes, a designer who already knows what will be the written can carefully tweak each letter to create a more harmonious, cohesive, and appealing shape.
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20 days ago
Keep digging
We don’t want to learn what customers think about the product, or what they like or dislike — we want to know what happened and how they chose.
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20 days ago
In this age of information, where daily we are flooded with images and noise, moments of quietude, emptiness, and self-chosen silence become more and more important.
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22 days ago
Woman plays violin while undergoing brain surgery
The medical team asked Dagmar Turner, 53, to play the instrument to ensure parts of the brain which control delicate hand movements and coordination were not damaged during the millimetre-precise surgery.
22 days ago
Find the Invisible Cow
Move your cursor around to find the cow. It’s hiding behind the shouting.
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22 days ago
Estote parati
Locuzione in latino per "siate pronti" o "siate preparati"
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22 days ago
The WHO sent 25 international experts to China and here are their main findings after 9 days
Much of the global community is not yet ready, in mindset and materially, to implement the measures that have been employed to contain COVID-19 in China. These are the only measures that are currently proven to interrupt or minimize transmission chains in humans.
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22 days ago
Milano non è un criceto
Due o tre giorni dopo, il 26 di febbraio, emanò il sindaco una grida, in cui ordinava pubbliche feste, per la prima edizione  dell’Apericena Week, senza sospettare o senza curare il pericolo d’un gran concorso, in tali circostanze: tutto come in tempi ordinari, come se non gli fosse stato parlato di nulla.
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23 days ago
Big Deals
There are few things more dangerous to startups than Big Deals. These are different from the deals that enterprise companies sign. They’re the deals upon which the entire life/death/success of the company rely. Founders lie to themselves by believing that catching a single Big Deal will automatically create a huge company. I’ve seen this belief kill a large number of startups.
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23 days ago
Technical Writing
Learning resources aims to improve your technical documentation (from Google)
documentation  writing  courses 
26 days ago
If you could go to the moon for free, would you do it
Earlier this week, the billionaire Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa won the long-running “saddest rich person” contest by announcing that he was looking for a girlfriend go to to the moon with him.
4 weeks ago
Fathom Analytics
Fathom is a simple and private website analytics platform. We don’t collect personal or invasive data about your users, nor do we use cookies, meaning you don’t have to show pesky notices to users about cookie tracking.
tools  webdev 
5 weeks ago
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Three decades ago, a group of inquisitive London musicians took a long hard look at that curious institution we call the Orchestra, and decided to start again from scratch. They began by throwing out the rulebook. Put a single conductor in charge? No way. Specialise in repertoire of a particular era? Perfect a work and then move on? Too lazy. The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment was born.
5 weeks ago
Biodiversity Heritage Library
The world’s largest open-access digital archive dedicated to the natural world, offering more than 150,000 high-resolution illustrations for copyright-free download.
archives  library  ecology  art 
5 weeks ago
4Columns is a website of arts criticism aimed at a general audience. Its title refers, quite literally, to what you’ll find there each week: four new columns, each with a distinctive voice and perspective
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5 weeks ago
Tiny Helpers
A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers...
webdev  tools 
5 weeks ago
A unique way to create patterns
tools  design 
6 weeks ago
What the coronavirus forcing me in lockdown's taught me about cooking; plus, how to make Mantou
Which brings us to the other great culinary mystery our time: why does fusion suck so hard?

Because I mean, if you look at cuisines around the world… the cultures at the intersection of great migrations or trade routes seem to have some pretty damn interesting food. Situated in the middle of the silk road, Uighur cuisine is an awesome mix between Northwestern Han Chinese and other central Asian foods. Sichuanese food, meanwhile, was the product of one of the most massive internal migrations of human history, when the province was repopulated by people from Hunan and Shandong after a devasting war (the Qing government kinda killed… everyone). The food in the Malacca straights, with the mix of Southeast Asian, Indian and Chinese flavors is aggressively awesome. Istanbul – at the crossroads of Occident and Orient - is one of the world’s great food cities.

So why, despite all of our best efforts in the past forty years, have our culinary mashups seemed to go basically nowhere? Like, seriously. With a touch of digging, you can have an entire globe’s worth of ingredients available to you.
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6 weeks ago
My productivity app is a single .txt file
I gave up and started just tracking in a single text file and have been using it as my main productivity system for 12 years now.
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6 weeks ago
Listing all things minimal
design  lists 
6 weeks ago
Building Wellcome Collection’s new archival storage service
The files themselves will likely outlive any particular software stack, so we want to organise them in a way that remains useful long after all our code is gone.
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7 weeks ago
Here’s what I didn’t know about list-style-type
Browsing the MDN page for list-style-type I discovered that there's a @counter-style at-rule. It allows you to define custom counter styles. It's list-style-type with super powers.
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7 weeks ago
‘High Maintenance’ and the New TV Fantasy of New York
To this generation of newcomers, moving to New York is quite different than it was in the past. As you arrive in the outer ­reaches of Brooklyn gentrification, you and everyone you know find yourselves spread thin geographically, specks of dust in distant orbit around Lower Manhattan, pressing up against communities that feel threatened by your presence. New York is as safe as it has ever been; if anyone’s the bad guy, it’s probably you. Of course, you hope that you aren’t, that you’re the kind of person who appreciates the city for its polyphony of voices, unlike some other newcomers, but in the end it won’t matter. And besides, after a long subway commute home, it’s easier than ever to not leave your apartment again: to order Seamless even though you told yourself you wouldn’t and pop on some streaming television, because there’s always something new to catch up on. And there, on the screen, is the New York you’d dreamed of, the one that challenges your perspective, the one that forces you to become a better version of yourself, the one where strangers come together and connect — even if it’s only for an instant.
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7 weeks ago
Brand New: New Logo for Tripadvisor
The new wordmark is a major improvement as the old one was truly bad, with a default font look that did not instill a lot of trust.
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7 weeks ago
Quindi entro in classe e scrivo alla lavagna
Perché - dico - la tradizione e la cultura di un popolo sono la selezione di quelle tradizioni e di quella cultura che sono utili al popolo oggi, rimuovendo quelle cose che il popolo ha fatto e che sarebbe pesante ricordare
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8 weeks ago
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