Anomaly Detection with Isolation Forest & Visualization
A sudden spike or dip in a metric is an anomalous behavior and both the cases needs attention. Detection of anomaly can be solved by supervised learning algorithms if we have information on…
6 days ago
howdoi/test_howdoi.py at master · gleitz/howdoi · GitHub
instant coding answers via the command line. Contribute to gleitz/howdoi development by creating an account on GitHub.
python  testing  code_examples 
8 days ago
GitHub - abiodunjames/Awesome-Clean-Code-Resources: An awesome curated list of clean code posts, books and videos
An awesome curated list of clean code posts, books and videos - abiodunjames/Awesome-Clean-Code-Resources
python  architecture  code_examples 
8 days ago
A Simple Explanation of Gini Impurity - victorzhou.com
What Gini Impurity is (with examples) and how it's used to train Decision Trees.
gini  random_forrest  datascientist 
19 days ago
How is Splitting Decided for Decision Trees? | Displayr
Decision trees work by repeatedly splitting the data to lead to the option which causes the greatest improvement. We explain how these splits are chosen.
random_forrest  datascientist  gini 
19 days ago
Python Decorators: How to Use it and Why?
A decorator takes in a function, adds some functionality and returns it. In this article, you will learn how you can create a decorator and why you should use it.
python  python_decorators  decorators 
21 days ago
Supercharge Your Classes With Python super() – Real Python
In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to leverage single and multiple inheritance in your object-oriented application to supercharge your classes with Python super().
python  super 
24 days ago
ARDR coin - Explore - Google Trends
Explore search interest for ARDR coin by time, location and popularity on Google Trends
CryptoCurrency  cryptotraitor 
28 days ago
A Multivariate Time Series Guide to Forecasting and Modeling (with Python codes)
Vector Auto Regression method for forecasting multivariate time series uses vectors to represent the relationship between variables and past values.
4 weeks ago
Writing Docs at Amazon – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
Recently, Ben Bashaw published a good article about the way that Amazon (almost uniquely) uses written documents to make decisions. This was posted to Hacker News and a lively discussion ensued…
table_reads  meetings 
7 weeks ago
The Silent Meeting Manifesto v1 - The Startup - Medium
I’m here to tell you that they don’t have to. I’m writing with the fervor of a missionary to stop terrible meetings. After discovering Silent Meetings I am converted. This article is meant to be put…
7 weeks ago
Apple Inc Interactive Charts --GuruFocus.com
Price at PE(without NRI)= 15
Price at P/S = 3.4
9 weeks ago
SQLAlchemy — pysheeet
10 weeks ago
Adobe InDesign - Using the Links Panel and Editing Artwork
Higher Education Knowledge Base content management, sharing and collaboration platform.
10 weeks ago
Anomaly Detection - Observability - Eng
F3 anomaly detection fits into the Argos suite of tools and U
anomaly_detection  uber_anomaly 
10 weeks ago
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