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'ex' sizing for vertical alignment
april 2015 by PeterMHoward
“Build mobile apps with simple HTML‚ CSS‚ and JS components”
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january 2015 by PeterMHoward
above-the-fold-css-tools/ at master · addyosmani/above-the-fold-css-tools
For best performance, PageSpeed Insights recommends inlining the critical (above-the-fold) CSS of your page directly into your HTML. This eliminates additional roundtrips and allows the browser to paint the above-fold experience to your user's screen sooner. The main idea is:

* Determine the above-the-fold styles for a page and write them between <style> tags in the head.
* Load all other stylesheets in the footer, ideally asynchronously.

The following is a list of tools to help generate, inline and report on critical-path CSS.
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august 2014 by PeterMHoward

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