Best Buy's Boss on the Lessons of Social Media | BusinessWeek
Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn on getting into social media to learn about his customers and employees—and knowing when to draw the line
socialmedia  leadership  ceo  WeeklyLeader 
december 2010
CEO's Job Stress Worried Pfizer | Wall Street Journal
Rare glimpse of a CEO who didn't/couldn't deal with the stress of the job. 
leadership  ceo  WeeklyLeader 
december 2010
Women in Leadership: How Far Have We Come? | Diversity Executive
Interesting, but not surprising, research report from Calvert Investments about the lack of diversity in leadership at the S&P 100
leadership  diversity  WeeklyLeader 
november 2010
The Born Identity | Talent Management (@coachgoldsmith)
Interesting take on identity from leadership/management guru Marshall Goldsmith
leadership  behavior  marshallgoldsmith  WeeklyLeader 
november 2010
What is the job of the president in a self-organized company? | Analytical-Mind (@analytical_mind)
Here's a leader examining his own leadership practice and style openly on the Internet. Refreshing and fun to follow.
leadership  ceo  practice  theory  behavior  WeeklyLeader 
october 2010
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