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Open Web Design - Home
web designs that are free to use
css  web  html 
july 2006 by peter_marklund
simple, open data formats such as hCard, hCalendar, hReview etc.
standards  web  xml 
june 2006 by peter_marklund
Peter Marklund's Home at Infogami
Aaron Swartz's interesting new project
tools  web 
april 2006 by peter_marklund
The Formula Used to Calculate Ratings - Wow Web Designs
true Bayesian estimate - average score formula used by IMDB
programming  web 
january 2006 by peter_marklund
nominations for best swedish websites
november 2005 by peter_marklund
Report Magic
prettier analog web stat reports
web  programming 
april 2005 by peter_marklund
Polyglot | skriker
Blogging with Wordpress in multiple languages
web  programming 
march 2005 by peter_marklund

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