ayvri - 3d scenes of the world's great adventures - Cycle, Hike, Run, Walk, Ground, Paraglide
3d animated topographical travel routes with distance counter. Upload data + animate.
map  maps  dataviz  travel  3d  animation 
september 2018
search words, results are colors
color  design  search  tools 
august 2018
Code Cartoons
Inspiring use of plain English and "cartoons" to explain complex tech.
blogs  code  javascript  react  articles 
june 2018
Design Blocks | Froala
Bootstrap 4 code block snippets
bootstrap  css  design  reference  tools 
may 2018
Wired Elements
sketchy hand-drawn style ui elements for wireframes (or any design)
css  design  javascript  prototyping  ui  webdesign 
may 2018
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