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Here’s why Boris Johnson’s plans have every chance of falling apart | Tom Kibasi | Opinion | The Guardian
In truth, Brexit is best understood as a prism through which an argument about the future of the country has been refracted. That’s why the argument over the level playing-field provisions in the political declaration is so important. For the ERG, the strategic purpose of Brexit has always been to deregulate at home in order to strike trade deals with the US and emerging markets, since most modern trade deals are less about tariffs and more about regulation, and their political goal is to realign Britain from the EU to the US.

Meanwhile, wavering Labour MPs have sought assurances on high standards, workers’ rights and environmental protections – which are all essential to keeping Britain a social democracy with a mixed economy. But both versions of the future cannot be true. This isn’t a matter of opinion but logic. Britain cannot be Sweden and Singapore at the same time. It can’t be in the US regulatory sphere and the EU sphere simultaneously.
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