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Shamima Begum’s case shows us citizenship can never protect our rights | James Bridle | Opinion | The Guardian
It is not hard to see echoes of May’s jingoism in her use of the British citizens living in the EU as pawns in the Brexit negotiations; we are, after all, mere “citizens of everywhere”. The global surveillance regime initiated in the “war on terror” has also allowed the security services to perform a de facto rewriting of the concept of citizenship, as revealed in the Edward Snowden documents. No longer is a passport or ID card sufficient to assert citizenship, and the rights that descend from it. Instead, our legal status is in a constant state of reassessment by GCHQ and the National Security Agency’s algorithmic data-processing systems, exposing us all to a form of digital statelessness.
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Tommy Robinson and the far right’s new playbook | World news | The Guardian
The real challenge posed by the far right is its success at spreading anti-Muslim and xenophobic attitudes in society at large. The best defence is a political movement that has anti-racism at its core and seeks to give people greater democratic control over the way their society is organised and run. But this is about more than politics as a professional occupation: it involves all of us, and it is a matter of culture and institutions as much as elections or parliamentary debates. The leading far-right activists understand this, and the campaign around Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is just one symptom of a bigger problem – which must be challenged, locally and internationally, before it starts to do serious damage.
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october 2018 by petej
ROAR Magazine: The Long Shadow of May ’68
After 2011, it became clear that in today’s globalized and financialized world, class struggle is alive and well—even if its forms have changed in a number of important ways as a result of the transformations of capitalism and work over the past four decades. Contemporary class struggles still fundamentally revolve against the opposition between those who own capital and those who have to sell their labor power in order to survive, but they no longer take place exclusively at the point of production (they arguably never did, but this was nevertheless long the privileged site of struggle for the dominant Marxist and anarcho-syndicalist traditions). Today’s struggles also crucially unfold in the relationship between debtors and creditors; between tenants and landlords; between taxpayers and state financiers. The field of action, in short, has become significantly greater and much more complex to navigate.
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june 2018 by petej
Karma Nabulsi · Don’t Go to the Doctor: Snitching on Students · LRB 18 May 2017
A Freedom of Information request to the police revealed that more than 80 per cent of the reports on individuals suspected of extremism were dismissed as unfounded. This ‘over-reporting’ by an army of officially empowered civilian informants, leading to the investigation of blameless British people by the police, has been defended as showing that Prevent is ‘working effectively’. What it really shows is how Prevent actually works: by encouraging, endorsing and institutionalising a set of conventions and values premised on fear, ignorance and suspicion of non-whites – immigrants, foreigners, racialised Muslims. Prevent has turned ordinary citizens and public sector workers into an auxiliary surveillance militia. Talking or texting in Arabic on a plane, speaking a foreign language in a doctor’s waiting room, wearing a hijab while walking down the street near your house, wearing a free Palestine badge at school – people doing all these things have been reported to police under the Prevent programme.

The legislation, clumsy and laughable on so many levels, is extraordinarily efficient on others. It divides Muslims (practising or not) from the rest of society; black or brown or immigrant or refugee from the white majority. Once you start seeing everyday behaviour as having the potential to draw people into terrorism, you’re inside the problem. A sizeable percentage of Britain’s population now live without freedoms enjoyed by the majority. But the majority don’t see this. They only see an individual black, brown or Muslim Brit – alone, bearded, on the Tube, taking his seat on a plane, waiting for the bus with bulky shopping between his feet. If he argues that there is a direct connection between Britain’s illegal war of aggression against Iraq and the increase in terrorism since 2003, or expresses views critical of British military conduct in Arab and Muslim countries, or criticises Israel for illegal and increasingly brutal practices that appear tied to its increasing impunity, he is suspect. These issues can no longer be discussed by him, because they are indicators of extremism.
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may 2017 by petej
Anti-terror laws risk 'chilling effect' on academic debate – Oxford college head | Education | The Guardian
Macdonald – a barrister, whose role as director of public prosecutions between 2003 and 2008 made him one of the most senior legal figures in England and Wales – said under the government’s guidance “the list of unacceptable topics might plausibly include much philosophical discourse, any Marxist analysis of a supposed class basis for our rule of law, and many atheist deconstructions of religion”.
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february 2016 by petej
The Limits of The Panopticon - Lawfare
"It would be a mistake to allow proponents of increased surveillance authority to use a failure of the prospective panopticon to argue for more power relevant to the retrospective panopticon. The limits of the prospective panopticon cannot be wished away by cryptographic backdoors and the like. These are inherent limitations of the system. Therefore, rather than using Paris as an argument for increasing surveillance authority, security services should look to where they can overcome the panopticon’s failings. For example, authorities should redouble their focus on human intelligence. Here, the relatively large cell size (perhaps 20 or more based on the number of arrests) made the conspiracy more vulnerable to infiltration, and the security services have all the necessary legal authorities to carry out this mission.

The electronic panopticon is attractive because it is often effective and inexpensive by design. But Paris presents an opportunity to acknowledge its limitations and recognize that making it “stronger” will not actually make it more effective."
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december 2015 by petej
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