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As some know, I'm an anarchist. I am voting Labour tomorrow. On Friday I will still be an anarchist. Governments won't save the planet, only we can do that, but whilst I respect my comrades abstentionist views, i can't stand aside in this election. /1
As some know, I'm an anarchist. I am voting Labour tomorrow. On Friday I will still be an anarchist. Governments won't save the planet, only we can do that, but whilst I respect my comrades abstentionist views, i can't stand aside in this election. /1
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yesterday by petej
Why Does Reddit Love to Hate? - Cyborgology
Voting doesn’t deliver the best, most important, or even the most popular content. Instead, voting asks that we adhere closely to established community norms, whether that be extremist free speech, hateful bigotry, or both.
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5 weeks ago by petej
I used to think that the Tory problem was housing. But now I'm not so sure
I think the bigger problem facing the Conservatives as a result of the housing market, is one of distribution: growing prices means that liberal and ideologically left-wing middle class voters, who might previously have remained in Manchester, London or Liverpool, are moving out to previously blue or marginal suburbs – and taking their voting habits with them (see, for instance, the Wirral constituencies, both Bury seats, and Croydon Central).
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march 2018 by petej
Dave Key-Pugh - Well, the people of Britain have spoken... | Facebook
Well, the people of Britain have spoken and 17 million of you have decided to react as so many of our politicians do nowadays - by answering a completely different question.

"Should we leave the EU?"

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. Let me speak."

"We are. We're asking should we leave the EU?"

"I want 1952 back."

"We don't have a time machine. Watch some Downton Abbey. Should we leave the EU?"

"Why are public services at breaking point?"

"You voted in the Tories (blue and yellow) in the last two elections. You asked for austerity. They told you they were going to rip up the social contract, transfer spending from the poor, sick and needy and give the cash to the rich. You said yes, please. Twice. Now, should we leave the EU?"

"But the NHS is broke and I can't afford a house."

"Stop voting in general elections based on who eats a bacon sandwich better. Should we leave the EU?"

" I have serious concerns about democracy and accountability."

"God save the Queen! But a system which rejected PR, has an unelected head of state and a second legislative chamber packed with hereditary aristocrats, religious leaders and cronies of past governments where politicians go when we vote them out or they resign in disgrace and doesn't even specify how many members it should have - that's just dandy? However, back to the subject, should we leave the EU?"

"I have serious and unprejudiced concerns over immigration."

"No you don't. Should we leave the EU?"

"No, honestly, I do."

"No. You don't. Look at the results. The areas with higher levels of immigrant population voted to stay and the areas that voted to leave most strongly have barely seen immigration since the Saxons and Vikings. Should we leave the EU?"

"You liberal elites can sneer and smear as much as you like. We can't sustain this level of immigration."

"Which is linked to the free trade area not the EU. Also, see global inequality, neo-liberslism, the rise of the corporation over the nation state.... oh and stop bombing places sandier than you and wondering why people want to live somewhere that isn't still on fire. Should we leave the EU?"

"But they're taking our jobs!"

"No. Many of our infrastructures and services are reliant on 'them' - or qualified, skilled workers. Take your pick over terminology. Personally, I'd prefer an experienced NHS Anaesthetist in Lech from Budapest than waiting another six months for my emergency op because only Steve from Basildon is left. But we're off topic again. Should we leave the EU?"

"Fine. I don't want to see so many non-white faces around me. I'm scared and I don't understand."

"Do you think Syria, Iraq and Foreignistan are in Europe? Just how Muslim do you believe Poland to be? Sorry, got sidetracked. Should we leave the EU?"

"I just hate David Cameron and want him gone."

"Job done. But... you do know he was stepping down at the next election anyway? He's a multi-millionaire who never needs to work again and was wanting to retire. Way to stick it to the man! Should we leave the EU?"

"Revolution, man, that's two fingers up to the establishment. Burn, baby, burn!"

"You think Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are anti-establishment revolutionaries? Wow. Back on planet Earth, should we leave the EU?"

"I want all that money back. Let's spend £350 million a week on the NHS."

"Yeah. It took Nigel Farage less than three hours this morning to admit what everyone who can count knew weeks ago - that that figure was a lie and there's no windfall heading the NHS's way. What about the £128 billion wiped out overnight by this vote? Anyway, should we leave the EU?"

"I don't know. I just want this to be over."

"It's only just begun..."

"I want my country back!"

"So do we. We just have different memories of what that country stood for...."
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july 2016 by petej
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