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"Underneath movement slogans, such as the Spanish indignados’ demand for “Real Democracy Now!” or Occupy Wall Street’s “We are the 99%”, lies the crisis of political representation. The collapse of both the revolutionary and reformist projects has left political elites unable to either reform themselves or funnel movement demands into institutional change. Yet the types of action we have so far adopted, from symbolic one-day strikes to the occupation of non-vital public squares, don’t reflect this new reality. We need to develop forms of struggle that materially interrupt the roll-out of austerity while directly enacting other values."
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april 2013 by petej
BBC News - England riots one year on: culprits jailed for 2,000 years
"The average custodial sentence was 16.8 months - more than four times the average term handed down by magistrates' courts for similar offences."
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august 2012 by petej
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