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Is fair play in running more important than fairness to Caster Semenya as a human? | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian
But both are different expressions of the same basic problem, which is that sport relies on strict binary divisions between men and women to create a level playing field. Yet society is drifting away from them, thanks not only to the shifting sands of gender identity but to greater medical understanding. There have almost certainly been elite sportswomen in the past with naturally sky-high testosterone levels that we simply didn’t know about. Semenya’s bad luck – and in some ways that of the experts asked to pass judgment on her – was to be born into a generation equipped with a more sophisticated but still incomplete scientific understanding of body chemistry, and vast anxiety about what it all means. Suddenly, sport’s sexual sorting hat is throwing up confused answers, and untangling them is a job for ethicists as much as for doctors.
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