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Can Labour forge a new, 21st-century socialism? | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
The problem is that these ideas have yet to be turned into the kind of stories and messages that might decisively push Labour somewhere new. The party has been transformed, but it has a split personality – to quote the academic Jeremy Gilbert, Labour continues to be divided between a “decentralised political movement that would like to build a more democratic and cooperative economy” and “a top-down project focused entirely on maintaining Corbyn’s leadership, which is largely proposing a return to the statist social democracy of the postwar era”. The former demands deep thought, and the willingness to surrender old orthodoxies; the latter is a comfort blanket to which much of the party still instinctively clings.
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september 2018 by petej
ROAR Magazine: The Long Shadow of May ’68
After 2011, it became clear that in today’s globalized and financialized world, class struggle is alive and well—even if its forms have changed in a number of important ways as a result of the transformations of capitalism and work over the past four decades. Contemporary class struggles still fundamentally revolve against the opposition between those who own capital and those who have to sell their labor power in order to survive, but they no longer take place exclusively at the point of production (they arguably never did, but this was nevertheless long the privileged site of struggle for the dominant Marxist and anarcho-syndicalist traditions). Today’s struggles also crucially unfold in the relationship between debtors and creditors; between tenants and landlords; between taxpayers and state financiers. The field of action, in short, has become significantly greater and much more complex to navigate.
May1968  students  strikes  DeGaulle  industrialism  post-industrialism  socialMovements  Thatcherism  MitterandFrancois  identityPolitics  technocracy  technology  financialisation  Blairism  ThirdWay  9/11  warOnTerror  crisis  LehmanBrothers  austerity  ArabSpring  class  politics  dctagged  dc:creator=RoosJerome 
june 2018 by petej A Permanent Election
"If that sounds a bit like squaring the circle, it is: it is an attempt to reconcile one of the most difficult issues in contemporary left politics – the interaction between social movement-style politics and operation within the political sphere proper. It will entail mistakes, and it will entail conflict, especially at the local level. Caution, judgement and a certain intransigence are all necessary qualities. Yet it is the key to unlocking the potential demonstrated on Thursday of last week, and to building the Corbyn surge into a wholesale political transformation."

"That we can talk of even the possibility of left government in the UK is a measure of how far we have come in the past two years, and how profoundly politics has changed in the near decade since the crash of 2008. We are not there yet. And as a historically literate left-winger, and one who holds positions to the left even of Corbyn, I am acutely aware of the limits and contradictions of Labour’s programme – not to mention the colossal resistance it has already and will yet face. Yet at the same time there is a singular opportunity to effect political change on a scale undreamt of by the British left for decades. To pass that up because of a love of minoritarianism, a nihilating cynicism which sees change as always doomed to failure or decay, or some hoary doctrine about the Labour Party’s unalterable nature – that would be colossal folly. It is time to win."
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june 2017 by petej
Labour’s Crisis and the End of the Two-Party System, Jeremy Gilbert
" In response to this problem, the most articulate of the Corbynites see Corbyn’s key role not as being the leader of a parliamentary bloc, but as a figurehead who can inspire people to join the party in their hundreds of thousands, to the point where there is a realistic chance of Labour’s memberships approaching one million within the next year or so. What exactly they plan to do with a million members if they get them remains unclear – but the general proposition that achieving such a figure would create an opportunity to transform British political culture through member-led community activism seems reasonable."
LabourParty  CorbynJeremy  UK  politics  inequality  insecurity  PLP  representation  NewLabour  membership  accountability  Podemos  SNP  SandersBernie  activism  socialMovements  dctagged  dc:creator=GilbertJeremy 
august 2016 by petej
Labour: The Way Ahead — Mosquito Ridge — Medium
"To counter the argument that a left-led Labour party is “unelectable” we need a convincing political strategy; an understanding of where the social movement idea fits into it; a narrative that fits the new situation and makes sense to millions of people; and an approach to official politics just as ruthless as the people trying to stop us."
LabourParty  CorbynJeremy  leadership  socialMovements  elections  BoltonMatt  PLP  Blairism  identity  strategy  politics  UK  dctagged  dc:creator=MasonPaul 
august 2016 by petej
Notes & Commentaries: A Corbyn Hot Take, or: A Revolution Without Solution?
"One should make no mistake here: there is no realistic prospect of replacing Corbyn in the short or even medium term with some imaginary leader who has his views but also all the connections and leadership skills the punditocracy might demand. There is, firstly, no such figure. And secondly, even if someone more charismatic or potentially tough were to replace him – a John McDonnell or Clive Lewis – this would be no more acceptable to the PLP opposition than Corbyn himself was. Any such transition attempt would leave the credibility of the democratic argument for Corbyn much weakened and open the door for any number of arbitrary deals and settlements, inevitably to the advantage of the Labour right with its long experience in internal manipulation. At the moment, as far as the specifics of the Labour leadership are concerned, it is either defend Corbyn or to concede the leadership of Labour to the Blairites in perpetuity. If the latter are allowed to use every form of political backstabbing and manoeuvering to destroy a left leadership – quite in contradiction to their own stated concerns with electability – there will never be room for one again. Precedent will have been set. That is at stake in Corbyn’s leadership race."
LabourParty  CorbynJeremy  leadership  PLP  KinnockNeil  populism  immigration  membership  socialMovements 
july 2016 by petej
The elites hate Momentum and the Corbynites - and I’ll tell you why | David Graeber | Opinion | The Guardian
"The real battle is not over the personality of one man, or even a couple of hundred politicians. If the opposition to Jeremy Corbyn for the past nine months has been so fierce, and so bitter, it is because his existence as head of a major political party is an assault on the very notion that politics should be primarily about the personal qualities of politicians. It’s an attempt to change the rules of the game, and those who object most violently to the Labour leadership are precisely those who would lose the most personal power were it to be successful: sitting politicians and political commentators.

If you talk to Corbyn’s most ardent supporters, it’s not the man himself but the project of democratising the party that really sets their eyes alight. The Labour party, they emphasise, was founded not by politicians but by a social movement. Over the past century it has gradually become like all the other political parties – personality (and of course, money) based, but the Corbyn project is first and foremost to make the party a voice for social movements once again, dedicated to popular democracy (as trades unions themselves once were). This is the immediate aim. The ultimate aim is the democratisation not just of the party but of local government, workplaces, society itself."
LabourParty  CorbynJeremy  leadership  PLP  democracy  democratisation  participation  socialMovements  politics  UK  dctagged  dc:creator=GraeberDavid 
july 2016 by petej
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