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Silicon Valley’s Dysfunction Fetish -- Daily Intelligencer
"Palihapitiya: We're in this really interesting shift. The center of power is here, make no mistake. I think we've known it now for probably four or five years. But it's becoming excruciatingly, obviously clear to everyone else that where value is created is no longer in New York, it's no longer in Washington, it's no longer in LA. It's in San Francisco and the Bay Area. And when you look at sort of, like, how markets react to things like that, and when there's no reaction, it should be taken as a very subtle signal that the power dynamics have changed. Because markets value meaningful events, markets discount meaningless events. And so the functional value of the government is effectively discounted to zero ...
Companies are transcending power now. We are becoming the eminent vehicles for change and influence, and capital structures that matter. If companies shut down, the stock market would collapse. If the government shuts down, nothing happens and we all move on, because it just doesn't matter. Stasis in the government is actually good for all of us. It means they can neither do anything semi-useful nor anything really stupid. They just sit there and they just kind of, you know ..."
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october 2013 by petej
Google Glass: just because you can… | Paul Bernal's Blog
"The real risk is at a much higher level – but it may be a danger that’s already been discounted. It’s the risk that our society goes down a route where surveillance is the norm. Where we expect to be filmed, to have our every movement, our every action, our every word followed, analysed, compiled, and aggregated for the service of companies that want to make money out of us and governments that want to control us. Sure, Google Glass is cool, and sure it does some really cool stuff, but is it really worth that?"
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june 2013 by petej
If You Wear Google's New Glasses You Are An Asshole
By donning Google Glass, you, the Google Glass user, are volunteering to be a foot soldier in Google's asshole army. (In fact you're paying for the privilege.)
Google  GoogleGlass  technology  augmentedReality  privacy  selfishness  individualism  neoliberalism  wearables 
march 2013 by petej
Your customer won’t take a bullet for you | gapingvoid
Ugh. Enough already of the metaphors of violence. Of course "loyalty schemes" are bullshit. We know that. But does everything come down to our individual self-interest? Really?
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august 2011 by petej

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