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The Sunday Essay: how we all colluded in Fortress Europe | Kenan Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
There is no iron law that says people must be irrevocably hostile to immigration. Many have become so because of the way that the issue has been framed by politicians on all sides. That framing has made immigration into a symbol of unacceptable change.

On the one hand, politicians have recognised a need for immigration. On the other, they have promoted the idea of immigration as a social problem that must be dealt with. At the same time, politicians often express disdain for those who express anxieties and fears about immigration, anxieties and fears that politicians often present as mere bigotry and racism. This poisonous mixture of necessity, fear and contempt has helped both to stigmatise migrants and create popular hostility towards the liberal elite for ignoring their views on immigration.

The contradictory needs and desires have also resulted in an incoherent, unworkable set of policies that have, paradoxically, been exacerbated by the development of free-movement policies within the EU. Freedom of movement is good and I am an advocate of such policy. The dream of free movement within the EU has, however, also spawned paranoia about the movement of people into the EU. The quid pro quo for Schengen has been the creation of a Fortress Europe, a citadel against immigration, watched over by a hi-tech surveillance system of satellites and drones and protected by fences and warships. When a journalist from Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine visited the control room of Frontex, the EU’s border agency, he observed that the language used was that of “defending Europe against an enemy”.
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EU call to aid vulnerable refugees amid rising Mediterranean death toll | World news | The Guardian
Only €90bn of a promised €202bn from European national capitals has so far materialised. The UK has paid in €0.6bn of its promised €3bn, far less than Italy, which has paid €32bn, and lagging behind France, Germany and Spain, which have put in €3bn each, according to the latest data from the European commission.
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Why Al Jazeera will not say Mediterranean 'migrants' - Al Jazeera English
"There is no "migrant" crisis in the Mediterranean. There is a very large number of refugees fleeing unimaginable misery and danger and a smaller number of people trying to escape the sort of poverty that drives some to desperation."

"Migrant is a word that strips suffering people of voice. Substituting refugee for it is – in the smallest way – an attempt to give some back."
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UK will not support rescue of Mediterranean migrants - Telegraph
"We do not support planned search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean. We believe that they create an unintended ‘pull factor’, encouraging more migrants to attempt the dangerous sea crossing and thereby leading to more tragic and unnecessary deaths."
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The 900 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean were killed by British government policy - Telegraph
" The 900 did not fall victim to some tragic accident. They were murdered. Actually, they were massacred.

The policy stipulated they should be left to die. So they died.

The policy was put in place so ministers could look tough on immigration. And now ministers do look tough. Very, very tough.

Parties across the political spectrum have fought to convince the voters that they too believed Britain would be better if we could just get immigration under control. And the death of The 900 will have gone some way to convincing them our politicians are serious.

We have got our wish. The 900 will never set foot here. 900 jobs are safe. 900 houses available for local people. 900 hospital beds left open. 900 empty school desks.

The 900 are gone. Britain is better."
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Bat, Bean, Beam: The Odyssey
Thirty centuries of progress, both technical and human, have been wound back by globalisation, war and the vanishing aspirations of our politics. This is what has made our small sea vast again, and impossible by design to safeguard or control: a barrier between worlds to be crossed at one’s peril.
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