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What next for British foreign policy in a post-Brexit world? | Christopher Hill | Opinion | The Guardian
First, in a world interconnected on so many levels, it is implausible for Britain to present itself as uniquely qualified to act as a hub. Second, a country that chooses to detach itself from its own region inevitably loses some of its attractiveness to others as both an entry point and a major player. Third, Britain is already struggling to find the resources to support foreign and defence policies. Fourth, the inability to live up to the claim to be a global player would create further reputational damage – the chaos of the past three years has already drained away much of the country’s famed “soft power”.


The EU has serious problems of its own, but still performs three functions of considerable importance to the United Kingdom. First, it represents a major bloc in the international economy, with an effective common commercial policy and a currency with a growing status on the money markets. If global economic “management” has any meaning, only the large states or groups of states with the capacity to stick together will be players. The same applies for the second function, that of tackling system-wide problems such as climate change, terror networks and nuclear proliferation. Here the limits to what individual states can do are even clearer. Third, insofar as the United States, China and Russia represent potential problems for all other units in the system, regional organisations give some protection against them. The EU in particular provides cover against isolation and, on occasion, the collective weight to resist.
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august 2019 by petej
'Something resembling hell': how does the rest of the world view the UK? | Politics | The Guardian
First, I should say that we French Europeans are grateful to our British friends for making sure one word has exited our vocabulary: Frexit.

For Brexit has made Frexit impossible. Four years ago, Marine Le Pen could still float the Frexit temptation and lead some of her supporters to believe that leaving the EU would somehow solve France’s problems.

By the time she launched her campaign for the 2017 presidential election, the Brexit referendum had already had one effect: the Front National leader no longer dared push her Frexit argument any more, confining herself instead to attacking the euro and advocating a return to the old franc. Even this proved a bad idea.

In the last TV debate between the two rounds of the election, Emmanuel Macron crushed Le Pen by proving how incoherent her idea of a French paradise outside the eurozone actually was. It took a year for her to recover, and two years for her party – now renamed National Rally – to produce a programme admitting that leaving the euro was “not a priority any more”.
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august 2019 by petej
How online surveillance is killing private conversations | World news | The Guardian
“Our discourse around privacy needs to expand to address foundational questions about the role of automation: to what extent is living in a surveillance-saturated world compatible with pluralism and democracy? What are the consequences of raising a generation of children whose every action feeds into a corporate database? What does it mean to be manipulated from an early age by machine-learning algorithms that adaptively learn to shape our behaviour?”
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july 2019 by petej
The Impersonality of Personal Profiles — Kate Losse
"Twitter no longer feels like Twitter because it aims to be a personal profile now instead of a stream of thoughts. Profiles are different: they are a place to present yourself to the world, a place to appear palatable/approachable/hirable to the largest number of people. They are the Sunday best section of social media, but as such they are heavily constructed, pressed, vulnerable to staining, and therefore must be meticulously maintained. Personal profiles in this moment of social media are actually the least personal spaces there are, because they are shaped so heavily by what the platform considers is important to say about you (the reason profile 'rollouts' are such a big deal for social platforms is because what is being rolled out is the format that determines how you will be able to represent yourself)."
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april 2014 by petej
Blue Lines Revisited - It feels as if we’re all trying to be a cheeky...
"But the effect of this on Twitter is to create a house style which is more or less identical to the “watching TV” style - perpetual zingers, whether about news, what you’re reading, your entire life… it’s all done DVD commentary style. I don’t think outside the media people are thinking “please notice me Buzzfeed!”, I just think people adapt to the language and rhythms of the culture they’re in, and at the moment that’s what Twitter is (and wants to be)."
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january 2014 by petej
Against Efficiency Machines | thread & circuits

"I began blogging in 1998, before the coinage of “blog.” I was a graduate student at the time, but I already had a long history with writing in public, and it didn’t occur to me that I wrote for anyone besides a handful of other junior scholars and punks – in other words, others like me. But in the ever more saturated digital age, blogging has changed, at least for me. My experience of writing online is less informal experimentation and wild theorizing, and more multitudinous, increasingly professionalizing “interaction,” or what feels like immaterial labor, with electronic media and other never-sleeping machines. While I once enjoyed the conversations made possible through long-distance forms, I now find that I want more time apart from the imperative for continuous production and volitional surveillance. I link my now ambivalent response to blogging, coding, and its other cousins as imperative for scholarly relevance to neoliberalism and its demands for flexible subjects, immaterial labor, round-the-clock consumption, and the commodification of the self."
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