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mainly macro: There is only one alternative to Prime Minister Boris Johnson
The awkward truth for those who for whatever reason dislike Corbyn’s Labour party is that Labour is the only party that can defeat this government, and its leader in the next election will be Corbyn. Voting is always a choice between the lesser of two evils. Supporting smaller parties when that lets the Conservatives win, or supporting none, may make those who dislike Corbyn’s Labour feel better, but it is in effect a statement that Corbyn’s Labour party would be just as bad for the country as a whole as out current government, and that is simply not a credible belief. Corbyn is not going to leave the EU with no deal, and in practice will be unable to leave the EU in any way. Corbyn is not threatening to prorogue parliament, is not desperate to do a trade deal with Donald Trump, does not lie all the time, does not get friends to beat up opponents, and does not have a history of using racist language. Whereas Johnson promises tax cuts for the rich, a Corbyn led government would help the many, not the few.
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yesterday by petej
George Conway: Trump is a racist president - The Washington Post
No, I thought, President Trump was boorish, dim-witted, inarticulate, incoherent, narcissistic and insensitive. He’s a pathetic bully but an equal-opportunity bully — in his uniquely crass and crude manner, he’ll attack anyone he thinks is critical of him. No matter how much I found him ultimately unfit, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt about being a racist. No matter how much I came to dislike him, I didn’t want to think that the president of the United States is a racial bigot.

But Sunday left no doubt. Naivete, resentment and outright racism, roiled in a toxic mix, have given us a racist president. Trump could have used vile slurs, including the vilest of them all, and the intent and effect would have been no less clear. Telling four non-white members of Congress — American citizens all, three natural-born — to “go back” to the “countries” they “originally came from”? That’s racist to the core. It doesn’t matter what these representatives are for or against — and there’s plenty to criticize them for — it’s beyond the bounds of human decency. For anyone, not least a president.
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Trump’s ‘go back’ racism is crude, but may be dangerously effective | Afua Hirsch | Opinion | The Guardian
The difference between Britain and the US, however, is that while Americans are having an argument about their known problem of racism, in Britain we are still having an argument about whether an argument even needs to be had.

Theresa May, who brought in the “Go Home” immigration vans, felt able to condemn Trump’s remarks about the four congresswomen as if from a position of moral authority.

Media personalities such as Piers Morgan – who has questioned my right to criticise British “heroes” – or columnists who say that black British figures such as Stormzy should be “grateful” to be in their own country, vigorously deny racism is intended.

Americans are more likely to acknowledge the existence of the kind of racism about which British people remain in denial. The problem in the US is that racism still has its uses. The question for the next presidential election will increasingly be, how many are willing to be complicit in the cost of that racism in exchange for the benefit – in this case, the support of an electoral base fired up by the president’s reviling of migrants and people of colour.

In a press conference responding to Trump’s remarks, the congresswomen affected expressed a desire not to let Trump’s tweets achieve what is, in reality, always racism’s true intent: distraction. “We should not take the bait,” Pressley said. She is right. Trump is turning on these congresswomen quite deliberately, having calculated that, regardless of their policies – which are centred substantially on addressing class inequality – US voters aren’t ready for a Democratic party which looks like them.

Yet it would be wrong to be dismissive of rhetoric as racist as this. Its intended purpose is certainly to play on the fears our racialised pasts have deposited in the present. But that can be a very reliable political strategy.
USA  politics  TrumpDonald  racism  UK  nativism  nationalism  populism  immigration  dctagged  dc:creator=HirschAfua 
5 days ago by petej
Democrats are right to condemn Trump’s racism, but they risk walking into his trap | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian
The result is that Democrats face a choice between doing what is morally right and what is politically smart. When you’re dealing with an amoral bigot in the White House, those two things are not always the same.
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5 days ago by petej
Is there a growing far-right threat online? - BBC News
"Neo-Nazi ideology does not attract the masses in Austria anymore. So it made sense to modernise their appearance, to modernise the language and to some extent to also modernise their ideas.

"They have replaced terms that have been considered historically stained by newer terms that are more appealing to a broader public. For example they don't speak of mass deportation - they speak of 're-migration'. They say, 'we're not racist, we're ethnopluralist.'"
Christchurch  massacre  TarrantBrenton  hatred  Islamophobia  Austria  GenerationIdentity  identitarianism  farRight  Europe  SellnerMartin  Muslims  migration  neo-Nazism  separatism  racism  fascism  libertarianism  4chan  Gab  Discord  recruitment  radicalisation  tactics  Charlottesville  violence  Internet 
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All gates open
Electronic monitoring can be used to make people feel like they are in prison, as Kofman details, or it can be oriented toward making containment feel like pleasure, as casino management demonstrates. In either case, data collection is presumed to provide leverage over not just how people behave but how they experience it. Surveillance is made synonymous with "emotion detection" and then emotion correction. The ambition of tech companies and governments alike is to generalize this monitoring and inflect it to indicate an individual's social standing. No one would be free in the sense of being safe from observation; instead everyone would just be in the jail or in the casino. How we are being watched would dictate how we feel, and not whether anyone is watching or not.
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Integrate, migrants are told. But can they ever be good enough for the likes of Blair? | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
The question is how far Britain is willing to change its ideas of Britishness to accommodate all the millions of people who have so much to give it. But to do that, the pundits must stop treating the white working class as if it is one fused-together identity, ignoring the reality that in many parts of our cities the working class is not white at all, from the security guards who mind the offices to the cleaners who come after dark.

The politicians should stop nodding at racists and their “legitimate grievances”. Stop seeing people from ethnic minorities for what they are, and finally see them for who they are.
BlairTony  immigration  migrants  integration  racism  blame  UK  dctagged  dc:creator=ChakraborttyAditya 
12 weeks ago by petej
'All I hear is anger and frustration': how Brexit is affecting our mental health | Politics | The Guardian
The disconnect between what some people feel – more than six million signed the revoke petition – and what it is assumed that everyone feels (they want to leave, now; they voted once and don’t want to say it again), leaves huge swathes of the population with their political views denied, rendered inauthentic. What if you’re in favour of free movement? What if you think sovereignty is a stupid thing to get worked up about? What if you never thought international collaboration on lawmaking was a bad thing? What if you didn’t see it as losing control? You’re not just outside political parties and discourse, you are a non-person, stateless in Brexitland. And if your civic identity is quite central to your sense of self, that’s hard to take.
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april 2019 by petej
Best of luck and all love to those on the #PeoplesVoteMarch today! While I’ve still got huge reservations about a second ref in itself (as well as the apparatchiks running the campaign), it’s the failures of the Tory Party in government driving polari
What's Labour's strategy? In my view, it's letting the Tories implode while keeping together their fractious 2017 electoral coalition. Which means blocking No Deal, expressing a preference for Brexit to happen, and simultaneously keeping avenues open that could lead to No Brexit.

Which means that Labour's Brexit position is in a constant state of flux. It's like Schrodinger's cat - Labour are hoping that they can leave the box unopened for as long as possible, while occasional yowling and scratching noises assure people there is definitely a cat in there.

It's frustrating, it's boring and shifty, but guess what? It's been effective so far.

Now, if May's deal finally gets the coup de grace this week, Labour must move towards a Brexit position which still delivers it's 3 strategic objectives as outlined before.

In my opinion, that means firstly pursue whichever Parliamentary option makes a General Election most likely. Secondly, put renegotiate a softer Brexit on the manifesto. And thirdly, put the renegotiated deal to a referendum with Remain on the ballot (ideally, without No Deal).
UK  EU  Brexit  politics  PeoplesVote  referendum  demonstration  London  Remain  LabourParty  immigration  freedomOfMovement  precarity  racism  farRight  dctagged  dc:creator=SarkarAsh 
march 2019 by petej
Until Christchurch I thought it was worth debating with Islamophobes. Not any more | Nesrine Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
It is time to stop pleading. It is time to call things what they are and not temper or apologise for the strength of the allegations, to call people racists, opportunists and complicit hatemongers even if they do grace our prestigious publications and seats of governance. It is time to do what they always accuse you of doing anyway, and “shut down the debate”.
Christchurch  massacre  Islamophobia  media  Muslims  hatred  racism  immigration  UK  politics  populism  whiteSupremacism  dctagged  dc:creator=MalikNesrine 
march 2019 by petej
Shamima Begum’s case shows us citizenship can never protect our rights | James Bridle | Opinion | The Guardian
It is not hard to see echoes of May’s jingoism in her use of the British citizens living in the EU as pawns in the Brexit negotiations; we are, after all, mere “citizens of everywhere”. The global surveillance regime initiated in the “war on terror” has also allowed the security services to perform a de facto rewriting of the concept of citizenship, as revealed in the Edward Snowden documents. No longer is a passport or ID card sufficient to assert citizenship, and the rights that descend from it. Instead, our legal status is in a constant state of reassessment by GCHQ and the National Security Agency’s algorithmic data-processing systems, exposing us all to a form of digital statelessness.
BegumShamima  citizenship  rights  legal  RomanEmpire  racism  UK  MayTheresa  IslamicState  jihadism  hostileEnvironment  surveillance  warOnTerror  JavidSajid  dctagged  dc:creator=BridleJames 
march 2019 by petej
Amazon’s Home Security Company Is Turning Everyone Into Cops - Motherboard
Ring sells a very particular message: while you shouldn’t trust your neighbors, you can trust Amazon to help police it. The Neighbors app is free. But the more unsafe the app makes you feel the most inclined you would feel to dole out money for a Ring home security system.
Amazon  CCTV  surveillance  Neighbors  policing  crime  suspicion  Ring  NextDoor  racism  theft  discrimination  trust  distrust  fear  bias 
february 2019 by petej
Runnymede Trust / Islamophobia
Islamophobia is any
distinction, exclusion or restriction towards, or
preference against, Muslims (or those perceived
to be Muslims) that has the purpose or effect
of nullifying or impairing the recognition,
enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of
human rights and fundamental freedoms in the
political, economic, social, cultural or any other
field of public life.
UK  Islamophobia  hatred  racism  RunnymedeTrust  prejudice  discrimination  Muslims 
january 2019 by petej
Let's call Islamophobia what it is - mainstream, anti-Muslim racism
There has been a concerted effort by the far right (with much complicity in the media) to separate Muslims from other racialised groups. As Claire Alexander argued in the Runnymede Trust’s report on Islamophobia last year there has been a deliberate shift by the far right to focus racisms on “narrow biological markers”, thereby stripping it of its social, structural and historical context. This means denying that Muslims are a racial or ethnic group (thereby undermining their claims of racial discrimination compared to those of Sikhs or Jews) and positioning “Islamic identity” as a choice that Muslims can make, rather than viewing it as something which is attributed to them, regardless of the extent to which they practice their religion. All diversity within the religion – nationality, ethnicity, language and history – has been erased and Muslims are presented as a homogenous group, inseparable from Islamist extremists and incompatible with Western civilisation.

Anyone who argues that anti-Muslim sentiments are not racist because they focus on “religious or cultural practices”, rather than on ethnic or racial characteristics, is being disingenuous. Suggesting that there is a clear line between hatred and fear of Islam (the ideology) and prejudice against ordinary individual Muslims (who may or may not practice the religion) is being deceitful. And conflating and erasing all the diversity and differences within Muslim minority communities so you can vilify them as a group is manifestly racism in every other guise. Let’s not pretend that anti-Muslim racism is anything else.
UK  Islamophobia  hatred  racism  RobinsonTommy  JohnsonBoris  LiddleRod  bigotry  farRight  prejudice 
january 2019 by petej
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