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Robots 'could replace 250,000 UK public sector workers' | Technology | The Guardian
"Staff should embrace the gig economy"... "where workers support themselves through a variety of flexible jobs acquired through online platforms"

So: embrace miserable wages, no sick pay, no holiday pay, no pension, no way of convincing a landlord you're an OK prospect as a long-term tenant. Embrace waking up and reaching for your mobile wondering whether you've got any chance of paid work today or not.

And "job losses must be handled sensitively".

That's OK then
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february 2017 by petej
We can escape Brexit doom with one small tweak to free movement | Opinion | The Guardian
"It says to people with strong cultural traditions, a strong sense of place and community (sometimes all they have left from the industrial era) that “your past does not matter”. It promotes the ideal worker as a rootless person with no attachment to place or community, and with limited political rights; whose citizenship resides in their ability to work alone."

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