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Runnymede Trust / Islamophobia
Islamophobia is any
distinction, exclusion or restriction towards, or
preference against, Muslims (or those perceived
to be Muslims) that has the purpose or effect
of nullifying or impairing the recognition,
enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of
human rights and fundamental freedoms in the
political, economic, social, cultural or any other
field of public life.
UK  Islamophobia  hatred  racism  RunnymedeTrust  prejudice  discrimination  Muslims 
january 2019 by petej
Let's call Islamophobia what it is - mainstream, anti-Muslim racism
There has been a concerted effort by the far right (with much complicity in the media) to separate Muslims from other racialised groups. As Claire Alexander argued in the Runnymede Trust’s report on Islamophobia last year there has been a deliberate shift by the far right to focus racisms on “narrow biological markers”, thereby stripping it of its social, structural and historical context. This means denying that Muslims are a racial or ethnic group (thereby undermining their claims of racial discrimination compared to those of Sikhs or Jews) and positioning “Islamic identity” as a choice that Muslims can make, rather than viewing it as something which is attributed to them, regardless of the extent to which they practice their religion. All diversity within the religion – nationality, ethnicity, language and history – has been erased and Muslims are presented as a homogenous group, inseparable from Islamist extremists and incompatible with Western civilisation.

Anyone who argues that anti-Muslim sentiments are not racist because they focus on “religious or cultural practices”, rather than on ethnic or racial characteristics, is being disingenuous. Suggesting that there is a clear line between hatred and fear of Islam (the ideology) and prejudice against ordinary individual Muslims (who may or may not practice the religion) is being deceitful. And conflating and erasing all the diversity and differences within Muslim minority communities so you can vilify them as a group is manifestly racism in every other guise. Let’s not pretend that anti-Muslim racism is anything else.
UK  Islamophobia  hatred  racism  RobinsonTommy  JohnsonBoris  LiddleRod  bigotry  farRight  prejudice 
january 2019 by petej
Live like common people – The Ed Techie
When someone uses these terms then it’s worth asking: “who else do they exclude in their definition of the real world?” & “what are they hoping to control and shut down by dismissing these people?” The answers to these questions will demonstrate why the use of such terms is not just reaching for the nearest cliche, but indicative of a more sinister mindset. In short, breaking news – this is real life.
populism  academia  language  exclusion  diversity  inclusion  prejudice  dctagged  dc:creator=WellerMartin 
november 2018 by petej
Unlearning the myth of American innocence | US news | The Guardian
American exceptionalism did not only define the US as a special nation among lesser nations; it also demanded that all Americans believe they, too, were somehow superior to others. How could I, as an American, understand a foreign people, when unconsciously I did not extend the most basic faith to other people that I extended to myself? This was a limitation that was beyond racism, beyond prejudice and beyond ignorance. This was a kind of nationalism so insidious that I had not known to call it nationalism; this was a self-delusion so complete that I could not see where it began and ended, could not root it out, could not destroy it.
USA  politics  culture  history  exceptionalism  nationalIdentity  nationalism  patriotism  segregation  racism  prejudice  class  BaldwinJames  Turkey  travel  Islam  journalism  Istanbul  AKP  Erdogan  PKK  conspiracyTheory  deepState 
august 2017 by petej
French literary boy wonder Édouard Louis on saving the working class from Marine Le Pen | Books | The Guardian
Louis is equally angry about what he sees as the “global fascination with the extreme right” that has hijacked the news agenda and made everyone a prisoner of the far-right discourse. “Even the most ridiculous thing said by Marine Le Pen or Nigel Farage makes headlines, while anyone who is young, who is trying to invent a new discourse, is ignored. It’s a shrinking democracy: the right speaks to the right, the left speaks to the right, where is the left’s discourse? What’s even more dramatic is that the whole world is speaking the language of the extreme right; Marine Le Pen is imposing the language, the subjects we talk about.

“My friends go and debate with the FN on television, but I say no. I will not legitimise their issues by responding. Twenty years ago nobody listened to them or their views because they were considered so outdated.”

He adds: “Silence has to be a part of our progress. We have to put silence at the centre of politics today. Stop responding to the questions, stop letting them control the language, the debate, the agenda. I hear some argue it’s better to be open about these things. If you are racist and hide your racism, then you’re a hypocrite. I say no, it’s better you keep quiet.
LouisEdward  homosexuality  homophobia  prejudice  brutality  violence  poverty  exclusion  France  FrontNational  LePenMarine  racism  media  politics  farRight 
march 2017 by petej
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