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Persistent Identifiers and URLs
"If I would design a persistent identifier service today (as if we would need yet another persistent identifier service), I would build the system around an URL shortening service that I control. The URLs could look very similar to what we have with DOIs now, e.g., but it would be clear that persistent identifiers are URLs, not something separate. Plus we could take adavantage of all the lessons learned - and possibly even reuse open source code - with URL shorteners, which are much more widely used than scholarly persistent identifiers."
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june 2015 by petej
The Lesson of the Sony Hack: We Should All Jump to the ‘Erasable Internet’ -
“Everyone is so excited about the cloud, but the cloud is really a drunken Xerox machine making copies of pretty much everything that everyone has said anywhere and spewing it all over the place,” said Howard Lerman, the co-creator of Confide, a messaging app that works like the corporate version of Snapchat.
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december 2014 by petej
Yet another post about Google (not really) removing the URL bar from Chrome | Smethurst
"Even so there must be a way we can decouple provenance from location from label. What we’ve got now doesn’t work because too many “stakeholders” disagree about what we’re trying to achieve. It’s hard to not break the web because the marketing manager changes their mind about the brand message and no-one knows how to separate identifiers from labels. The problem isn’t with Google “removing” the URL bar; whatever any browser provider does to patch over this won’t work because there isn’t a right answer because the problem goes deeper. We’re misusing a thing designed to do one thing to do half a dozen other things none of which are compatible."
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may 2014 by petej
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