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The Internet of Things Plan To Make Libraries and Museums Awesomer | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
"It’s like a little virtual tap on the shoulder," she says.

If anyone tapped me on the shoulder, my reaction would be to tell them to keep their hands to themselves.
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january 2015 by petej
Nina Simon: The museum of 'and' - Santa Cruz Sentinel
"American culture prioritizes a winner-take-all mentality that emphasizes "or," not "and." This single-winner mindset limits the imagination when we talk about change in organizations and our community. "And" opens up possibilities. I hope that we as a community can revel in the nuance, opportunity, and creative tension of the museum of "and.""
museums  art  history  culture  participation  inclusion  exclusion  dctagged  dc:creator=SimonNina 
november 2013 by petej
CSV now, or APIs/Linked Data later? | Richard's WP blog
"If a museum simply spits out a CSV file of collections data, it is missing a major opportunity to publish its collection, authoritatively, and to do so in a way which allows others to build on that core information set, comment on it, “like” objects in the collection, etc. It is also requiring anyone who wants to use that information to process it first, interpret it as best they can, and store the results of that additional work somewhere where no-one else can benefit from it. Neither party benefits from this."
museums  data  formats  linkedData  API 
february 2011 by petej
OpenCulture » Blog Archive » Museums in a Digital Nation - Keynote to UK Museums on the Web 2010
"The events of recent months, and the cuts that are still to come, are not a temporary aberration. This is not a bump in the road. Museums are entering a new era. We are a country in crisis. A country at war. We have a Coalition that does not fundamentally believe that culture should be funded by the taxpayer. This is not a question of sitting it out, of waiting for the sun to shine again."
museums  cuts  publicSector  publicSpending  funding  coalition  dctagged  dc:creator=PooleNick 
november 2010 by petej
OpenCulture » Blog Archive » When Worlds Collide
"This was a room to which you could say ‘crowdsource’ without 200 people thinking ‘git’."
openness  openAccess  licensing  copyright  businessModels  museums  openData  dctagged  dc:creator=PooleNick  humour  jdcc09 
july 2009 by petej
Museum 2.0: Deliberately Unsustainable Business Models
"do great stuff while you can, and when you can't do it anymore, stop."
museums  innovation  creativity  economics  sustainability 
march 2009 by petej
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