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Housing without debt — Medium
"The housing crisis exposes as false the traditional political association between capitalism and ‘free markets’. In fact, today, capitalism is eating the market. More specifically, the market for housing debt is sucking the life from all the other markets for actual things (products and services)."
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february 2016 by petej
Aaron Bastani: Our economy is recovering, we’re told - London Student
"UK growth is coming from record numbers entering the labour market, overwhelmingly in low-paid, low-productivity service work which is almost always characterised by ‘in-work poverty’. Alongside that, increases in domestic consumption aren’t coming from rising ‘real’ wages that are adjusted for inflation but declining savings and a rentier class at the top of society  – you know, the people who are getting mortgages with practically free credit so that they can ask you for 10% rent increases every year? Yeah, those ones."
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february 2014 by petej
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