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“When You Get That Wealthy, You Start to Buy Your Own Bullshit”: The Miseducation of Sheryl Sandberg | Vanity Fair
Why do so many M.B.A.s struggle to make the ethical decisions that seem so clear to the rest of us? Is it right to employ a scummy P.R. firm to deflect attention from our failures? Is it O.K. if we bury questions about user privacy and consent under a mountain of legalese? Can we get away with repeatedly choosing profits over principles and then promising that we will do better in the future?
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november 2018 by petej
Spice: a lethal epidemic fuelled by austerity | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
As well as the lunacy of our continuing prohibition of cannabis (whose liberalisation would kill some of the demand for dangerous alternatives), Spice shines a light on deep social attitudes to poverty and personal breakdown, and the way that at a certain point on the modern social continuum, empathy and care seem to shrink to nothing. In most places, spice users are shorthanded as “zombies” – a term used on that Mirror front page, that chimes with popular stereotypes of drug users down the ages(witness the famous American book published in the 1920s, Dope: The Story of the Living Dead), but also betrays a very modern sense of snobbery and voyeurism.

Certainly, on Facebook and YouTube, phone-videos of spice “zombies” form a grim genre: a nasty, contemptuous kind of entertainment, in which self-evident suffering is there to be giggled at. One Facebook post captures the general idea: “After the success of our first ‘spice zombie’ spotting tour through Grimsby town centre last Saturday … we plan to bring it to Hull city centre on Saturday 30 June. It’s a great day out for all ages, spotting the spice zombies from the safety of a large, friendly group.”
UK  spice  drugs  poverty  exclusion  mentalHealth  austerity  voyeurism  contempt  empathy  morality  dctagged  dc:creator=HarrisJohn 
september 2018 by petej
James Comey helped Trump win. Now he wants to undo his mistake | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian
“I don’t think he’s medically unfit to be president,” he said. “I think he’s morally unfit to be president. A person who sees moral equivalence in Charlottesville, who talks about and treats women like they’re pieces of meat, who lies constantly about matters big and small, and insists the American people believe it: that person’s not fit to be president of the United States on moral grounds.”
USA  politics  ComeyJames  FBI  TrumpDonald  election  ClintonHillary  morality  dctagged  dc:creator=WolffeRichard 
april 2018 by petej
From Mother Jones to Middlebury: The Problem and Promise of Political Violence in Trump’s America | Foreign Policy
If unsanctioned violence is the product of intolerable pressure, does sanctioned violence deserve to even share a name with it? There is no identifiable pressure behind nor any clear prohibition in the way of the sanctioned violence that constitutes the vast majority of the world’s political violence and which is itself the very cause of grinding pressure in individual lives. Anarchists burn limos because limo owners burn the planet. The miners strike because the company robs and breaks them. The streets of Ferguson explode because the city of Ferguson loots and kills the streets.

What is so terribly difficult to understand about the clutched pearls of our present day is how readily those most eager to condemn the incivility of burning cars and punches overlook the most basic fact about their home. This is America. We do not resolve our disagreements with debate here; we do not respect all views, settle differences at the ballot box, and live calm and dutiful in civil peace except when we are interrupted by callous and unjustifiable outbursts of violence. The continent was cleared by guns and smallpox, the nation built up by the whip. A police baton and a jail cell prop up our civil life, and this is not simply a matter of who struck first. Political violence is a violation of our status quo, even one indulged by “both sides” of some political struggle. It is the essential mechanism. We have been examining what we took to be a feature of the landscape but instead discovered a foundation, deep and essential to the stone.
USA  politics  protest  violence  BlairMountain  miners  history  exploitation  ethics  morality  tactics  Ferguson  WilsonDarren  BlackLivesMatter  ZimmermanGeorge  RoofDylann  lynching  dctagged  dc:creator=RensinEmmett 
march 2017 by petej
What to Do About Trump? The Same Thing My Grandfather Did in 1930s Vienna – Tablet Magazine
Which leads me to the third principle, the one hardest to grasp: Refuse to accept what’s going on as the new normal. Not now, not ever. In the months and years to come, decisions will be made that may strike you as perfectly sound, appointments announced that are inspired, and policies enacted you may even like. Friends and pundits will reach out to you and, invoking nuance, urge you to admit that there’s really nothing to fear, that things are more complex, that nothing is ever black or white. It’s a perfectly sound argument, of course, but it’s also dead wrong: This isn’t about policy or appointments or even about outcomes. This isn’t a political contest—it’s a moral crisis.
TrumpDonald  USA  politics  election  anti-Semitism  fear  history  fascism  racism  morality 
november 2016 by petej
Remarks at the SASE Panel On The Moral Economy of Tech
"What we've done as technologists is leave a loaded gun lying around, in the hopes that no one will ever pick it up and use it. "
informationTechnology  personalData  control  surveillance  ethics  morality  policing  socialMedia  privacy  dctagged  dc:creator=CeglowskiMaciej 
july 2016 by petej
An Evening with Thomas Docherty, but a Lifetime with the Eichmann Academics | Academic Irregularities
"Performance management is a process of constant surveillance, reporting, evidencing and self-justification unfolding amidst the pervasive accusation that the individual is undeserving of the status of professor. But there is a process, and it will be observed"
education  higherEducation  universities  managerialism  performance  management  DochertyThomas  morality  ethics  responsibility  teaching  TEF 
february 2016 by petej
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