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The Limits of The Panopticon - Lawfare
"It would be a mistake to allow proponents of increased surveillance authority to use a failure of the prospective panopticon to argue for more power relevant to the retrospective panopticon. The limits of the prospective panopticon cannot be wished away by cryptographic backdoors and the like. These are inherent limitations of the system. Therefore, rather than using Paris as an argument for increasing surveillance authority, security services should look to where they can overcome the panopticon’s failings. For example, authorities should redouble their focus on human intelligence. Here, the relatively large cell size (perhaps 20 or more based on the number of arrests) made the conspiracy more vulnerable to infiltration, and the security services have all the necessary legal authorities to carry out this mission.

The electronic panopticon is attractive because it is often effective and inexpensive by design. But Paris presents an opportunity to acknowledge its limitations and recognize that making it “stronger” will not actually make it more effective."
Paris  attack  terrorism  surveillance  policing  mobilePhones  warOnTerror  legal 
december 2015 by petej
Digital Devices and Learning to Grow Up | The Frailest Thing
"encouraging people to habitually render other human beings unworthy of their attention seems like a poor way to build a just and equitable society"
technology  children  communication  mobilePhones  games  rudeness  attention  parenting  age  Internet 
july 2015 by petej
Why the modern world is bad for your brain | Science | The Guardian
"This has created an implicit expectation that you should be able to reach someone when it is convenient for you, regardless of whether it is convenient for them"
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march 2015 by petej
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