petej + microdata   83 Evolution of Structured Data on the Web - ACM Queue
It seems rather sad that Dublin Core is completely missing from the history part of this article.  data  Web  semanticweb  Google  RDFa  microdata  JSON-LD  syntax 
december 2015 by petej
Rich snippets not appearing - Webmaster Tools Help
In general, Google won't display any content in rich snippets that is not visible to human user. It can be tempting to add all the content relevant for a rich snippet in one place on the page, mark it up, and then hide the entire block of text using techniques like display:none, value-title, css etc. Don't do it! Google will ignore content that isn't visible to human users, so you should mark up the text that visitors will see on your web pages.
Google  richSnippets  data  metadata  HTML  microdata  visibility 
june 2012 by petej
Why Microdata, Not RDF, Will Power the Semantic Web — The Digital Shift
"A disappointingly tabloid-style treatment of a much more nuanced situation" @danbri in comments
microdata  RDF  RDFa  semanticWeb  dctagged  dc:creator=TennantRoy 
april 2012 by petej
Tom Morris - Busting a semantic web myth: “top-down committees”
"With the announcement today of the ridiculous built atop the utterly silly microdata specification, I feel it is time to bust the oldest, most often repeated Semantic Web myth ever."
semanticWeb  ontologies  vocabularies  decentralisation  Web  microdata  dctagged  dc:creator=MorrisTom  ontology 
june 2011 by petej
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