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Social networks: Micromanaging microblogs | The Economist
Another puff piece which ignores Clearly a bit of hipster spin and a $50 price tag counts for more than working open-source software
TheEconomist  Twitter  socialMedia  businessModels  microblogging 
august 2012 by petej
The battle to train a market: Instagram is what Facebook has been telling you guys to do for like a year, okay? - GeekWire
"Instagram’s users have been trained differently. Not only were they trained on a completely different technology – one where sharing a photo takes essentially the same amount of time as sharing text – but Instagram’s simple photo filters taught them that every photo they take, even on a smartphone, can be breathtaking.
Instagram convinced users that every image from their life – their stupid cat, the boring tree in their backyard, their hopelessly awkward teenage face – could be as visually stunning in reality as in their mind. It’s a positive feedback loop that would arguably work even as a single-player experience.
As a result, Instagram’s 30 million users started thinking about status updates as photos, not text. When they think of something really important that they want to tell their friends, they think about communicating that information as an image."
technology  communication  Facebook  Instagram  socialMedia  microblogging  images  photographs 
may 2012 by petej
Creating Passionate Users: Is Twitter TOO good?
"I am by nature a loner. I don't want to be that connected. And I also have a huge appreciation for the art of keeping the mystery alive. I don't want to know that much about so many people, and I sure don't want people to know that much about me... "
Twitter  communication  attention  socialSoftware  socialMedia  microblogging 
february 2010 by petej
Plurk Set To Release API But Remains the Underdog in the Race Against Twitter
imagine AIM grabbing Twitter around the neck, taking a shot of whiskey and yelling “We’re going streaking!”
Plurk  microblogging  API 
december 2008 by petej
Tom Sutcliffe: Twittering on is not the way to provide news - Thomas Sutcliffe, Columnists - The Independent
"a Twitterer owes no duty except to their own impressions and their own state of mind. They'll pass on rumour as readily as fact, and there's absolutely no way of telling which is which."
news  media  journalism  socialSoftware  socialMedia  Twitter  microblogging  Mumbai  Independent 
december 2008 by petej
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