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Now, I know for a fact that there are some brilliant people at Jisc who understand education and are experts in learning, teaching and assessment. But where is their voice in Jisc's messages? Do Jisc want to be a tech company, because they'll lose everyth
Now, I know for a fact that there are some brilliant people at Jisc who understand education and are experts in learning, teaching and assessment. But where is their voice in Jisc's messages? Do Jisc want to be a tech company, because they'll lose everything if they do.
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16 days ago by petej
Code rant: Learn To Code, It’s Harder Than You Think
"In the meantime we should stop selling people a lie. Programming is not easy, it is hard. You can’t learn to code, certainly not to a standard to get a well-paid-job-of-the-future, in just a few weeks. The majority of the population can not learn to code at all, no matter how much training they receive. I doubt very much if the plethora of quick learn-to-code courses will have any impact at all on the skills shortage, or the problem of unskilled low pay and unemployment. Let’s stop pretending that there are artificial barriers to entry and accept that the main barrier to anyone taking it up is their natural aptitude for it."
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december 2015 by petej
Student-as-product | David White
"What struck me in our discussions was that the student’s motivation to learn this type of material was mainly to help them construct a ‘successful’ identity online. Implicit in this motivation was the notion of a hypothetical ‘super-employable professional persona’ which one could somehow work towards or enact online as a self-standing entity. There was a sense that there must be a correct way to ‘be’ online and that this module would help them to uncover this truth as if being-in-the-world was similar to successfully passing an exam. In effect, there was more motivation to mediate a professional persona than there was to develop a ‘self’. Instead of the Web being viewed as a place for ‘becoming’, for self-expression and human connection (ideas my institution really understands the value of) it was being seen as the location to present a perfect model of student-as-employable-product."
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june 2015 by petej
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