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Kim Darroch has resigned. Now Britain risks becoming a vassal of the US | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
This is a new world. There are no precedents. Britain’s postwar belief that it is a unique bridge between Europe and the US is more rickety now than ever. The Brexiters are set on destroying one end of the bridge. Trump is equally bent on blowing up the other. As the bridge begins to collapse, so does the transatlantic foreign policy that Darroch and others have battled so hard to sustain. As Simon McDonald put it today to the foreign affairs committee, there will be consequences. There certainly will. And none will be good ones.
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july 2019 by petej
How online surveillance is killing private conversations | World news | The Guardian
“Our discourse around privacy needs to expand to address foundational questions about the role of automation: to what extent is living in a surveillance-saturated world compatible with pluralism and democracy? What are the consequences of raising a generation of children whose every action feeds into a corporate database? What does it mean to be manipulated from an early age by machine-learning algorithms that adaptively learn to shape our behaviour?”
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july 2019 by petej
The Cost of Living in Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet Empire - The Ringer
From Zuckerberg’s perspective, the whole point of Facebook has always been to bring people together. Well, nothing brings people together like an empire. Talk about engagement with a platform! The question, for those of us who would prefer to remain barbarians (and who hold out hope of someday sacking Rome), is how does he imagine an empire expands its borders? Who is Facebook making war on, if not us?
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december 2018 by petej
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