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mainly macro: There is only one alternative to Prime Minister Boris Johnson
The awkward truth for those who for whatever reason dislike Corbyn’s Labour party is that Labour is the only party that can defeat this government, and its leader in the next election will be Corbyn. Voting is always a choice between the lesser of two evils. Supporting smaller parties when that lets the Conservatives win, or supporting none, may make those who dislike Corbyn’s Labour feel better, but it is in effect a statement that Corbyn’s Labour party would be just as bad for the country as a whole as out current government, and that is simply not a credible belief. Corbyn is not going to leave the EU with no deal, and in practice will be unable to leave the EU in any way. Corbyn is not threatening to prorogue parliament, is not desperate to do a trade deal with Donald Trump, does not lie all the time, does not get friends to beat up opponents, and does not have a history of using racist language. Whereas Johnson promises tax cuts for the rich, a Corbyn led government would help the many, not the few.
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It’s the autumn of 2020 and no-deal Britain is on its knees… | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
So forget about Wimbledon, the women’s football, the cricket and the summer holidays. Grasp instead that this is the month in which the Conservative party will decide to put modern Britain through the economic and political wringer simply in order to save its own skin from the Brexit party. No one voted for this, least of all in 2016. It would surely be better to remain than to have to rejoin.
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