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‘Broadband communism’? Worse was said about the founding of the NHS | Ash Sarkar | Opinion | The Guardian
This is the core difference between a McDonnell spending pledge and one from the chancellor, Sajid Javid. It’s not simply that Labour is outgunning the Conservatives on tax-and-spend or borrow-to-invest: its goal is to fundamentally transform the relationship between wages and the means of survival. It says something about British political culture that we had to defang the radical nature of the NHS in order to integrate it into our national story. But perhaps it’s time to remember just how unreasonable free healthcare sounded when it was proposed, and apply that paradigm-exploding logic to every sphere of public life. As Margaret Thatcher once put it: “Economics are the method: the object is to change the soul.”
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The UK faces a nation-defining battle that will split the Tory party | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
First, the hit to the economy from no deal will be both immediate and enduring. Second, no deal risks hastening the break-up of the United Kingdom. Third, voters were not offered no deal in 2016 and did not vote for it. Fourth, Johnson’s demand to scrap the Irish backstop is a wrecking tactic designed to hasten a no-deal outcome. Finally, a sovereign parliament can, should and will stop no deal.
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Boris Johnson’s cash splurge is totally reckless. Yet it could win an election | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
The left can’t expect that pointing out Johnson’s racism or his past will sway voters – those tactics didn’t stop him grabbing City Hall. Remainers can’t carry on pointing out the madness of leaving the EU to turn this country into Singapore with jumpers – that didn’t work in 2016. We need to get much more serious and imaginative, show that staying in the EU is the best way to end austerity, and come up with policies to improve living standards here and now.
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Ink It Onto Your Knuckles – Carillion Is How Neoliberalism Lives and Breathes | Novara Media
In the 19th century, the state stood back to let market forces rip and allow businesses to stand or fall. Under neoliberalism, the role of the state is to continuously create opportunities for profit in the private sector by extending market forces into areas where they did not previously exist. In this sense, Carillion was not the product of entrepreneurship but of government policy.
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Deadly Cityscapes of Inequality | Blog | The Sociological Review
All of these tragedies are symptomatic of a broader process of redistributing risk and vulnerability. Those who control wealth and power are becoming ever more adept at protecting themselves from the perils that the rest of us face. Living in gated communities with private security infrastructure, and enjoying forms of global mobility that allow them to escape from dangerous situations as need be, today’s off-shored elites are able to dodge many of the problems caused by climate change, political instability, and inadequate regulation.

The poor have long faced elevated risk of death at work and at home. But generations of activists struggling around housing, labour, and other issues won safety standards, inspection regimes, public health measures, and other ways to mitigate and reduce the threat of illness and premature mortality. Yet the trend in recent decades has been to roll back regulations and download risk back onto individuals, often relying on market mechanisms, producing historically and socially specific forms of precarity and disposability. When security is privatised and safety is increasingly monopolised by the powerful, the relatively powerless are the ones who suffer. Grenfell Tower, like other recent disasters, is a chilling illustration of how inequality kills.
GrenfellTower  fire  safety  infrastructure  inequality  poverty  class  race  NewOrleans  Katrina  Flint  Michigan  risk  wealth  power 
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Jobs for all? In the US that idea is about to be tested to destruction | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian
Across the world, in fact, what remains of the left and centre-left remains stubbornly wedded to visions of crowded production lines and the glories of the archetypal worker.

A more future-fit politics, built around the declining importance of paid employment and the need to rebuild policy accordingly, has yet to take shape; for the moment, the left and the hard right are awkwardly united not just in their disdain for globalisation, but also in their belief that politicians can get their countries back to an idyll of factories extending to the horizon and jobs for all.
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