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These Hilarious Stock Images Hint at London's Depressing Future | VICE United States
" But when you get to this picture, you begin to wonder if Getty's pictorial analysis of modern London is actually pretty bang on the money. You wonder if maybe, just maybe, Boris has won. And his dream of a London where floppy haired wankers in three-piece suits bomb through the city on rented bikes like capitalist horsemen of the apocalypse has in fact become the defining image of this great city.

Maybe that London spirit of old—the spirit of Michael Caine, "Mad" Frankie Frasier, Barbara Windsor ,and Crazy Titch—has finally been eroded to a distant cliche by Boris' new Londoners. The people who see the city as a kind of shit platform game where getting from one restaurant to another involves avoiding beggers. A platform game where a Boris bike is a power-up that allows you to plough through the streets and all their filth to get to the next 38th-floor pho joint."
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april 2014 by petej
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