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After Windrush, stop talking about ‘illegals’. Start talking about people | Lola Okolosie | Opinion | The Guardian
On the same day that Rudd finally resigned for misleading the country – or for not being fully aware of the facts (take your pick) – Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain could be seen “grilling” Diane Abbott on Labour’s policy regarding “illegal” immigrants. For Morgan, “It’s not a difficult question”. In reality it seems a simple answer only when the language employed dehumanises thousands, enabling a culture of casual brutality and neglect that we have seen typified in each Windrush story.

In their case, as in that of many more undocumented migrants, becoming “illegal” had nothing to do with criminality but was instead about a bureaucratic process that turns people into targets who must be deported. A “hostile environment” has become a fitting response to “illegal immigrants” because the label embodies criminality and disorder (which, we’re told, we must be protected against) while also obscuring the humans behind the term. Targets can be set to deport and detain because the reality of human suffering that they necessarily cause has been obscured by the word “illegal”.

This is the moment to challenge that noxious discourse. We must use this opportunity, this rare moment when immigrants can be seen as human, to think about all those who come to this country – and consider an amnesty for all.
UK  immigration  Windrush  racism  demonisation  dehumanisation  migrants  amnesty  politics 
may 2018 by petej
Why Al Jazeera will not say Mediterranean 'migrants' - Al Jazeera English
"There is no "migrant" crisis in the Mediterranean. There is a very large number of refugees fleeing unimaginable misery and danger and a smaller number of people trying to escape the sort of poverty that drives some to desperation."

"Migrant is a word that strips suffering people of voice. Substituting refugee for it is – in the smallest way – an attempt to give some back."
Mediterranean  sea  refugees  migrants  crisis  war  media  language  dehumanisation  demonisation  racism  asylum 
november 2016 by petej
Vilifying the asylum seeker next door is just plain racist | Housing Network | The Guardian
In the final fortnight of campaigning, there seemed to be a rush to mollify voters who wanted out for reasons that were straightforwardly xenophobic. People who claimed migrants and asylum seekers were given plush houses while white Britons languished on waiting lists, and that migration was the lone cause of the housing crisis were described as having “legitimate concerns”, rather than being flat out wrong.

Migration did not cause the housing crisis. The crisis is not borne out of a simple imbalance between supply and demand, but a complex series of factors, from shifts in tenure, geographical inequalities, land-banking, the death of social housing and so on. Migration enables us to actually build houses, at a time when Britain has a construction skills gap, while academic research shows migration has little impact on local house prices, and often slightly lowers them.

I’ve heard fantastical stories about the luxurious living conditions of asylum seekers from people who’ve never met any

Preciousness about who does, and who does not, deserve a roof over their head extends beyond race, to single mothers and unemployed families, but is always particularly virulent when the people involved are not white.
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july 2016 by petej
Labour vows to reduce reliance on food banks if it comes to power | Society | The Guardian
However, Reeves said Labour did not want to be seen to be the party of the welfare state. “We are not the party of people on benefits. We don’t want to be seen, and we’re not, the party to represent those who are out of work,” she said. “Labour are a party of working people, formed for and by working people.”
LabourParty  welfare  benefits  sanctions  work  labour  unemployment  demonisation  exclusion  poverty  ReevesRachel  UK  politics  hardworkingPeople 
march 2015 by petej
LENIN'S TOMB: The UKIPisation of English politics II
"So here we are. The Labour leader is so utterly petrified of alienating this quasi-mythical figure, 'white van man', lest it turns out that he speaks for the whole 'white working class', that he fires a shadow cabinet member for even obliquely possibly offending them.

The government are so desperate to get in on this game that they have Michael Gove telling us that prejudice toward 'white van man' is as abhorrent as prejudice to an ethnic minority. And Ed Miliband, absurdly, is probably kicking himself not to have thought of that line.

This is the UKIPisation of English politics. It has been a long time in the making. "
UK  politics  UKIP  workingClass  demonisation  exclusion  nostalgia  neoliberalism  competition  stratification  Thatcherism  race  culture  islamophobia  recession  creditCrunch  immigration  EDL  BNP  LabourParty  dctagged  dc:creator=SeymourRichard  farRight 
november 2014 by petej
n+1: Ukraine, Putin, and the West
"Putin has a habit of talking tough. In televised interviews, and in the strange staged televised cabinet meetings he likes to hold, Putin sometimes seems like he’s talking through clenched teeth. It’s irritating—to Russians more than to anyone—but the American political establishment, and the American intellectual establishment right behind them, got dragged into it. If the US were truly strong—or, rather, since the US is strong, much much stronger than Russia in every conceivable way—would the US not have found a way to placate this tough-talking man, and his proud but troubled country, and direct Russia’s energies somewhere useful? If a man who is weaker than you walks up to you, aggressively, in a bar, what do you do? Do you humiliate him? Do you write articles about how scary and mysterious he is? As is, Putin talked tough, and so the American media and then American politicians decided to talk tough too. And now we find ourselves plunging, perhaps, into a protracted period of international standoff—a “new cold war”—with increased military budgets, decreased understanding and interaction, and once again the kind of restrictions of movement that we thought we’d left behind. As for Russia’s fledgling opposition, both liberal and left, which could not help but be inspired by the courage and persistence of the Ukrainian opposition, regardless of its political makeup—it will not be strengthened if Russia becomes, as it will inevitably, even more aggressive and paranoid during a period of intense reaction and retrenchment. The opposition may even be destroyed. The same goes for Ukraine, which, now partly occupied by a foreign power, is likely to shift politically toward its nationalist right.

None of this is to say that Putin doesn’t have a lot to answer for. Under his leadership Russia has failed to demonstrate, to its own citizenry and even more so to its neighbors the Ukrainians, anything positive, anything admirable, anything that they would want to gravitate toward except, occasionally, some cold hard cash. No, Putin, who lost whatever democratic legitimacy he may have enjoyed when he returned for a third term, is to blame. But did we on our side do everything we could to avoid this scenario? The answer, obviously, is no."
Ukraine  Maidan  protest  Europe  TheRight  nationalism  fascism  media  history  politics  USSR  Russia  demonisation  PutinVladimir  SovietUnion  YanukovychViktor 
march 2014 by petej
Channel 4 has betrayed the residents of Benefits Street | Lynsey Hanley | Comment is free | The Guardian
"When Danny, a youngish recidivist, is talking about his litany of convictions, the Benefits Street hashtag flashes handily on screen. No opportunity to reflect; no chance to observe that Danny is perfectly aware of the petty stupidity of his life as it is now. Only instantaneous judgments are invited, in 140 characters or less."
Channel4  television  realityTV  BenefitsStreet  welfare  benefits  poverty  culture  demonisation  socialMedia  Twitter  dctagged  dc:creator=HanleyLynsey 
january 2014 by petej
George Osborne in crackdown on jobless costs | Politics | The Guardian
"How's it going, Dave?"
"We're fucked, Gideon. Labour are getting their act together. And the old school racists are going over to UKIP. What can we do?"
"Don't panic, Dave. I have a plan. Putting the boot into the unemployed. It's always a surefire winner."
"Haven't we, umm, done as much of that as we can get away with?"
"Pffft. We're only just getting started. That thickie IDS just doesn't say things the right way. Leave this to me."
welfare  benefits  workfare  unemployment  OsborneGeorge  WorkProgramme  unpaidLabour  unpaidWork  demonisation  unwagedLabour 
september 2013 by petej
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