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'All I hear is anger and frustration': how Brexit is affecting our mental health | Politics | The Guardian
The disconnect between what some people feel – more than six million signed the revoke petition – and what it is assumed that everyone feels (they want to leave, now; they voted once and don’t want to say it again), leaves huge swathes of the population with their political views denied, rendered inauthentic. What if you’re in favour of free movement? What if you think sovereignty is a stupid thing to get worked up about? What if you never thought international collaboration on lawmaking was a bad thing? What if you didn’t see it as losing control? You’re not just outside political parties and discourse, you are a non-person, stateless in Brexitland. And if your civic identity is quite central to your sense of self, that’s hard to take.
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april 2019 by petej
Labour owes it to its supporters to become the party of remain | Zoe Williams | Opinion | The Guardian
A positive vision for the future needs solid answers to urgent questions: climate change, austerity, the erosion of workplace rights, the rise of fascism. All of these feed into one another to create a sense of precariousness and threat, and all solutions involve cooperation across borders. The new remain movement must articulate a future in which opportunities and freedoms expand rather than retract, citizens’ rights ratchet upwards in a race to the top, revivified unions support one another internationally, a green new deal echoes across multiple governments, racism is answered robustly and migration celebrated, and the dreams of the EU’s founders – peace, reconciliation, solidarity, equality – are rediscovered.
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december 2018 by petej
Why would young people love a country that seems not to love them? | Zoe Williams | Opinion | The Guardian
The TUC is right: young people should join a union; workplaces should recognise collective bargaining; if this is a class cohort, nobody could tell you more about mobilising as a class bloc than a trade union. But any explanation for young people’s failure to do so that relies on personal deficiencies will turn out to be catastrophically complacent.

Also this week, the young were revealed to be less proud of their Englishness than ever before, with one in 10 saying they were actively embarrassed. There is nothing more corrosive to patriotism, of course, than hearing your situation blithely, constantly misrepresented by your countrymen. A lack of national pride may feel like the least of our problems, set against the damage done when there’s a surfeit of it. Yet it speaks not of cynicism, but of a failure of reciprocity. It’s hard to love a country that shows no sign of loving you.
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june 2018 by petej
The new politics is a myth – battles are good for Labour’s soul | Zoe Williams | Comment is free | The Guardian
"One of Twitter’s core uses is for a kind of performative anger. It was built for people who wanted to explode with insatiable rage, with no more intention of acting on that rage in the real world than of applying in life the lessons of Minecraft. Twitter, having drawn in those people, exposes them to one another, which makes them all worse – it is the virtual equivalent of putting an angry person in a car."
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december 2015 by petej
When did being lowly paid become a criminal offence? | Zoe Williams | Comment is free | The Guardian
'There's a lifesized blonde lady made of cardboard at the entrance, with a think bubble coming out of her head that says, "This is the best job I've ever had!" If that detail alone is enough to make your blood run cold, marry it to the testimony of the chairman of nearby Lea Hall Miners Welfare Centre and Social Club: "The feedback we're getting is that it's like being in a slave camp."'
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february 2013 by petej
First rule of being a minister: never take the blame for cuts | Zoe Williams | Comment is free | The Guardian
I'm always quite impressed by the "smile or die" number that ministers always end on: "things might look bad now, but if you just look at this in a different way you'll see the opportunities it presents; the innovations it invites; the bright future you can create, by accentuating the positives". Nobody wants to be Cassandra in a crowd. So you can sometimes see it working for a minute, as charities and public sector workers put their shoulders back and ignore the fact that when their funding is consistently cut, there is consistently less they can do for people in desperate need.

The key manoeuvre in all of this is, of course, "got some dirty work? Get a Liberal Democrat to do it".
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november 2011 by petej
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