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Against Bargaining | Laurie Penny
"Popular politics are no longer simply post-truth—they are post-reason. When working-class people vote against their own interests, they are usually dismissed as irrational. The Clinton campaign, much like the Remain campaign in Britain, worked on the basis that people would vote with their reason, rather than their feelings—forgetting that white men in the West have always been encouraged to believe that it is their feelings that matter more than anyone else’s, and a unilateral response to those feelings is justified. That’s what Trump voters, Brexiteers, and their ilk have done and continue to do as the everyday violence against women, queer people, black, brown, and Muslim citizens escalates across the Western world. They have interpreted their own feelings as an excuse for bigotry and a license to abuse. They have allowed their feelings to be exploited by venal salesman with vicious agendas. They have allowed their feelings to be put to work for the very people who caused so much of the mess. As above, so below: hurt people hurt people. Just because it’s comprehensible does not make it okay. Just because your feelings are injured does not give you license to injure others in turn."
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november 2016 by petej
I’m With The Banned — Welcome to the Scream Room — Medium
"My new Spectator friend is as bewildered as I am by the way Americans take Milo and his ilk seriously, by their willingness to take pride in performative bigotry and call it strength. It works. It sells. It’s the unholy marriage of that soulless debate culture that works so well in Britain, transplanted to a nation with no social safety net and half a billion guns. It works, in part, because of the essentially cult-like nature of U.S. culture and the structured ignorance that accompanies it. America is a nation eaten by its own myth. The entire idea of America is about believing impossible things. Nobody said those things had to be benign."
YiannopoulosMilo  TheRight  trolling  politics  Twitter  socialMedia  misogyny  bigotry  performance  USA  culture  dctagged  dc:creator=PennyLaurie 
july 2016 by petej
New Statesman | Ukip understands people will always want someone to blame
"George Orwell once famously wrote that the reason goose-stepping fascists would never gain a shiny-booted toehold in Britain was that they would be laughed at. Unfortunately, he was wrong. If real far-right hegemony arrives in Britain, this is what it will look like. It will look ridiculous. It will set its unserious self against the serious politicians everyone loathes, and the British people - and, in particular, the English people - will giggle it all the way into Downing Street, accompanied not by a Wagnerian overture but a farting trombone."
UK  politics  UKIP  FarageNigel  populism  scapegoating  dctagged  dc:creator=PennyLaurie 
may 2014 by petej
Laurie Penny: It's easy to mock, but this is how real change begins - Commentators, Opinion - The Independent
"These protests, opening up like windows all over the world, are not a revolution, nor are they supposed to be. They are, instead, the space where revolutions can begin. They are nodes in a network of possibility where, with enough purpose and popular anger and the wind blowing in the right direction, any possible future could be imagined."
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october 2011 by petej
New Statesman - Revolts don’t have to be tweeted
"The writing is on the wall, with or without the web. Across the world, ordinary people - including a huge, seething pool of surplus graduates without employment - are finding their lives measurably less tolerable than they had anticipated. They are realising that they are not suffering alone, or by accident, but because the capitalist classes have consistently put their own interests first. The writing is on the wall, and it would still be there if we had to paint it on with mud and sticks. Technology is defining the parameters of global protest in 2011 but it is a crisis of capital that has set the wheels of revolt in motion."
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february 2011 by petej
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