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The US press corps has to learn to stand up to Trump | Suzanne Moore | Opinion | The Guardian
If the press is to be seen as the honourable protector of the truth, it must have the courage to disrupt and boycott these displays of brute power. Or it remains complicit in them. Hannah Arendt described a long time ago the ideal subject of totalitarian rule as “people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction … true and false … no longer exists”. This is where we are. No one will stand up for the freedom of the American press if its journalists won’t stand up for each other and walk out of these ritual degradations called press conferences, where questions are only ever answered by lies and intimidation.
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november 2018 by petej
How to write the perfect CV – first, refuse to play this stupid game | Money | The Guardian
Still, I lived at time when many of us wanted to be considered unemployable, so we could get the dole and do our own thing. We would be sent to interviews even when we had written “satanism and sulphate” for our interests. My mate, who really did not want a job, was doing worryingly well in an interview, so when they got to the “What makes you want to be part of this team?” question, he had to think fast. “Because the voices told me to.” Phew! He was able to carry on being unemployed until he became a pop star.
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june 2018 by petej
Grenfell is political. The right can’t make that fact go away | Suzanne Moore | Opinion | The Guardian
Rightwing ideology, currently in crisis, insists that politics takes place in a safe space, a well-defended zone away from the everyday. Everything else that happens is just the natural order of things.

This fire and its aftermath has consumed these foolish notions. Politics is about power, who has it and in whose interests it is wielded. The freedom of the market and the freedom from red tape meant people were trapped in a flaming building. No one is “playing politics” here except those desperately trying to police the boundaries of acceptable emotion and acceptable politics.

Grenfell is as political as it gets. To deny that is an insult to the dead and an assault on the intelligence of the living.
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june 2017 by petej
Food is now the ultimate class signifier | Suzanne Moore | Comment is free | The Guardian
"If you accept poverty is the fault of poor people themselves, then you can refuse them choice or money, because you believe they cannot be trusted to spend it properly. Let them eat crappy cake while the rest of us carry on stuffing our faces with ever more exotic ready-meals. Or just say no to this sickness. Fasting is in after all.

How do you take even more away from people with nothing? You strip them of even the most basic of choices, that's how. The notion of food stamps in a still wealthy country makes me gag. Swallow this and you will swallow anything. But that taste at the back of your throat is pure bile."

Nail on head. Everyone I've met who described themselves as a "foodie" was a self-obsessed idiot.
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march 2013 by petej
Instead of being disgusted by poverty, we are disgusted by poor people themselves | Suzanne Moore | Comment is free | The Guardian
The answer to poverty, you see, lies with the poor themselves, be they drain-dwellers, Greeks, disabled people, or unemployed youth. We will give them bailouts, maybe charity, and lectures on becoming more entrepreneurial. The economy of empathy has crashed, and this putsch is insidious and individualised. No more cruel to be kind. We must be simply cruel.

The argument that there is enough to go round is now a fairytale, like winning the lottery. Poverty is not a sign of collective failure but individual immorality. The psychic coup of neo-liberal thinking is just this: instead of being disgusted by poverty, we are disgusted by poor people themselves. This disgust is a growth industry. We lay this moral bankruptcy at the feet of the poor as we tell ourselves we are better than that.
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february 2012 by petej

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