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Stop trying to make Lexit happen - Owen Jones - Medium
For those of who proposed a soft Brexit, it was always damage limitation. Dealing with the electoral dilemma of Brexit is one thing — and it’s a legitimate argument to fear that Labour will alienate some communities it needs to win to form a government if it adopts a full Remain position. I think this position has collapsed — the middle ground on Brexit has collapsed, Labour is losing far more Remainers than Leavers, most Leave voters now think that ‘No Deal’ is the only genuine Brexit and believe a soft Brexit is ‘Brexit In Name Only’. But in any case, the ideological case for Lexit makes no sense.
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august 2019 by petej
The grotesque hypocrisy of privileged Tory politicians admitting taking drugs while supporting policies which lock up disproportionately poorer, black people for doing exactly the same thing.
The grotesque hypocrisy of privileged Tory politicians admitting taking drugs while supporting policies which lock up disproportionately poorer, black people for doing exactly the same thing.
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june 2019 by petej
The far right will try to exploit any Brexit outcome. We can’t let it happen | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
To understand how to defeat Britain’s far right, we have to be clear about how we arrived at this point. Mass immigration did occur under the New Labour governments, but without any accompanying pro-migrant politics being articulated: indeed, just the opposite. Tony Blair’s administration stripped benefits from refugees in favour of vouchers; it denounced “asylum cheats” and spoke of refugee children “swamping” schools from which they were banned; and attempted to outflank the Tories on anti-migrant rhetoric.

David Cameron’s subsequent governments denounced Labour’s “uncontrolled immigration”, and portrayed the movement of people to the UK solely as a problem to be contained, while setting impossible targets on numbers that were not even close to being met. Theresa May, then home secretary, was the most ardently anti-migrant member of his cabinet, notoriously sending “Go home” vans to mixed communities. An inherently divisive referendum handed a megaphone to a demagogically anti-migrant campaign whose lies and bile led to a surge in hate crimes.
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november 2018 by petej
Yes, the national media is a privileged racket which defends the status quo
The claim that anyone can rise to the top if they work hard enough reflects an ideology forced down our throats for a generation or more: that those at the top are the most talented, brightest, hardest working; those at the bottom are lazy, feckless and stupid. It is a convenient means to rationalise and justify inequality.
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august 2018 by petej
Why I worry a second EU referendum would boost the radical right
So, as I see it, there is every chance Brexit would win a stronger mandate, the campaign itself would not only reinvigorate respectable political xenophobia and racism, the campaign would easily be portrayed as an Establishment attempt to keep re-running votes until the public vote the right way, and the radical right would hugely benefit from such a political context.
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june 2018 by petej
Delegitimising the British left – Owen Jones – Medium
There is a massive disconnect between where the media is and the political reality of the country. Rather than attempting to bridge that gap, the media is doubling down, and treating the left as barbarians at the gate who have to be kept out at all costs. So-called ‘centrist’ commentators who represent almost no substantial body of public opinion are back to treating the left with derision and contempt.
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april 2018 by petej
An attack on Syria could be disastrous. But the warmongers won’t be told | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
Syria is often presented as a case study of disastrous non-intervention. What utter rot. Syria has been a battleground for foreign powers, from Russia to the Gulf states, for years. The US has been bombing the country and supplying arms to rebels for some time. Our client states – the dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar – have funnelled weapons and billions of dollars into the conflict, backing extremist groups responsible for multiple atrocities. What has all this achieved, other than escalation and bodybags? There should be honesty among the war party, at the very least: its argument is not that there hasn’t been intervention, but that there hasn’t been enough intervention. No good can come of adding even more western missiles to Syria’s carnage. A military alliance with Trump in Syria can only escalate the horror of this war. And, unlike the politicians and commentators who brought us the quagmires of Iraq and Libya, the British public know it.
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april 2018 by petej
Centrists attack the left, but they are the true ideologues | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
“Centrism” is a misleading term which should be abandoned, though a viable alternative term is lacking: bearers of the “centrist” flame regard “neoliberal” or “Blairite” as abusive rather than descriptive terms. Centrism implies non-ideological moderation, and given “left” and “right” are meaningless abstractions for most people, it is a seductive label. But centrists aren’t pragmatists, they’re ideologues, extolling a blend of market liberalism, social liberalism and – more often than not – a hawkish military posture. Claims of moderation in a British context do not readily sit with helping to unleash the murderous, never-ending bloody chaos in Iraq and Libya, it should be said. But it is the economic order centrists defend that produced the insecurity and stagnation which, in turn, laid the foundations for both the ascendancy of the left and its antithesis, the xenophobic right.
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august 2017 by petej
Don’t be divided by Trump and Brexit: minorities are part of the working class | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
The “elite” used to denote those who, in any given society, had the wealth, power and privilege: for example, privately educated ex-City brokers and billionaire plutocrats who hang out in golden lifts. It now apparently means those who defend the rights of minorities and women. The rightwing populism of our time is comfortable talking about class, but only to define a patriotic working class against a rootless, metropolitan, self-hating bunch of middle-class do-gooders with contempt for their values and lifestyles.
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november 2016 by petej
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