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Big Data, No Thanks |
"The two chambers represent an encounter with two annihilations – one of the body, and one of the mind, but both of the self. We’ve built modern civilisation on the dialectic that more information leads to better decisions, but our engineering has caught up with our philosophy. The novelist and activist Arundhati Roy, writing on the occasion of the detonation of India’s first nuclear bomb, called it “The End of Imagination” – and again, this revelation is literalised by our information technologies. We have to figure out a new way of living with in the light of the technologies we’ve built for ourselves. But then, we’ve been trying to do that for a while."
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november 2015 by petej
Convivial Tools in an Age of Surveillance
"Of course, we need to recognize, those of us that work in ed-tech and adopt ed-tech and talk about ed-tech and tech writ large, that convivial tools and a convivial society must go hand-in-hand. There isn’t any sort of technological fix to make education better. It’s a political problem, that is, not a technological one. We cannot come up with technologies that address systematic inequalities — those created by and reinscribed by education— unless we are willing to confront those inequalities head on. Those radical education writers of the Sixties and Seventies offered powerful diagnoses about what was wrong with schooling. The progressive education technologists of the Sixties and Seventies imagined ways in which ed-tech could work in the service of dismantling some of the drudgery and exploitation.

But where are we now? Instead we find ourselves with technologies working to make that exploitation and centralization of power even more entrenched. There must be alternatives — both within and without technology, both within and without institutions. Those of us who talk and write and teach ed-tech need to be pursuing those things, and not promoting consumption and furthering institutional and industrial control. In Illich’s words: "The crisis I have described confronts people with a choice between convivial tools and being crushed by machines.""
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november 2014 by petej
BBC News - Steve Jobs vowed to 'destroy' Android
"I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."
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october 2011 by petej
Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, condemns British education system | Technology | The Guardian
My own drift to the humanities taught me to distrust pontifications from chairs of global corporations
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august 2011 by petej
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