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How liberalism became ‘the god that failed’ in eastern Europe | World news | The Guardian
The extent of post-1989 emigration from eastern and central Europe, awakening fears of national disappearance, helps explain the deeply hostile reaction across the region to the refugee crisis of 2015-16, even though very few refugees have relocated to the countries of the region. We might even hypothesise that anti-immigration politics in a region essentially without immigrants is an example of what some psychologists call displacement – a defence mechanism by which, in this case, minds unconsciously blot out a wholly unacceptable threat and replace it with one still serious but conceivably easier to manage. Hysteria about non-existent immigrants about to overrun the country represents the substitution of an illusory danger (immigration) for the real danger (depopulation and demographic collapse) that cannot speak its name.
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The Uses of Disaster • Commune
Capitalism is comfortable with community. All too often, the term is used to label the resilience capitalism itself needs to survive ordinary and extraordinary disaster. Community names collectivity stripped of all transformative power.

We cannot abandon the concept of community altogether: such a proposal would be unhelpfully idealistic, given the term’s widespread use. But to refer to disaster communities such as those discussed above merely as “communities” is to deny their potential, binding them to a present in which they are forever admirable, but never transformative.

And so we insist on communism.
disaster  community  mutualAid  cooperation  SolnitRebecca  capitalism  communism  SmithNeil  inequality  class  climateChange  disasterCapitalism  migration 
may 2019 by petej
Why Marx is more relevant than ever in the age of automation
“That inner desire you are suppressing, for Marxism to be humanistic? That impulse towards individual liberation? It’s already there in Marx, just waiting to be discovered. So paint what you want, love whom you want. Fuck the vanguard party. The revolutionary subject is the self.”
Marx  Marxism  Engels  Lenin  Leninism  Stalin  Trotsky  imperialism  communism  humanism  KahloFrida  Althusser  anti-humanism  alienation  dctagged  dc:creator=MasonPaul  politics 
may 2018 by petej
#NoBanNoWall or “No Borders” | The Real Movement
The working class itself is stateless: we have no country.

We defend no borders; we refuse admittance to no migrant; we consider every worker a full citizen anywhere they choose to settle. All attempts by nation states anywhere to prevent the freest possible movement of the working class must be fought.

Such a position would be so much moralizing bullshit if we did not honestly address the implications of this stand: in first place it means workers from less developed regions would likely move to more developed regions in search of work and a better life. In second place, it implies, of course, greatly increased competition within the labor markets of the more developed regions and heightened frictions. In third place, since the migration of workers is at the same time the migration of variable capital, freest possible movement of workers implies the freest possible movement of capital. Finally, if the movement of capital should not be limited in any way, no nation can have control of its national capital nor any form of national economic policy.

All national economic policy ultimately rests on controls over the movement of capital and labor power; this in turn implies communists must be against all forms of national economic policy. We are not against borders out of some moral argument, but because we are against all attempts by any state to exert control over national economic life and, therefore, over the working class. All national economic policy comes down to control of the labor power of society and, therefore, control over the working class of a country.

Communists cannot accept state control over the labor power of the worker in any form and no matter how “humane” the controllers declare themselves to be.
borders  migration  class  workingClass  control  immigration  communism 
january 2017 by petej
Why revolution is no longer possible | openDemocracy
"Today, no collaborative, networked multitude exists that might rise up in a global mass of protest and revolution. Instead, the prevailing mode of production is based on lonesome and isolated self-entrepreneurs, who are also estranged from themselves. Companies used to compete with each other. Within each enterprise, however, solidarity could occur. Today, everyone is competing against everyone else — and within the same enterprise, too. Even though such competition heightens productivity by leaps and bounds, it destroys solidarity and communal spirit. No revolutionary mass can arise from exhausted, depressive, and isolated individuals.

Neoliberalism cannot be explained in Marxist terms. The famous “alienation” of labor does not even occur. Today, we dive eagerly into work — until we burn out. The first stage of burnout syndrome, after all, is euphoria. Burnout and revolution are mutually exclusive. Accordingly, it is mistaken to believe that the Multitude will cast off the parasitic Empire to inaugurate a communist society."
neoliberalism  Negri  multitude  individualism  entrepreneurialism  overwork  competition  capitalism  sharingEconomy  commodification  communism  revolution  gigEconomy  community  RifkinJeremy  exploitation  surveillance  disclosure  burnout  mentalHealth 
september 2016 by petej
The New World in Our Hearts – A Critical Engagement With Paul Mason’s PostCapitalism (Communism versus the Commanding Heights Part 2) | Self Certified
"But there is a shortcoming in Paul Mason’s analysis; The capitalist class will not just stand by and allow us to break it’s monopoly on intellectual property anymore than it will stand idly by as we reclaim buildings and public space. The new mode of production may grow within the old but it always requires force of some kind to cement it’s ascendency. The capitalist class thrived for a time under monarchies and coexisted with feudalism, but eventually it required revolutionary action when the old order of things held back it’s development. The wealthiest one percent and their subjects are engaging us in class war and if we don’t fight back, they will fence off our commons and make us pay to use it. The downfall of Napster, the constant attempts to shut down free television streaming sites and the rise of bill pay music and TV streaming services are illustrative."
economics  capitalism  recession  informationTechnology  crisis  Kondratiev  neoliberalism  financialisation  environment  climateChange  MasonPaul  post-capitalism  postCapitalism  state  Marx  Trotsky  LuxemburgRosa  class  communism 
march 2016 by petej
Cyber-Proletariat: an Interview with Nick Dyer-Witheford
"The evident example is the huge possibilities for freeing up time by automation of certain types of work. For me, the problem both with Paul’s work, which I respect, and with the accelerationists, is there is a failure to acknowledge that the passage from the potential to the actualization of such communist possibilities involves crossing what William Morris describes as a “river of fire.” I don’t find in their work a great deal about that river of fire. I think it would be reasonable to assume there would be a period of massive and protracted social crisis that would attend the emergence of these new forms. And as we know from historical attempts in the 20th Century to cross that river of fire, a lot depends on what happens during that passage. So there is, if one could put it that way, a certain automatism about the prediction of the realization of a new order in both these schools, which we should be very careful about."
Marxism  informationTechnology  postFordism  post-industrialism  work  labour  autonomism  communism  communization  anti-capitalism  PlanC  MasonPaul  accelerationism  interview  dctagged  dc:contributor=Dyer-WithefordNick  classComposition  optimism 
october 2015 by petej
Reclaiming the legacy of the Paris Commune | Red Pepper
"We will work cooperatively towards our regeneration, the birth of communal luxury, the future splendours and the Universal Republic"
ParisCommune  book  review  anarchism  communism 
september 2015 by petej
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